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Crash Into Me


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Edward Brollachan

It had been a long time since his mind had been in such turmoil. So many recent distractions of both a business and a personal nature (though truthfully, business for him was a personal matter) left his mind wandering in and out of his memories, but also pondering 'what-ifs'... a most unusual mental exercise for the normally mentally disciplined Scot. And the what-if that kept distracting his mind was five floors up from his work space in the sub basement of the Manse.

He had been running routine queries to the SkyeNet network and servers, installing security updates from his team of software engineers scattered all over the world. But his thoughts kept returning to two things; his mourning and his future, specifically the future with Kyla that was veiled from him. The mourning, he knew, was a matter of time softening the losses, which he was familiar with in a long Unlifetime. The future with Kyla was his main... distraction. If that is what it could be called. She had seemed receptive to him from the moment they had met, and yet respectful of his personal situation. Even when he had kissed her a few hours ago, she had not shied away, but at the same time had not thrown herself at him.

Finally, he could no longer concentrate on his work. The coven was safe, they were powerful, and still growing as a force in the Realm. Edward set the multiple monitor station to standby, and rose to his feet. It was very late, or even very early in the Manse, and completely quiet. Edward glided silently through the corridors, making sure all with windows were secure. Despite the advanced web of sensors and cameras protecting the Manse and estate, he still preferred to patrol, a relic of his soldier days of standing watch.

On the third above-ground floor, the residential floor, he came to a familiar door. There was a light glowing beneath the sill, and he stopped to listen for the sound of breathing and the slow heartbeat of a sleeper. He could smell her scent, faint but present, from the final moment he had seen her a few hours before. Edward placed a hand on the door, deciding whether or not to disturb her, when he heard a rustling and the sound of bare feet that only someone with the aural sensitivity of an apex predator would hear.
February 04, 2019 03:58 pm


Rarely anymore did Kyla succumb to restlessness that plagued her in younger days. She possessed more patience, more will power, more sense of self. Situations were handled, generally, with thoughtful grace. Once in a while her temper got away from her. More often than she’d like, to be honest, but she wasn’t perfect nor did she claim to be.

Edward, however, seemed to be a reoccurring source of this restlessness. It happened the night he disappeared on her, when she went to LA, and the night he stopped to see her before he left for Scotland… and now tonight. Tonight was different in that in those other instances, she’d been able to center herself, but the memory of the brush of his lips on hers proved too great of a distraction.

Ideally, she’d get dressed and go for a jog to try and burn some of that energy off but no such luck since it was still rainy and freezing outside.

Kyla changed into a pair of low riding, elastic waist pair of pajama shorts, and comfortable t-shirt. They were easy enough to slip out of when she calmed enough to sleep. She thumbed through the spines of several books, picked a couple out, and read no more than a few sentences of each before she knew none of them would help.

Nor would drawing.

So, it was the newest journal and a pen she sought. One man in particular dominated the thoughts that went down onto the pages. There were other things as well, but she always went back to him. If she couldn’t work the energy out in a physical way, this would suffice until then.

It was well after midnight when Kyla’s pen stopped and her head lifted, swiveling toward her door. The pen was placed between the pages, the journal closed, and she padded barefoot to the door, thinking she was more tired than she realized. Right up until she opened the door to see the man who’d been nonstop on her mind.

Kyla’s lips parted and she blinked, her damnable pulse skipping a beat. “Edward? Céard atá ag teastáil uait?”
February 05, 2019 09:14 am

Edward Brollachan

He should have known she would still be awake, and would be sensitive to be aware of his presence, even for a vampire who moved as silently as he did.

As soon as she opened her door, he senses were assaulted by all of the sensations of her. Her warmth radiated like a stoked fire, her scent, deeper now, washed over him with hints of forest, ocean and something else. Something more animally human, like the musk of a woman. And her appearance; she was dressed for bed, in scanty shorts and a loose t-shirt that revealed her curves. Edward could hear her heart beat, thrumming deeply and rapidly like a Bodhrán drum.

How should he answer her?

Just checking to make sure ye are safe

Hardly. Of course she was safe in the Manse. He had seen to security himself.

I beg yo'r pardon, I didnae realize ye were asleep. I shall see ye in the morrow

Except he wanted to be there.

"May I come in, Kyla?"

February 05, 2019 06:51 pm


It took several heartbeats for her stunned brain to catch up with the question. That was the second time in a few scant hours the Scot managed to render her speechless.

Kyla cleared her throat as a rosy blush crept up her neck and cheeks, and she stepped back into the room, out of the way. She blushed like most redheads; right to the roots of her hair. And she could do absolutely nothing to hide it. “Right, yes, please.”

What about him made her feel like an inexperienced maiden again?

That actually made Kyla chuckle to herself and settled a few of her nerves. After Edward entered, she glanced at the door and debated whether or not to close it, which she would have, but chose to leave the decision up to him.
February 06, 2019 09:33 am

Edward Brollachan

Her heat flared with her color and for the briefest of moments, he considered bowing back out. But the soft burble of her laughter as well as her inviting nature (a vampire never enters a lady's chamber unless invited) quelled his desire to leave. He stood in the doorway to her room, and noted that only the lamp on her writing table was on.

"Ye were not asleep, then? I hope I am not disturbing ye"

A part of him wanted to hear her speak to him, to tell him her thoughts on... everything. The day, their earlier conversations, her fascination with art and reading and writing; he just wanted to hear her voice, with the Irish lilt and her soft and gentle laughter.

And part of him wanted her... to want him. To let him take her and ravish her, melting into her essence of warmth, fragrance, and softness...

"May I sit down? Is this okay?"

He gestured to her writing chair, and she nodded. Edward took the chair, and faced it towards her large, overstuffed reading chair, then sat down. On the visual cues, she sat in the chair, and covered herself with the blanket.

"What were ye writin', if I may ask? Or if ye dinna wish t'tell me specifically, what d'ye like to write about?"

February 07, 2019 07:04 am


“No, you’re not disturbing me.”

Kyla felt a deep-seated need to make that clear. They were coven mates, they were friends, but that kiss in the hours before shifted the dynamic between them, and it seemed they were both trying to find purchase in this unexplored territory. It struck her as amusing once again while she sank into the overstuffed chair, Edward facing her.

That he asked about her journal came as no surprise. Both times he visited her room, it was out on the writing desk, though last time she’d been reading.

“I keep journals. Two series of them, I suppose you could say. One is for my dreams, nightmares, whatever happens while I sleep. I write in that as soon as I wake up, or shortly thereafter. The other, like that on the desk, is an account of my days, my thoughts. I can’t remember everything, and writing things down sometimes helps to sort things, and make thoughts more linear, or helps me make sense of something I can’t.

“As for what I was writing when you came to my door… it was about you.” No reason not to be honest. Once again, the flutter of her heart betrayed her otherwise calm demeanor.
February 08, 2019 09:29 am

Edward Brollachan

Edward could hear her heart begin to pound again, when she told him she had been writing about him. With her increased pulse rate, her heat rose, and with her heat, her scent. He drummed the fingers of both hands on his knees, then stopped. There was a moment of silence between them, and he stood up, went to the door and closed it. Then, he went over to her.

Holding his hand out to her, he spoke, his voice low, almost a whisper, "Stand up, lass... please." Her eyes widened, but she took his hand and stood up. The blanket dropped to the floor, and still holding her hand, he picked it up. He then sat down in her chair, and gently beckoned and guided her to sit in his lap. She did so, so willingly and easily, he sensed she had opened to him. Her heart was pounding now, and her heat like forge, and with that and her closeness to him, her scent was nearly overwhelming.

She settled onto his lap, and placed one arm around his neck while he covered her bare legs with the blanket. Now, not only could he hear her pulse, he could feel it, as well as feel the heat of her body, even through his leathers. He had his arms wrapped around her, holding her close to him.

"That's better, isn't it? ‘Tis a bit chilly in the Manse."

He turned his head and nuzzled his face into the thick mane of her auburn hair, breathing in her scent. He whispered to her, "Now, what about me were ye writin', lass?"
February 09, 2019 06:52 pm


Was it chilly? Honestly, the temperature of their surroundings no longer registered to her. The chill was probably a good thing, given her elevated body heat. Edward’s own coolness, despite the leather and fabric separating them, helped to balance her.

The small respite ended when his face pressed into her hair, and his breath tickled her ear. Heat flooded through her again, which had nothing to do with embarrassment, and everything to do with attraction and desire.

Goosebumps flared across her skin. Her hand resting on his shoulder turned and curled slender digits into his dark, thick hair.

“How much you puzzle and delight me,” Kyla replied in a low, purring tone, “that I want to spend hours with you, talking to you, listening to you, sharing all the things we never share with anyone… well, I don’t.” Her head turned and she nuzzled her forehead and nose to his temple and cheek, respectively. “You make me look forward to the future. Oh… and that kiss. So very brief. It left me wanting more.”
February 10, 2019 11:30 am

Edward Brollachan

As she spoke to him, telling her secrets he knew she would never tell anyone else, he found himself breathing in and out, to draw her scent into him. He felt her fingers running through his thick hair that lay on the back of his neck, and he permitted one hand to slip under the blanket and laid his hand on top of her thigh. Edward felt the gooseflesh rise and fall as he touched her and she touched him. When she spoke of the kiss, he raised his face from her hair, and let his golden eyes fall one her verdant hues.

"There are so many things I wish t'tell ye, Kyla. Wondrous thing I ha'e seen and done. And terrible things I ha'e seen and done. And I wish... " he kissed her, another brush of his lips to hers, "... to hear from ye..." another kiss, which lingered a moment, "...and hear about the things ye ha'e seen and done." He pressed his lips to hers with more intent and purpose, and as she opened her mouth to receive his kiss, he drew her breathe from and inhaled her deeply. Then, he kissed her, like he meant it.

He finally realized she had become breathless, and they broke the kiss. While she caught her breath, he laid his face next to hers, just to be close to her. When her breathing had settled, he drew back so that he could see her face. With one hand, he drew back her hair from her face.
"Shall we begin our future... mo chridhe?"
February 10, 2019 05:39 pm


How very easy it would be for Kyla to lose herself in Edward.  She knew the truth of it by the way she wanted to melt into him until she wasn’t sure where she ended and he began.  One passionate kiss that lit a fire in her belly and heart was all it took. The prospect should have frightened her, but if she was completely honest with herself, she’d been his for the taking since almost day one.

"Shall we begin our future... mo chridhe?"

Kyla’s heart and stomach did a flip.  She brought her free hand up and pressed her palm to the side of his neck, fingertips touching her other hand further back, her thumb on his jaw in front of his ear.  Drawing back slightly, she studied his face and those glorious golden eyes, so very aware of his skin against hers.

Her memory wasn’t perfect, but she still skipped through certain points their previous conversations, particularly from the night in Malibu, and their encounter a few hours ago.  She struggled to reconcile them with the current situation and his apparent about face. What had she missed?

“I think you enjoy making my heart do acrobatics,” she smiled briefly, but then a small crease formed between her brows, eyes searching and serious.  “What changed, Edward? When did this happen?”
February 12, 2019 09:21 am

Edward Brollachan

The curve of her hip fit his hand perfectly and the heat from her warmed his flesh through the flimsy fabric of her night shorts. His other hand played with her hair, that was so fine and soft it was almost like gossamer to his touch.

"Nothin' has changed, Kyla. I still mourn for those I ha'e lost. E'en those ages ago. Ye see, I dinna ha'e emotional attachment... it is somethin' that was lost, either buried in my psyche or destroyed, the moment I was turned. Did I care for those I ha'e lost? Aye, deeply. As deep as the ocean. But I cannae feel what I dinna ha'e. What I do ha'e within me, are memories. Memories ye would find startling in their realness, all the sensations of e'ery moment I have experienced from that day I was turned to this one. And e'ery moment adds to the stream o'consciousness that fills m'mind. It is sometimes very distractin'. But it is what I ha'e. When I remember them, each of them, it is as if they are still here, nae? But they are not, and so I miss them."

Edward adjusted himself, to make her more comfortable as her new seat cushion. She leaned against him, her breathe warming his neck above the leather, and he stroked her hip, her skin more soft than any he had felt in a long time. Kyla's scent seemed to have changed, and was earthier in its fragrance, a deeper scent than even moments ago. Or perhaps it was just his perception.

"It is when I have moments like this, intimate and personal, that the deepest memories are burned in to m'stream o'consciousness. T'make another feel from me what I feel from them, from ye.... it is why I call ye 'mo chridhe', 'my heart'. It is yo'r emotion I feel and crave b'cause I ha'e none to give."

For the briefest moment, Edward seemed to display something no one, or very few had ever seen. A subtle vulnerability. An apprehension to rejection. He knew how hard it would be for her to have feeling for him, while he could not reciprocate, not like he imagined she or any love would understand.

"If ye wish, we can stop, and reflect on this. What ye may wish for may not be what I can give, but I would give ye what I am, if that is the same thing."
February 13, 2019 03:46 pm


Kyla rested her nose and forehead against the side of Edward’s neck when he adjusted them. Her hand slid down onto his upper chest, resting just across his collarbone. She nestled close to him and listened without interruption.

Her middle finger on his chest idly stroked the leather beneath while she sorted through what he’d told her, and the implications moving forward. Whichever way they went from here, there would be no turning back or changing minds. She didn’t believe in doing things halfway. It was everything or nothing.

Finally, she heaved a sigh and spoke.

“I don’t and won’t pretend to know what it’s like to have emotional detachment. I have to work not to develop then and even then it’s difficult. That’s why I haven’t allowed myself to get deeply involved with anyone in so long.” The fact he sought it from others and she avoided it was not lost on her. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “We are two very different creatures, and yet so similar in ways. What I told you in California is as true now as it was then…”

Shifting back, she used her hand on his chest to push her upper body away to look at him again. “You are my match in every way. It won’t be perfect. There will be challenges… there always is. But I’d like to see where this path takes us, to share myself with you. I want you. I have since we met. All of you. The good, the bad, the ugly, just as you are. I have enough heart for both of us, if you’ll have it…”

Now it was her turn to be uncertain as she bared herself to him. She swallowed hard, and waited.
February 14, 2019 09:23 am

Edward Brollachan

Edward replied, “Tro do chridhe, tha mi a 'faireachdainn gu bràth thu.” He then reached up to the single lamp that lit the room and turned out the light.

Pan back to a receding overhead moonlit view of the Manse of the Menagerie

Crash into me,

I am swimming in your seas and in your oceans,

I can feel the waves coming crash into me,

Oh yes I feel your waves come crash into me.

Crash into me

Crash into me

Crash into me

And you come crash into me, babe. - Dave Matthews

February 14, 2019 05:00 pm
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