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Interview with - Edward Brollachan!


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1.   You are a legendary character. Have you ever had to take a step back with a nice vacation to handle it all?

There is nothing to handle. Fame is a mantle that dulls quickly. That being said, I have had absences from the Realm, but have always been drawn back, usually at the call of friends who requested my return from Cancun.


2.    Are you currently a cover/sanctuary leader? How long, and is this your first? How many times have you been a leader?

I have worn the gold several times. I've run the crews of others and had my own coven at one time. It is a greater responsibility than many realize, and should not be taken frivolously. You are responsible for the lives and livelihood of others, as well as keeping the peace in the Realm. There have been (and are) great leaders in the Realm, and leaders who have been (and are) less than great. Do not become a leader out of a sense of entitlement or because it "would be cool". Become a leader to make difference.


3.   Have you ever been killed? How many times?

Once, by a petty Archon over a matter I should never have been involved in.


4.   Have you ever race changed?



5.   Do you have a current love interest?

I am mourning the loss of my wife as well as my wife before her. Honorable women whose absences have made the Realm a lesser place.


6.    Are you currently ‘shipping’ anyone else?

What are ye doin' after this interview, lass?


7.   If there was one person from your past that asked you to drop everything and join them, who would that be…and would you seriously consider that proposal?

It has already happened. I serve Dessa Chambers now.


8.   Being a long standing member of the community, and witnessing first hand some of the changes that have come about in the Realm, do you think your Generation had an advantage, or a disadvantage over the newer Generations?

Things were definitely more difficult for my generation. It was more difficult to rank, and we were more afraid (and respectful) of the leaders. Opening a crew was not as simple as pushing a button and paying the fee. Things are certainly less difficult now, which I think has contributed to a sense of entitlement the many (but not all) new players seem to have.


9.    What advice do you have to offer the new Generation?


Work hard. Listen to those who have gone before you. Tell your story and help your mates tell theirs. Be bold b

ut be respectful.


10.   Who is someone, old or new, that you admire greatly?

There are two that come to mind.

Demon, the first Master after Lord Dracula. He was the first to reach Level 20.

And Livia Vlcek. She took on the task to save her family and the Realm from one who had terrorized and bullied the Realm, calmly faced a more powerful foe head on, and slayed him. That is what it is to be a badass.


11.    Who do you see as the next ‘rising star’?

It is difficult to say. There seems to be a loss of respect for the Gold, for senior players, and for Elders and a general 'rudeness' that pervades the Realm at this time. I would imagine the next rising star will be someone who gains the respect of the older players and leaders and makes some significant contribution to the story of the Realm.


12.    What was one of the most shocking experiences you have had happen to you, or have witnessed?

Seeing Stalker's wig collection. He's been balding for years. Who knew?


Thank you, Mr Brollachan, for entertaining my line of questioning. It was a true pleasure.


February 03, 2019 08:03 pm
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