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Ursi Baer

Ursi barely managed to let go of the door handle, before the door slammed shut behind her. She had dreamt of doing that for a long time, feeling the satisfaction of rattling the windows and making a statement with the noise. But until now it would have caused more trouble than it was worth. A little careful patience had gotten her there soon enough.

The duffel bag weighed heavily on her shoulders, packed with the most important of her prized possessions. Packing had been an act of all or nothing. What wasn't on her person right this moment, she would never get to see again. Mr. Alex Collinswood III had been very clear about that when he deigned to give her attention was not of the physical and painful kind. In the end, it didn't matter either way. When she was still able to feel, when the pain had not made her comfortably numb, it hurt no matter what. She had been young and stupid then. Now she was not so young, but still stupid. According to him, very stupid.

With her gaze downcast, hoping no one in their fancy townhomes would recognize, or pay attention to, the slightly draggled character putting distance between herself and what had quickly become her personal house of horrors, Ursi's feet pounded the pavement. She quickly wanted to reach the less savory parts of the city where she would not stand out, the shadows would wrap her in protective darkness, and eventually, the bus station would give her one more way out.

Living in constant fear of discovery, the prep had taken forever. Ursi never knew what mood he would be in, and she was rarely left without someone watching her every move. Except for a bit of cash, and a few sets of unassuming clothes, she took nothing she had not brought with her that fateful day years ago.
Go as you came, that was the best strategy for her right now.
February 06, 2019 06:13 pm
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