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The Walking Dead: Legacy of New Salem


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*I was sitting on the couch in my Hive checking out the channels of what to watch. All I kept seeing was advertisements for the Walking Dead I groaned.*

They've really ran this gravy train over the cliff.... This ain't like Evil Dead.... it's just drama for God's sake.... needs more sauce to make it better...

*An idea had occured to me in my ranting as a smirk crawled on my face. There was a new spell I had been playing with that allowed to travel to different worlds.*

Maybe I'm the sauce.

*Of course, my dear friends also came to mind, and I thought they would like to join me. I sent a text to my friends about this crazy idea. I ran to the Hive's main chamber which was enormous gathered my bees, ants, and nanites followed by grabbing eqipment needed for the spell. The spell took 30 minutes to make and I directed it to the World of The Walking Dead. I waited to see if my friends wanted to join me.*

February 09, 2019 05:08 pm


Mackenzie was having a blissfully boring evening. In the tunnels, sat at her desk in the office, she chewed at the inside of her cheek as she looked over the numbers. It is, admittedly, her least favorite thing to do. Necessary as it is, she always finds herself become antsy. Watching her people steadily grow, showing restraint as they strengthen both mind and body instills a pride in her that is beyond words. And, what's more, it makes her feel that itch.

She wants to do something.

She wants to feel the ache of her muscles and the pain of a split lip after a hard night of training and fighting. Her status may not be able to go much further, but her strength could always be built upon. Thus, she made up her mind. She would go out, and seek every fight she could until-


Phone demanding attention as it ever does, she lifts it up to glance over it. Shelly. A brow quirks, devilish smirk taking up residence upon her features as she weighs the pros and cons. An adventure, with her most imaginative. How perfectly delightful.

Jasper Dear
Going with Shelly.
Follow for a good time.
If you dare.

Her challenge of a text is sent off to her husband as she grabs at her personal items and hurries off through the tunnels. Shelly had moved in long ago, creating her own maze that would lead to her personal space. Mackenzie had never dared travel it before, but it would seem that there is a first time for everything.

Fifteen minutes is all it takes for her to find her way, and is quickly reminded why this journey has never been made. Mackenzie hates bugs. Already, she is cringing at the sound of buzzing.

"Oooookay, bugs. I don't know how you do it."
February 09, 2019 10:56 pm


*I greeted my friend.*

Hey, ya made it!

*My southern accent echoed through the hive.*

Up for some trouble?

*I pointed to the portal as I grabbed a few of my belongings and tools. The ants, bees, and nanites infested my chitin, they were eager for the adventure. *

I'm curious as to see how well you will do in a zombie apocalypse. Like the one in Georgia...

*I chuckled darkly before leaping through the portal landing me just before the mayhem.  The portal was near a cemetery and a large mausoleum. A grin crawled on my face.*

Oh sweet sails of irony..

*The mausoleum would make a perfect place as I set my ants down and made them create tunnels beneath it. As the ants dug deeper into the earth the bees flew out from my chitin and started making hives on the mausoleum. I started to set voodoo totems to act as a barrier against the undead and the living.*

February 10, 2019 01:23 am


"Have you met me?" As if Mackenzie is ever not up for trouble. She is born for it, and thrives upon it. It is a rare day that she would ever pass up such an opportunity - and then her sights land upon the weird thing in the room.

Squinting, she glances between Shelly and the portal, trying to make heads or tails of it. "What in the fresh hell..." she would mutter to herself while attempting to somehow make herself smaller to avoid the pests that rush toward their master.

"A zombie apocalypse?" Mackenzie grins. If Jasper finds his way down here and follows, he'd surely regret it. A good wife would text him not to come. She is a good wife. Truly. But she is also the wife that loves chaos.

Mackenzie pats herself down, a groan escaping her as she comes to realize that she has absolutely nothing on her to aid in this game of fate. Shaking her head, she takes a deep breath before following Shelly through her witchery. And, as Shelly and the damnable bugs begin their work, Mackenzie would wander.

What a curious damn place, and worse yet - full of the undead.

This brings to Mackenzie quite the train of thought. Zombies are undead, and so is she. Is she not, in some way, a zombie in her own right? Pressing her lips together as a single brave soulless begins to amble toward them, she takes a few steps back in retreat.

"So what is this? Some virtual reality game?"
February 13, 2019 06:37 pm


*I chuckled darkly as my tail slams down on a Walker, crushing it.*

I'm afraid not.

*Another Walker approaches the barrier only for it to paralyze her. While the zombie was stunned I injected my nanites into her and see if I could add the Walkers to my hive. The shambling corpse started to convulse and melt. It seems that when the nanites attempted to take over the Walker with their chemicals the virus rejected them completely and the body was reduced to goo. I took a mental note of this and ordered my ants to create a seperate chamber for Mackenzie.*

A place for you far away from my bugs and be able to get out easily.

*A looter made the mistake of trying to get pass the barriers. The barrier made him collapse and a wicked smile scrawled on my face.*

Oooh, I know exactly what to do with you.

*The tip of my tail went into his mouth and my nanites entered, invading his nervous system before relieving him of his machete. My ants then dragged the body to another chamber that would be where the pods would be.  I went back to Mackenzie and offered her the machete.*

I think you need this more than me.

February 14, 2019 07:08 pm


"Thank you, Shelly. You are always so thoughtful."

Such an odd sort of appreciation to exhibit when it the midst of a sh-t show.

She really does hate bugs. But seeing as this isn't a game, she finds herself eerily confident. And now, with a machete of all things in hand, she is finding herself to be overly excited. This could be fun. But...

There is hardly enough chaos.

She swings the weapon in hand, getting a feel for it's weight and balance within her grip. Admittedly, the femme has never been one for such things, prefer guns to all else. However, she can see the appeal. It is quite heavy, and just blunted enough to make things interesting.

Glancing over her shoulder, Mackenzie eyes the chamber the ants work to build before making a decision.

"When in Rome..."

Mackenzie moves beyond the safe space Shelly has created, willfully entering the arena of the undead. A wicked little grin crosses her features as a chill runs down her spine, excited for the opportunity to wreck whatever comes into her path.

And, as a particularly fresh looking Walker ambles toward her, dragging it's oddly angled leg, Mackenzie decides to take it head-on. With a quiet grunt of exertion, she brings the over-sized machete down, planting it's dull edge into the center of it's skull like an ax.

"We should really do this more often."
March 01, 2019 10:18 am


*I grinned widely.*

I knew you'd enjoy this. Hey, maybe we'll get lucky enough to get you some firearms.

*I threw a voodoo needle straight at a decaying Walker's head killing it instantly. I pondered for a moment. Perhaps get some muscle for our sanctuary, I went over to the portal to beckon a few monsters. One looked like Demogorgon from Dungeons and Dragons but the face was completely skeletal. Several skinless dog-like creatures stumbled out; these had a caste system bearing drones, soldiers, and priests. The last monster wasa creature of my own design; the monster was definately something that would've made H. R. Giger and H. P. Lovecraft proud. A biomechanical abomination with metallic barbed tentacles, many eyes, and nightmarish maws holding wickedly sharp teeth. All of them went within the depth of the mausoleum.*

March 02, 2019 01:39 am


*While the undead ambled on getting paralyzed by my totems I had to think of a cover so that our place would be inconspicuous. The only idea that came to me was to make a front; a church. I played with the idea of making our safe space appear evil.*

March 03, 2019 09:22 pm
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