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Interview with - Iva Herrera!


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Today we sit down with the lovely Iva Herrera!


1. Have you ever been to the Realm before? If so, what drew you back?

This is my first time in the Realm.


2. Are you finding it more fun to be social, or to train hard for ranking?

I like a mix of both. Training gives me that ‘alone time’ that is often needed.


3. Has anyone, a Legendary or Gen X ever been rude to you since your arrival?

No, no one has been rude. I haven’t interacted much with Legendary or Gen X persons. A few here and there, and especially once I joined my coven. I don’t take the silence personally. I can imagine those at Legendary status have seen the rotating door that death provides and probably get exhausted welcoming/mourning those. It can be hard to gauge who will have the fortitude to stick around.


4. Do you serve in a Coven/Sanctuary?

Yes, I am in a coven, The Menagerie.         


5. Who do you admire and strive to be like, but in your own way?

This is a difficult question. Perhaps some of the older, Legendary ones that persist and remain and exist on their own terms without fanfare or recognition. They are clearly here for their own reasons and nothing else. I admire that. I’d also add my coven leader Dessa Chambers. She’s elegant, wise, and can be a bit formidable. All traits I wish to emulate.     


6. Do you find ranking to be a tough task? Does your Sanctuary/Coven offer you help and advice to meet challenges?

Ranking can be. There is much mystery in it, which I get is part of the appeal for some. As a task-oriented person, I do enjoy having a ‘checklist’ of sorts in knowing what I need to tackle to move up. That is why I don’t hold ranking as my highest priority in the realm.

That being said, there are several in my coven who are very knowledgable and helpful in helping uncloak the mystery of ranking.         


7. Have you been taught the history of the Realm at all?

No, I have not. But I hold myself responsible, as I have not sought it out. I cannot expect information to simply pour into my head. Truthfully, I am not sure where to look to find the history. Not much is saved in the libraries for further research.


8.  Married, interested in someone, or single and ready to mingle.

D- none of the above? No, I tease. I am open to all opportunities, but a relationship isn’t the priority right now. I am discovering things about myself that does not require an intimate partner. Right now I’m mostly interested in harvesting souls.


9. If not in a Sanctuary or Coven, who has given you the most help when you have needed it?



10. What is your greatest accomplishment thus far?

Surviving! Not being lured by the red death.         Being fairly new to the Realm, I’m not sure I have anything that could be considered a ‘greatest accomplishment’ under my belt yet. I think I irritated an elder- does that count?


11. Are you more interested in people and friends, or working harder to rank? Have you found a happy middle ground between the two?

I am most interested in understanding what I am and exploring that. I suppose that would lend itself to meeting people and making friends. I am not one to be impressed by rank, even though I do acknowledge the hard work that is behind the higher levels.


12. Of those of the Legendary status, or are now dearly departed, is there anyone you wish you could meet and have a chat with?

I am unsure. One thing that I lament is that I’m not able to look into former stories (OOC: RP deletion). I am sure there are those who came before me who walked similar paths. It would be great to learn of that and possibly seek them out- they could still walk among us! I have heard of fun and interesting creatures of times before but have no way of learning their stories first hand. That is unfortunate. So to that end, I can’t answer this question fully.


Thank you so much Ms Herrera for sharing with us all. It was a pleasure.

February 10, 2019 12:01 pm
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