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Interview with - Ronan Boru!


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Today I sit with Ronan Boru. He is quite the interesting man, and his honesty garners my attention.


1. As a ‘Gen X’ you came into the Realm at an odd time. Sanctuaries and Covens were shifting and warring. There seemed to be a lot of conflict. Did you find yourself on edge? Did you find a home right away? If so, where?


I don't  recall ever feeling  really  on  edge with the  conflicts. It  was  something I  was  rather  used  to  in  my  daily life when I  was  growing up. My first home here was in  the  coven Nosferatu. I don't actually  recall  how  long  it took  to  get in  with  Minou today.



2. Did you set yourself up for ranking goals, or did you just wing it?


I did  not  set  ranking  goal  up. Plans   often times  fail and  things  always  come  up  that  change  them.



3. Were you a social butterfly or did it take some time to come out of your shell? Does that hold true for today?


*laughs* I  was  no  social  butterfly at the  beginning.  Now I  get  out  a  bit  more so  that  has  changed  a  bit  for  me.



4. How far, socially and rank-wise, would you say you have come from those first days and night to where you are now? Are you still as driven?


Rank  wise   everyone  gets  to  where  they  want sooner  or  later  and  at their  own  pace. Socially I  am a  bit  more out  there when  I  have  the  free time. As  for  driven I  am   just as driven  as  I  was  I  think   now as  in  the old  days.



5. What is your greatest accomplishment, social or rank-wise, thus far?


Those great accomplishments  haven't  all come  yet. I  still have much  to  do  and  learn.



6. Are you married, interested in someone or single and ready to mingle?


*  Holds  up  his  left  hand.* I  am  very  happily married.



7. Who do you admire in the Realm the most and why?


Don't  think   I  admire one  person over another really. I  have many  here  that I  admire  for  different  things like their loyalty, strength, honesty compassion,  leadership skills and  intelligence. So  I  couldn't  pick just  one really.



8. How many mistakes have you made that had harsh consequences?


 *Smiles softly and  laughs *Gods  of  old. Many many mistakes but  you  learn  from  them  all  in  the  end.



9. Have you ever been killed or caught the Red Death?


Killed  yes and   again for  many  stupid mistakes  that   you  learn  from  and   move  on.



10. Have you ever race changed?


 Yes  from  Vampire  to  witch  once.



11. Have you ever put on the Golden Robes?


I  have   a  few  times  to  try and keep  a coven  open. One of  many  mistakes  in  the  end  that I  have  learned  from.  I  have no  desire  as of  right now  to  wear  the   gold  again anytime  soon  and  that  would only  be  to  open  my  own  coven not  take one  for  another to  go  to  Cancun or  die  the red  death.



12. Of those dearly departed from the Realm, is there anyone you wish you could sit down with for an hour and just talk to?


Mallory  Quarters.  She  actually  was  the one  who  convinced  me  once  to take  the   gold robes .  She  was a  dear  friend and   is  greatly  missed by I  know  many  here  besides  myself.


Thank you so much for sitting down with me, Mr. Boru, it's been a pleasure!

February 17, 2019 10:39 am
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