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A Nightmare.


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Tyche Fortuna

The crunching of leaves beneath Tyche’s feet began to fill the suffocating silence. Ty found herself sneaking along the treeline of the woods, her bare feet digging into the earth as she walked. Something felt off, she needed to investigate. Slender fingers caressed each passing tree as she let her mind wander. Her motions were fluid as she weaved around the fallen logs and debris that covered the wooded area. She had walked a couple miles past the coven’s camp and was now in dangerous territory. Many wild and magical creatures wandered these woods. Not all of them as friendly as others.

“No..No. Th--this is not what I saw.” An unrecognizable, trembling female voice whispered. Ty stopped in her tracks. Her stormy blue hues flicked in the direction of the voice. She could barely make out the form of a female, who had seemed to be pressed against a tree. From the body language displayed but the woman, she did not seem happy to be here. Her slender form was almost one with the tree, while her hands were straight in front of her. Almost as if she was trying to shoo something--someone off.

Ty’s began to scan the area for potential threats. What was causing this woman to be so fearful? It was a matter of moments before a blur of grey fur erupted from the brush. A werewolf. Ty’s heart began to race. She wasn’t even the one in the path of this creature but the fear in the air was palpable. This unknown woman was making her emotions very known to Ty. But what could she do? None of her powers would be helpful in this situation. If she interfered they would both die.

A blood curdling scream filled the air. Ty returned her gaze back to the woman just as the grey blur lunged and took her to the ground.

“NO!” Ty screamed as she flung herself forward in attempt to interfere in the situation. Her vision faded to black and the next thing she knew she was back in her bed.

Tyche’s hands gripped the sweat soaked sheets as she jolted up from her bed. It was another vision that had ripped her from her sleep. Someone was going to get hurt and she needed to help. But who was this stranger and what could Ty even do? She was just a seer. She didn't have any real powers of protection.

She pushed herself out of her bed and walked over to the sink. With shaky hands she filled a glass with water from the pitcher on the counter. In one quick motion, she lifted the glass to her lips and finished the water. There’s something about that situation that looked familiar. Was it the area? YES. That was the woods that surrounded Averly’s home. Could that have been her? No. There was no way. Averly was cautious. She would be able to tell something wasn’t right and would flee. Or better yet fight. The woman in her vision did not even attempt to leave. However, who else would be wandering alone in that area? Tyche needed to be sure it wasn’t her friend. She needed to leave now before it was too late.

Tyche moved quick as she grabbed her wool shawl from the coat rack and rushed out the door. “Please be safe.” She whispered to herself as she stepped out into the darkness of the night.

February 17, 2019 09:30 pm

Averly Amoret

The heat from the fire warmed her bare toes as Averly worked on completing hte latest novel she had purchased. One of the very few upsides to being on her own now, included establishing trade with the mortal men on the other side of the mountain. In exchange for herbs, tinctures and tea she received the few valuables they had to offer her. One of which included the marvelous literature of popular mortal poets and authors. Her mother had made it known that her newly found partnership with the opposite side of the mountain was something Esmerelda Amoret was vehemently against. 

Luxuries like indulging herself with reading had never been permitted by her mortal-hating grandmother. Since being exiled, new worlds of exciting possibilities had been laid bare before her in the text on those pages. Of course she had realized in the passing weeks, that it was nothing short of a miracle that she even knew how to read. Esmerelda had only deemed it neccesary shortly after Averly had been born, so that the coven was able to take on the technological advances witnessed in other realms. Prior to the movement, few in their coven had the privlege to learn how to read or write. 

It had been a long night of tossing and turning when she had finally given up on sleep. Curled up into the comfort of her favored armchair was where she now found herself. Thinking about the nature of her poor edication, and about the fine book in her lap. 

Averly may not have been a seer, but she was blessed with incredible intuition. She nearly always had a gut feeling scaring her straight, or making her lean left instead of right, and vice versa. 

Tonight had been no different. Upon waking she thrusted open the windows in her sitting room, making herself comfortable in the breeze. The smell of pine trees and petrichor lulling her into a peaceful trance as she started humming, softly murmuring under her breath. 

"Something wicked this way comes." 

February 18, 2019 06:10 pm

Tyche Fortuna

The chilling wintery air left her cheeks flushed as she bolted through the woods. She was in dangerous territory. These woods were filled with both magical and non-magical creatures that were not afraid to attack unprovoked. The witch kept a careful eye out as she went bobbing and weaving between trees, each footfall carefully placed to make the least noise. However the leaves and brush were not making it easy.

There was no clear path to Ave’s house. Unfortunately she was no longer apart of the coven that once protected her. She was now isolated. Although, Ty could understand why she never argued against her exile. It seemed more peaceful and free to be on one's own. However, with her little knowledge of the mortal world Ty was not sure if she would last long on her own.

A deep monstrous howl suddenly filled the air. “I’m too late…” Her heart sank. That was the same howl from her vision. She had little time left to save Averly. Tyche attempted to pick up her pace, her heart was racing and her breath was jagged. She was likely to pass out before reaching her friend. The witch became lost in her worries and did not realise the fallen log that was right in her path. Her foot caught the log perfectly to cause her to go tumbling. “Ow…” She muttered as she began to push herself up with assistance of a nearby tree. Her gaze dropped down to her bleeding legs and feet. She must have caught that log perfectly to cause this much damage.

The stinging of the soiled wound was soon forgotten as animal-like panting filled the air. Stormy blue eyes darted to the dark wooded area before her. Something was coming into distance. Tyche squinted her eyes and leaned forward, her hands bracing herself against the tree. That’s when she saw it. Dark grey fur and honey gold eyes. No.

Her hands shot out in front of her, as she attempted to ward off the animal. “No...No…” She stammered. “This is not what I saw.” The creature was closing in on her. Her body became paralyzed with fear. All she could do is scream.  

February 19, 2019 08:13 pm

Averly Amoret

A howl sounded from outside, sending a shiver up Averly's spine. Goosebumps blossomed on her skin, despite the heat radiating from the hearth. The sudden nervousness caused her to carefully set down her book, and pad over to the open window. The crisp winter air met her skin with a harsh kiss, but it was nothing compared to the intense smell of carrion floating on the breeze. The scent alone was enough to make Averly gag, and the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. 

Something wicked had come, or was here.

Averly couldn't shake the feeling that unless action was taken, diaster loomed overhead. Without much hesitation she hurriedly worked on slipping boots on her feet, and thrusting her shawl and cloak over her slender shoulders. The winter chill was unpleasant enough, but in the middle of the night it had become downright dangerous. The winter rain had turned the ground into a muddy frozen wasteland, and Averly knew the risk of going out against the creatures lurking in those woods. 

She was nearly out the door when the ruby encrusted hilt of a dagger caught her eye. The blade was still wedged between two wood panels after being thrown there montths ago. The memory of the event, however unpleasant, reminded Averly she would need to arm herself before stepping outside into the treacherous territory around her home. Stalking over, Averly ripped the dagger from the wall and placed it within the sheath on her boot. Not minding that her own blood still stained the blade. 

Crossing over the threshold sent another chill raking down her spine, fully exposed to the weather's harsh conditions as she glared at the tenebrous wood she would be heading into. Another howl sounded as she took a single step forward, every nerve in her body screamed at her to run as she trudged forward. No other animals sounded as she prowled into the brumous night. The eery silence was quickly broken by the scream of a woman, her fear hanging in the air and stopping Averly's heart from beating. 

It was with that scream that Averly broke out into a run. 

February 20, 2019 07:11 am

Tyche Fortuna

Tyche was trembling more and more with each step the wolf advanced. She was not a fighter. She was never trained on combat or protective magic. She relied too much on her visions to keep herself. Well that and the protection of her coven. But where were they now? When she needed them the most. Ty’s eyes met the piercing gold of the wolf’s and for a second she noticed a spark of humanity. This –thing- was not entirely animal. Werewolf. She’s only heard about these creatures in the folklore the coven elders spoke of. But here before her stood proof. 

“I know what you are. I know there’s some humanity in you. P-Please gain control. Do not let this creature in you take an innocent life.” She tried to sound brave, but her voice cracked at the end as she fought back tears. “I am not your enemy. This is a mistake.” 

The woman attempted to plea and divert the wolf from attacking her. She understood from all the stories that there was still human there. There was still a man or woman that could control the wolf. Sadly, not all of them embraced their humanity. This would seem to be the case in this situation. The wolf took one last step closer before baring its teeth at Tyche. A low growl curls its lips as it leaped forward towards her.

She pulled her outstretched arms towards her chest and face in feeble attempt to protect herself. However, the wolf’s claw tore at her skin like tissue paper. The warmth of her blood began to trickle down her arms. Tyche let out an agonizing scream as she used all her strength to push the werewolf off her. She fell to her knees as the pain of her torn flesh became too much. Ty scrambled to grab a large stick in attempts to ward off the creature. Pushing herself to a sitting position she began waving the stick towards the wolf. “GO!” 

She could not run. She could not fight. She was going to die.

Her vison started to get spotty and dim. A feeling of warmth began to trickle down the side of her head. With her free hand she brought it to her temple and felt what she assumed was blood. She must have hit her head on the tree from the impact. 

There was a moment of realization. She was the woman from the dream. She was the woman who was being attacked. So now who was going to save her?

February 20, 2019 03:29 pm

Averly Amoret

All that was visible as Averly cleared the tree line was, a massive wolf squatting on his haunches. His formidable growl filling the air, effectively turning her bones to lead. The smell of blood was thick in the air as she silently crept onward.  Legends and warning from her grandmother had filled her ears as a child, but she never thought she would see a beast with her own eyes. 

As she neared, it became obvious that the great creature was hunting, ready to pounce on its prey in a moment’s notice. His panting sent clouds of rancid breath floating up into the chilly night air. Averly watched his footsteps carefully, a hand on the hilt of the dagger she had stuffed inside her boot. His great paws curled around fallen leaves and debris, his sharp talons dragging against the rocks. 

It was only as he attacked that she noticed his prey. Not an animal, or a mortal man, but a small feminine form was curled up against a tree. Averly's heart stopped beating for a moment. 

Springing into action, she lunged forward as she sent great tendrils of her magic creeping into his warped mind. Averly tried not to notice that dark empty cell of consciousness her magic wrapped around, as she surged the dagger into the back of the werewolf. His bellowing out in pain was deafening, reverberating around the otherwise silent forest. Sweat gleamed onto her brow as she struggled to drive the dagger further into the thick skin underneath that heavy coat of fur.

The dagger she knew would only temporarily disable him, his counter attack once he recovered able kill her. Her magic however, may be her saving grace.

A grunt escaped her as she pulled the dagger out and aimed for underneath the ribcage of the beast before her, her magic still seeping into the corners of his mind. Trying to find an open door, a path to go down, anything to either render him unconscious or evoke him to transition. Meanwhile, the spindly arms of the creature lashed towards her. Trying to grab hold of its attacker.

Averly would not go easily.

From the corner of her eye Averly could watch the woman recoiled in fear at the base of the tree, her flayed arm wrapped around her knees loosely as she curled in on herself. Long locks of hair spilling over wobbling knees, hiding her face from view.  The beast cried out, falling to his knees as he tried to flip them over, attempting to crush Averly underneath his considerable weight.

It was then that she finally found what she was looking for. Hooking the dagger underneath his ribs and giving it a harsh twist, her tendrils of magic worked their way through the locked door. Not hesitating as a scream of terror echoed through Averly’s mind, the man within the creature was terrified and angry. Huddled up into the darkest corner of his own mind as his body turned against him.

Ave tenderly caressed the mind of the horrified man, coaxing him into consciousness. She could almost feel the body of the wolf melting away to reveal his mortal form as she did so. His walls became weaker, the emptiness replaced by thought and coherence. The cold gray walls of his mental shields washing away into nothingness. The beast was never far away, but for now it seemed they were all safe from its reign of terror.

Panting, Ave dropped her still bloody dagger as she fell to her knees beside the woman. Running a gentle hand along her arm, careful to avoid the ribbons of flesh that hung from her wound. By the look of the cloak around her shoulders, she should be part of the coven. What was she doing all the way out here?

“You’re safe now, girl. We must get you to a healer.”

February 21, 2019 06:10 pm

Tyche Fortuna

Tyche buried her head in her knees, she knew what was going to happen. She was going to die. Ty let her unmanageable brunette hair fall over her face as she attempted to obstruct her own view of the events that were taking place. She felt so frail in this situation, there was not anything she could do but run. However, she did not have the strength to run now. With her body in its current state, she had no other option but to hope and pray for a miracle.

That is when she heard footsteps approaching. She began to peer through the tangles of hair that were in her face to see a woman stepping forward. Oh no, this could not be good. This woman has no idea what she is in for. Tyche attempted to stand but a sharp pain wrecked her frail body. Using a free hand, she reached down to her side to lift her blood stained shirt. Her eyes grew wide as she took in the teeth marks that pierced her side. She had been bitten. There was a good chunk of skin missing but not deep enough to cause any more blood loss than her arms at the moment. However, she did not have long before her shock would wear off and the unconsciousness would set in. She needed to get back to the coven and find a healer. Tyche pressed her shawl into the bite mark, in hope to slow the blood loss. What did this mean? Was she now infected? Or had the scratches been enough. How would she face her coven… That was not what needed to be on her mind at the moment. She needed to focus on how she was going get out of this situation alive. 


 While she was lost in her thoughts it seems the once monstrous grey wolf was now a whimpering man collapsed in the brush. Had this woman invoked his shift? She must be a supernatural. Perhaps a witch.  Tyche’s vision was too blurry to make out the woman walking towards her, but once she spoke she knew exactly who had saved her life.


Tyche’s soft voice whispered, “Averly…?”

What a twist of fate. She had planned on rushing out to save her, but it turns out Tyche was the one that needed saving. These ‘visions’ were utterly useless sometimes. She mustered up what strength she had left to throw her arms around her friend as she cried, “Thank you. Thank you. I was sure I was going to die out here.”  

February 24, 2019 07:01 pm

Averly Amoret

I was sure I was going to die out here. 

If Averly wasn't already on her knees, those words surely would have brought her to them. Her already racing heart ached with sorrow for her friend. As blood stained arms wrapped themselves around her, Ave leaned in to her touch. Shaky arms reciprocated the embrace, not caring if she would be soaked with Tyche's blood along with her own sweat from the short fight. The adrenaline still coursing through her veins made it next to impossible for coherent thoughts to form. 

So she sat, listening to Tyche's sobs along with her own heavy panting. The magic she had spent thoroughly exhausted her, her limbs shook fiercely as she held on as tightly as she could without feeling like she was causing any further damage. Averly only had the universe to thank for bringing her here tonight. If she hadn't been awake long enough to hear the wolf's howl...

The wolf. 

From the corner of her eye, Averly watched the steady rise and fall of the unconcious man's chest as he lay on the cold ground. The infamous fable of men who were destined to turn into a beast had long been a way to keep them within the confines of the coven's commune. Just how much of the tale could be true? She had seen the beast first hand, and had been able to force him into shifting. What if the legend was true?

Quickly, Averly pulled away from Tyche's embrace. Holding her friend at an arms length, she attempted to study her under the moonlight. Searching for any wounds other than the scratch on her arm. Her pulse picked up again as she studied her clothing for any other signs of injury. Death would have surely been a blessing compared to what a bite would mean for her to endure. 

It was as she shoved Tyche's shawl to the side that she saw the bite mark at her side, the would slowly oozing blood around the giant marks left by the beast. The silvery sheen of saliva was visible around the edges, causing Averly's stomach to churn at the sight. She struggled to swallow back the bile that threatened to rise into the back of her throat. It took great effort to bite back the tears that threatened to fill her eyes. 

"Ty, we must get you to a healer." 

Rising to her feet, Averly unlatched her cloak from around her neck. Wrapping it around Tyche's slender shoulders as she helpd her to her feet, attempting to try and support her weight the best she could on the opposite side of the bite. 

"Tell me, my friend, why were you out here?" 

February 26, 2019 09:14 pm
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