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Interview with - HingleMcCringleberry!


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1. Have you ever been to the Realm before? If so, what drew you back?

 Been here in many forms. In all honesty, I came back for the ladies!


2. Are you finding it more fun to be social, or to train hard for ranking?

 Been training hard but looking to get more social.


3. Has anyone, a Legendary or Gen X ever been rude to you since your arrival?

 Not so far.


4. Do you serve in a Coven/Sanctuary?

 I am currently in Sine Metu


5. Who do you admire and strive to be like, but in your own way?

 I want to be like some of the old school leaders. Firm but fair and ready to kill everyone I see without warning.


6. Do you find ranking to be a tough task? Does your Sanctuary/Coven offer you help and advice to meet challenges?

 Ranking is fairly easy if you are dedicated. I rose pretty quickly and it tapered off when I relaxed a bit.


7. Have you been taught the history of the Realm at all?

 I read the ancient texts that Dr Van Helsing made available.


8.  Married, interested in someone, or single and ready to mingle?

 Single Pringle and Ready to Mingle says me ole Hingle.


9. If not in a Sanctuary or Coven, who has given you the most help when you have needed it?

 Mackenzie has always been there for me and Nemesis Wolfe


10. What is your greatest accomplishment thus far?

 So far no STDs.


11. Are you more interested in people and friends, or working harder to rank? Have you found a happy middle ground between the two?

 Right now it's mainly work but I am in the hunt for a Mrs McCringle


12. Of those of the Legendary status, or are now dearly departed, is there anyone you wish you could meet and have a chat with?

 Demon for sure and Lavender Myst. Probably Shenanoska. And Bastet and her glorious breasts. Oh those breasts.


Thank you so much Sir, for the time you've given me, and shared with the Realm.

*slathers self in hand sanitizer* :P

February 24, 2019 01:26 am
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