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Interview with - Livia Vlcek!


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1.        You are a legendary character. Have you ever had to take a step back with a nice vacation to handle it all?


I've vacationed a few times in Cancun, though not due to being 'legendary'. Lovely place. Tequila, and limes for monkey bites, for days.


2.        Are you currently a cover/sanctuary leader? How long, and is this your first? How many times have you been a leader?


Yes, since July 2018. No, this is not my first time in gold. I've had the honor three times. Twice at Azhi and once with my own Crew, Saints & Sinners.


3.        Have you ever been killed? How many times?


Fortunately, I've yet to fall.


4.        Have you ever race changed?


No, I've always been a boring human. Though I do wonder what it would be like to live as a Lycan from time to time.


5.        Do you have a current love interest?


I love a few people, dearly.. but there is a particular male I am fond of, yes.


6.        Are you currently ‘shipping’ anyone else?


As in, hoping another set of people become a couple? I do not like playing match maker.. in case things go badly. I do not want to be the one blamed for sour grapes. Mackenzie and Victor. They would have adorable babies, no?


7.        If there was one person from your past that asked you to drop everything and join them, who would that be…and would you seriously consider that proposal?


Sprew.. I'm already doing it.


8.        Being a long standing member of the community, and witnessing first hand some of the changes that have come about in the Realm, do you think your Generation had an advantage, or a disadvantage over the newer Generations?


I definitely think those of us that have been around for quite a long time were at a disadvantage compared to the newer generations. The Realm was much more difficult in the past. There were tighter regulations, it was harder to achieve higher stations.. you couldn't pass your leader back then. Very few could or would give you advice to train. Even opening a Crew was a more difficult process. Honestly, people were held to a higher standard and more accountable for their actions than they are now.


9.        What advice do you have to offer the new Generation?


Have loyalty to your family, to those that help you achieve your goals. Participate. Interact with others. Be an active citizen. Go on wild adventures. If you choose to open a Crew, do so with the right intentions not because you think it will be cool or give you fame. Fame is a fickle thing..


10.        Who is someone, old or new, that you admire greatly?


Dessa, for her perseverance after many attempts on her life and being so great regardless. Sprew, for taking me under his wing and training me when it was not his responsibility to do so; for standing by his beliefs and not bending in the face of danger, no matter what the cost. Edward, for his perseverance. Stalker.. he had just made Cross Bearer back when I was an ickle Slayer. It was a big deal because it was so much more difficult back then.. I guess you could say he was sort of the one that inspired me in the beginning. 


And yes, there are a few new ones that I admire for their dedication. Khellen, Malek, Dexter, Genesis, Summer, Kyla.. I see them training around the clock, working to better themselves. 


11.        Who do you see as the next ‘rising star’?


I see potential in quite a few citizens. I'm curious about their adventures, who they are but it seems they keep mostly to themselves. Maybe we will see them running about soon though, hm?   


12.        What was one of the most shocking experiences you have had happen to you, or have witnessed?


Being warred by Mordent. That was the opposite of fun..


Oh and having my face carved open by Malek's straight razor. Good times.



Thank you so much Ms Livia for this awesome time and walk down memory lane!

March 03, 2019 02:36 pm


...Listen. March 04, 2019 08:09 pm
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