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Averly Amoret

It was one of the rare times Averly opted to explore her surroundings. Much preferring the comfort of her own home and the silence that came with living alone. The strange sights and sounds that filled the air in the city were often overwhelming to her senses. However, despite her preference to remain isolated, Averly had noticed with each passing day that she became uneasy. She had come to the decision that some fresh air would do her some good, but she would need to be cautious as to how far she ventured out. 


Perhaps a park would be a good start for her nerves today? 


Still on edge from the walk over, Averly kept her hands deep inside the pockets of her leather jacket. Cigarette smoke still clung to the rich, supple leather. It was just a reminder of the mishap that had happened nearly month ago, and the fight that ensued from her first adventure in her new surroundings. How bittersweet it had turned, and the bad taste it had left in her mouth for a particular stranger roaming about The Realm. In fact, she may still be seething over the ordeal. It took all she had not to be a petty creature such as he, and not hunt him down to make his life a living hell. 


Forgiving, she was not. 


As the sound of her boots pounding away at the pavement soothed her fiery nature, Averly was nearly put into a trance by the calming sounds of the near empty park. The smell of freshly cut grass soothing her, nearly bringing a smile to her calm face. It was halfway down the trail that Averly finally chose to sit on a bench, nestling into the uncomfortable iron arms as she took in her surroundings. The outdoors had once brought her peace, she would try her best to bring that feeling out again. Yet the anxiety that attempted to claim her was an ever present reminder about how much she had been through in the last few years. Meditation was the only thing that brought her peace these days. 


A deep sigh escaping her full, heart shaped lips. Averly tucked her legs underneath herself as she closed her eyes, her breathing becoming even as she began to take in the pleasant smells of the park. The city being just far enough away that she couldn't smell the unpleasantness of fumes from cars. Endless chatter from pedestrians could not be found here, the silence was gorgonizing. Somewhere deep in her trance, she began to recall memories of her past. A certain long-haired brunette running through the woods, and the alew of a man deep within that brumous forest. Alexithymia had led her to her anxious, often depressed behavior. Nature had pulled her out from the depths of that despair. As an herbalist, she found solace amongst the plants thriving in both gardens and the forest. Even now, trapped in a garden inside the city, she could nearly feel the grass beneath her bare feet. 
March 09, 2019 03:57 pm


There was another scent wafting gently through the park. Natural, but pungent, the bloom of mushroom and other fungal-life was aided by the rains and unseasonable heat. Tonight he’d come to a place in the city. A point of junction in the bendable reality of the Realm, where he had plotted into his calculations, all as part of a field of glyphs he would use to reclaim his former abilities. A place he visited ages ago, amongst the streets of his arrival to this planescape. New Orleans was a magical city of filth and old truths.

The Realm runs on blood. It was a fact that had seemed to fall away from the foreground. All life, dies, all things consume, each of them who are more than background or prop will have blood coating their hands before long. This place, Kyon had seen it rain crimson, a stagnating graveyard of a world existing on the broken bones and dried entrails of the supernatural and mundane alike. The secrets of places, secrets of time and of names; the old magicks of the Realm that had not changed to spite the years. In order thrive, one must take it upon themselves to use every advantage provided.

This lack of motion in the Realm tasted like bitter dust. Like the wind off African mountains after drought, or the baked fields of middle-America. Any student of biology or chemistry could accurately explain the processes, but suffice to say life was change. Reaction and instinct has developed through times beyond the comprehension of the average person, being so small as to never see the change of the land or the sea, or the loss of their valued traditions.

Wandering through the manicured grass of the government-funded park, it had been a long time since he had been this deep into ‘civilized lands’, and while avoiding the streets through his burrowing, the park was alive and able to assist his illusions. Muggles, as he jokingly enjoyed to call the normal humans, do not notice him existing outside through definition of what was real. It was not that he was hiding or making himself invisible, it was that They did not believe in Him.

The smell was real... faintly of rot of wet wood, sickly sweet against the greenery. It was more likely that the sound of his steps within the stillness of the scene was the first indication that Averly was not alone in the park. Away from the path, a robed figure moved into view, the dark layers of cloth casting sharply contrasted surrounding the white mask over their face. Almost featureless, the divots shaped into rough facsimile of human eyes was the only distinction of attempting a sense of connection to the outside world.

The aura around them drifted with a magickal presence, a myriad of subtle effects beyond normal means of perception but often much clearer to the race of Witches. Kyon mind had been elsewhere and was not expecting company with those preparations in place, but now was lifting his head to the detection of particular chemical compounds. Kyon honed the direction of the mask, like scanning, until it was pointed upon the girl on the metal-cased park bench, wondering if she had noticed him yet. Latency was the accented flavor, the real question was, what sort would they be.
March 09, 2019 04:34 pm

Averly Amoret

A familiar light-headedness clouded her serene thoughts. The magic in the air was electrifying, causing Averly's arms to wrap around herself. As if she attempted to guard herself from whatever forces were at works in the seemingly mundane park. Despite the electricity of foreign magic, Averly's mind felt foggy as her body fought to process it all. It was almost like feeling light headed after too much to drink. 

Averly was regrettably sober. 

Unable to identify who or what was sending random pulses of magic across the greenery,  she squirmed under the weight of paranoia. As if she wasn't anxious enough on her own, the sudden change of energy had her fingernails digging crescent shaped marks into the palms of her hand. In an attempt to calm herself, Averly procured a pack of cigarettes from the depths of her leather jacket. Bringing a tube to her lips, she cupped her opposite hand around the flame she lit with the purple ignitor. Once the end was lit, she stuck the light back into the pack and carefully tucked it away. 

Uncurling herself, she stole a moment to straighten out her long legs. Bouncing her right knee up and down as she did so. A nervous habit from her childhood, one she was never able to kick. Between drags of her cigarette, she chewed on her nail. Eyeing the scenery around her, contemplating whether or not she should be leaving. On one hand, she would be much more comfortable at home. On the other, what if the strange source of magic was waiting for her to lead it home? The last thing she needed was for some strange beast or other being to follow her home. The universe knew she had enough strange things trying to crawl into her bed at night. 

Averly knew she would have to buck up sooner, rather than later. So, drawing up confidence she rose from the bench to began strolling the trail. Careful to keep her eyes peeled for any movement, and to keep the hand tucked in her pocket secrely wrapped around her house keys.

March 09, 2019 07:44 pm


The cigarette smoke was harsh even from this distance, a visceral drag of unpleasantness against this one’s breathing surfaces, hanging low from the pressure of the air and its eerie stillness. Kyon heard her motion through the vibrations, watching her moment through the park by the trail of her scent. The woman had not noticed the other witch’s form or perhaps was attempting to ignore him. It did not seem as though she was fleeing, yet. As she moved away from the bench, the masked figure walk in parallel for a for awhile, wondering to themselves what thoughts had led her to look so lost.

Musing silently, the weirdo-in-the-mask thought to themselves. It Lost... or is It Bored?

Refusing the paved walkway, Kyon kept a bit of distance, watching the winds to avoid crossing through the stream of burning tobacco. Once upon a time he reveled in the flavor but now it choked his senses with the sharp tang of slow death. It struck suddenly and somewhat violently, the urge to eject the tickling across his skin.

Quite all at once, Kyon began to cough aloud, their breath so affected by the scent. From around the edges of the mask a cloudy wisp floated out, as the figure’s shoulders shook and heaved, the mist dissipating quickly. Having had taken them by surprise, it took another moment to catch their breath again. One gloved hand, holding the mask, as if it might fly off at the coughing fit.
March 10, 2019 01:29 pm

Averly Amoret

A shiver ran through Averly as the sudden sound of a spine-chilling cough broke the silence of the seemingly empty park. Her head whipped around so quickly she felt a sharp pain travel down her neck from the sudden movement. The new disconcerting silence that ensued had her putting out her smoke on the bottom of her boot, and replacing it neatly within the pack. The once peaceful commons now seemed tenebrous, and arcane. The few souls that had occupied the open greens had vacated since her arrival. Averly could only assume that they had senses an uncommon presence while she was lost in her thoughts. 

Mustering up as much courage as she was able, Averly attempted to square her shoulders and stand tall. Her thunder-blue hues squinting to try and catch a glimpse of whatever being seemed to be there with her. "Show yourself." She muttered to it, or to them. Sliding her hands back into her pockets, she wrapped one hand around her keys. Positioning her house key to fit between her pointer and middle fingers, incase of an attack she told herself. 

She had thrown out all of her weapons when she arrived to The Realm. Assuming it was safe, and no need for such extensive protective measures. It would seem that she may have been wrong. As per usual, she only benefited from following her instincts about 50% of the time. How unfortunate for her. 

Taking a step towards the direction she had heard the coughing, she couldn't help but to wrinkle her face at the sudden smell. Petrichor, lush greenery, and even the musky scent of freshly dug earth filled her nostrils. 

March 11, 2019 09:10 pm


<i>Interesting...</i> Thought the man behind the mask. She stared right at him but would not see. Perhaps he had been wrong about her nature, or perhaps there was some other issue she faced preventing her sight from attuning to his obfuscation. There was a time where he would consider teasing the young woman, taking on the role of a sprite or a gremlin and flit her hair or misplace her trinkets, but Kyon was no longer the same mischeivious pixie that once stalked the shadows of the Realm.

He had grown and matured, evolve his trickery into something beyond childish pranks... or at least that what he told himself, while resisting the urge to place insects in her pockets, in place of the keys she was grasping. He felt empathy for her however, and, lifting his right hand from the long sleeve that had been hiding it, a gloved finger reached out to the space, forward and above his head. With a smooth motion downward he was dispelling his illusion. To Averly’s eyes a shimmer of translucence began many yards from where she stood and as if the word see was looking upon was made from a painting, an edge formed and was pierced by an opening.

Sliding open oddly, like the shape of an eye turned sideways, the gap snapped open revealling a figure standing ‘behind’ its lids. The image, illusion or what have you, disappeared from sight around the form, but left little in the way of an answers upon sight.

The masked person was humanoid but dressed in robes, covering their details entirely from head to toe. To a layperson he was regarded with everything from shrieking fear to fits of laughter, as mundane people thought him anything from a cultist monk to cosplayer. It was easier to walk unseen.

“Good evening, Mademoiselle...” The man’s force, soft and light, carried through the air as if unimpeded by the heavy mask across their face, giving the sensation that his voice was coming from elsewhere. Motioning with an uncommonly cultured bow in greeting, continuing to prove himself unlike the rest of her surroundings, as if from a time and dimension unconnected to the rest of the world. “... I do hope that you will rethink scratching out my eyes. I have no desire to frighten or displace you.”

It seemed he amused himself, tilting his head as he returned to an upright posture, speaking with his hands, almost in pantomime aided by the contrast between white mask, tan gloves and black everywhere else.

March 11, 2019 09:44 pm

Averly Amoret

It was the shimmer that caught Averly's eye first, causing a sense of panic to creep up the length of her body. Starting from her toes and ending in the nape of her neck. Rolling her shoulders to ignore the shiver that fought to rattle her, she prepared herself for whatever was about to make its presence known to her. Would it be like of one of the magical creatures she had already met in the Realm? Somehow, she sincerely doubted it. 

Awestruck, she watched the figure appear as she was frozen in place. Black boots was frozen to the pavement as she watched on as the man, if that's what the figure was, became a more solid form. Averly knew it was a rare form of magic few possesed, having only heard tales about it before. How strange that she might witness it on this particular night in a park. 

The figure before her was but a stark silhouette in the hazy light of the park. His black robes seeming to always catch on the light wind that blew through. She wondered for a moment what the person underneath the mask and robe might look like. Suddenly also asking herself why she cared. 

Tentatively, she responded in her high pitched lilt. "Good evening." Averly was a but taken back as she watched the figure bow, half expecting a completely different form to greet her as he rose back up. The way he expressively moved about his hands had her even more on edge. She could almost imagine him quickly pulling a weapon as he distracted her with hand motions. "I've not quite decided whether or not I should scratch them out or not. However, if you behave, I will put it into consideration." 

March 14, 2019 08:29 pm


“A fair response to a sudden appearance... oh but please! I do apologize, young Miss. You see... I seem to find myself unused to how people ‘get-on’ in the Realm these days. It is the darnedest thing! It is like everyone is worried loud noises will wake Bad Kitty... which...”

The man finally stopped speaking in order to look up and away, tilting his head about as if searching the low hanging trees for something more real than the thought he wrestled upon. With no discernible accent, but a jubilant tone, he sounded like someone just happy to be out from under a rock.

“...Aaaanywho..." The mask centered upon the woman again. No he had not forgotten her, even if he may have forgotten himself. The changing weather was bring about the inevitable changes in the man, who even from here smelled of old-growth forest and fallen trees covered in mushrooms and a stream somewhere closeby. “... I am called Kyon... and mean you no harm.”

A simple statement for such a lengthy build-up, the masked and cloaked figure nonetheless bowed with a practiced grace, again separating himself from the rest of reality with his archaic yet uncommonly polite greeting. The gloved hands still moving, he was indeed casting magick, solidifying his imagine in her mind. She would not likely forget him soon... No?

"... You seem to be seeking, but not searching, and I hate to see a fellow witch feeling lost... And so, feeling inclined I come before you with no other intention...”
March 14, 2019 09:42 pm

Averly Amoret

Waking Bad Kitty?

Although she had to somewhat agree that folks in the realm seemed to tip-toe around each other more than they did in years past, Averly was left slightly confused by the riddles in which he spoke. Unlike so many others he spoke with no lilt on his voice. No, the only thing that seemed out of place was his unusually cheerful tone. Such a stark contrast against the morose, and often sullen crowd she found herself involved with these days. 

Despite how upbeat and cheerful he seemed, she knew she would have to keep her guard up. No matter how disarming his earthy smell may have been, it would be in her best interest to keep a watchful eye on him. She never was one to trust easily. 

"Enchanté, Kyon." She responded, a small smile displayed on her lips. Offering a nod of her head for a more polite greeting, she continued. "I'm Averly."

No other intention? Magic or no, were there still those left in the Realm who helped other simply because they had a kind heart to do so? It seemed nearly unbelievable, and all the more complicated. "I'm afraid I know not what you mean, sir. Please, elaborate if you have the time." 


March 16, 2019 08:50 pm


The mask angled sharply with the sound of french coming from the mouth of a beautiful woman, and with a short inhalation, Kyon uttered with soft joyousness. “Parlez-vous français? S'il vous plaît. Dis oui!”

She was still tense... was he being weird...? ... He didn’t feel off... In fact he was doing better tonight than he had in a long time. The mask rose as is floating upward, and without warning the figure had begun closing the distance, each finger tensing outward and rolling back into his gloved palms, bringing them close to his waist and restraining their movement for now. He was unintentional in intimidation, in-fact it isn’t even initially inferred innuendo... but she was unused to his antics. He was careful to slow down and stop out of arm’s reach, leaving he the space... see? There was NO reason to be afraid... right...?

He would be happy to elaborate, in fact there was nothing he wanted more than to the expand upon his every words to swell the count and complexity to levels of metaphor-based dissociation as to cause one’s ears to ring with with trickling grey matter. What else would he do? Wait... what was he doing?

“You have the potential of a spellcaster clinging to you, my dear... were you aware? Do you practice? Have you a Circle? A lair? Den? ... Snuggery? It is all well and good to live a mortal life if your tastes lead to such, but with the support of others of our kind,
we can become Infinite.”
March 16, 2019 11:33 pm

Averly Amoret

The joy that filled his voice, when he responded back to her in french, brought a traitorous smile to Averly's lips. His excitement was contagious, and had her reeling to pull back up those guards she so carefully kept up. "Je parle un peu français. Je suis un peu hors de pratique." 

That same smile faded as he closed the distance between them. It's not that she was afraid anymore, the anxiety that had filled her for so long had faded in the weeks since she had received her tattoo. A new found confidence filled her. It didn't mean she didn't have to be weary of others. Especially when they were as cryptic as he seemed to be. As he had closed the distance, Averly fought the urge to back up. Instead, she remained in place and appreciated the space he left between them. He seemed to have different boundaries, she would try her best not to hold it against him. 

"Ah. Yes. That." Averly sometimes forgot that others may be even more sensitive than she when it came to sensing the energy of foreign magic. "I'm always practicing. Every second of every day. My particular affinities aren't exactly traditional in this Realm." She offered a small smile as she met the gaze of the masked figure. "However, I'm not totally unwilling to meet others." 

In the last month since her arrival her, she found herself increasingly lonely. Even as a creature of solitude, she longed for connection with others. She had found a few 'friends' people she was happy to have met. The energy shared between witches though, was unbeatable. There was no denying the excitement Averly felt at the possibility of meeting others like her. 

March 17, 2019 08:49 am


“Feel free to practice your French, with me.”

Nodding the mask again and again, his animations up-close were no less a challenging to the eye, punctuating his expressions. To be misunderstood was a consistent struggle for the average person. There was of course more to keep in mind while weaving the threads of reality to keep yourself tangible.

“Good... good… I’ve always felt the traditions are broken and redefined, as essentially as the replacement of cells and shedding of leaves... and I hope that in time you will discover that Magick only finds limitation in one’s own creativity and will.”

He motions around the park, “For example, though it has taken time and effort, tonight I am connecting this park to a Nexus, where our kind can gather to speak and relax in peace removed from the world... I invite you, to join me to observe, or assist in erecting the doorway.” He was not only asking for her help as a personal favor, but offering to show to her magick and show her how to access a place that only she and other true Witches could go.

“Comment ça sonne?”
March 17, 2019 04:23 pm

Averly Amoret

"Si vous insistez."   

Wise words, coming from a stranger. Averly often felt that traditions were to be broken in order for new ones to be formed by a younger generation. Magic was fluid, and could be so easily bent by its wielder. That much she knew and could feel deep within her soul. She had seen it first hand in the few interactions she had thus far had with others.   

I am connecting this park to a Nexus  

This statement alone baffled the young witch. It had been years since she had seen such a doorway. The last one being of her own creation, which had proved not to be easy as she was still stuck here with Tyche. Chewing on her full bottom lip she contemplated his offer. Averly's curious nature often got the best of her, but her reservations usually took precedence over her daily life. It was a difficult decision for her, however simple a request.   

On one hand, she didn't know him. On the other, she had felt the sudden urge to meet new people. In the end, the decision was simple enough to make once she had thought through the details.   

"Bien. J'accepte." Providing a small smile, she crossed her arms as she studied him. Bringing up one hand, Averly let her chin balance on the back of her knuckles as she looked him over. "On a few conditions, of course. Simple requests, really. Only because I don't know you, you see. As someone who enjoys their solitude, I'm normally a bit hesitant in joining others. " 

March 17, 2019 06:53 pm


“Simple requests only… je suis d'accord.” With a roll of his wrist Kyon gestures behind him, deeper into the park, off the path and away from the presumed safety of the trail lights. “S'il vous plaît.”

And with that the creature turned away, his form nearly disappearing from view against the darkness into which he walked. Ceangal was behind schedule now, and stepped quickly through the grass towards the tree he had chosen in the days before. Tonight was a sickle moon, waning, and time was running out for the old witch. It was not that now was the only time, but it would take time to redetermine the angles, and wasting the energy he had already devoted would be a shame.

Not turning his head back to check if she was coming, he spoke aloud, “Are you familiar with portals or teleportation circles, mon cher?”
March 17, 2019 09:00 pm

Averly Amoret

With a thin lipped smile, Averly followed him deeper into the park. Falling in step behind him, she began to list her requests. Not wanting to waste any more time, as she could feel the magic in the air become suffocating with its potential. He also seemed to be in more of a hurry than she, her prattling had most likely wasted more time than it had been worth.  

"First, I want to be able to leave at any time I see fit to." Clearing her throat, she casually added. "As a precaution." 

The sickle moon overhead didn't provide much light to properly observe the scenery, leaving Averly to navigate her way mostly by sensing Kyon's presence in front of her. The man who had so joyously invited her to follow along and help him had suddenly turned grave. Or so he seemed in her eyes as he marched along in silence. The only sound was that of their footsteps along the greenery, and the chirping of various insects. 

"Oui." She responded in a hushed voice.

March 18, 2019 01:37 pm
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