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1. As a ‘Gen X’ you came into the Realm at an odd time. Sanctuaries and Covens were shifting and warring. There seemed to be a lot of conflict. Did you find yourself on edge? Did you find a home right away? If so, where?

It's hard to really say. I was around for a while moved up through the ranks of After Dark pretty quickly under Mackenzie. But, I've spent the last two years in Cancun, kind of away from everything. Being out of touch for so long, its sort of surreal to be back.


2. Did you set yourself up for ranking goals, or did you just wing it?

I wing everything. From ranking to what I'm doing with my life. Full wing all the time, never stop.


3. Were you a social butterfly or did it take some time to come out of your shell? Does that hold true for today?

Oh, I wouldn't say I was a social butterfly. I didn't get out much, but I certainly had a few friends I annoyed on a constant basis. Most have then are gone or have moved on to other things, so I would say I'm alone, mostly.


4. How far, socially and rank-wise, would you say you have come from those first days and night to where you are now? Are you still as driven?

I've definitely come far from my first day, ranking wise. Though I'm winging everything, I am much more diligent about ranking than I used to be. Socially? Not so much. I'm a loner, always have been. Doing this interview, I suppose, is definitely a way to force me out of my shell.


5. What is your greatest accomplishment, social or rank-wise, thus far?

My greatest accomplishment? Just the fact that I've made it thus far, to be honest. I mean, being in Cancun certainly helped, but I've been back for a week and my mouth hasn't managed to get me into trouble yet. *chuckles* It does help that I keep to myself, so maybe that's my greatest accomplishment socially?


6. Are you married, interested in someone or single and ready to mingle?

I am not married, never have been. I've had my fair share of lovers, but I'm a difficult person to be with and, while I'm not proud of that, its something I've come to accept. I suppose the right woman will come along one day.


7. Who do you admire in the Realm the most and why?

I've always greatly admired Mackenzie both as a coven leader and as a person. She's the right amount of danger. As in, a lot.


8. How many mistakes have you made that had harsh consequences?

I don't make mistakes. I only make choices. Everything is an opportunity to learn and grow. There are choices that teach you new lessons, and choices for which you've already learn the lesson. No mistakes. 


9. Have you ever been killed or caught the Red Death?

The red death and I are old friends.


10. Have you ever race changed?

I'm pretty sure I was a demon at one point, who remembers?


11. Have you ever put on the Golden Robes?

I have never worn the Golden Robes. Maybe one day.


12. Of those dearly departed from the Realm, is there anyone you wish you could sit down with for an hour and just talk to?

Those who have died are always with us. I've made my peace with all those who are no longer here. I prefer to let sleeping dogs lie.


Thank you very much, Johnny, for taking the time and giving us some good candid answers!

March 10, 2019 10:35 am
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