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Item #3 - The Mandrake, The Witch and The Big Apple


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The Menagerie had been Flahme’s new home for a couple of weeks, and she had settled in well. The residents had helped her set up a bank account and anytime she wanted to go somewhere she had limos and private jets to hand. Unused to such luxury she only used the latter when she needed to. Short story, her money and travel worries were over.

Currently, she sat in the middle of a ridiculously comfortable queen-sized bed covered with a bright orange duvet. Her meagre belongings had expanded enough to fill a wardrobe and drawers, and she had purchased enough furniture to complete her suite of rooms comfortably. She was, for once, happy.

To make it an even better afternoon she held in her hand a plate upon which sat a large wedge of apple pie with whipped cream. Feeling fortunate she smiled and raised a forkful of delicious goodness to her lips. Before she could take a bite, a thunderclap made her jump, and in the corner of her room, appeared a man. Flahme yelped and put her pie down setting the fork beside it. With heart clamouring, eyes wide, she asked louder than she meant to. “Who the Hell are you?”

“I’m Buer,” he said as if she should know what that meant. Exasperation painted his face as he spoke in a slow drawling manner. “A president of Hell, ruler of fifty legions. I have your next assignment, child.”

Flahme just stared for a moment before gathering her wits. “You can’t just barge in here. What if I was undressed?”

“I wouldn't mind,” Buer said as he absently wandered her room, poking into her things.

“Well, I would!” High ranking demons were a pain in the butt. She sat back on her heels and sighed, a side glance at the uneaten pie. “Also, can you not nose into my stuff?”

He turned to look at her his hands clasped behind his back then perused her slowly before shaking his head. “I will do as I please, and you will be quiet and listen.” He said imperiously and resumed his wandering. “Your assignment is to procure a mandrake root that has been bewitched and planted upon the earth. That was not its intended purpose. Part of my brief in Hell is to understand plants and herbs, a thing I do very well. Some nefarious person stole it from me.” This final part was delivered with an ominous stare, eyes askance, mouth drawn down.

Go and find a bewitched mandrake, okay, sounds like a cake walk. Flahme glanced at the pie again.

“It is in New York, and you will go there immediately.” Buer continued his demands. “There is one who may be able to assist you. Though truly how you come by it, I care not. This creatures name was once Ceangal, though I believe he is now Kyon-gel.”

Great! Could he be less helpful? “Where am I supposed to find this creature? New York is kind of a big place.”

“He is not in New York. Go and find the Eternal Embrace.” The demon Buer stopped and stared at her. She stared back. It was obvious he had said all he was going to. His eyes moved to the side, and then he pointed directly at her plate of pie. “Are you going to eat that?”

Flahme’s shoulders slumped as she handed him the plate.


Forsaking further attempts at apple pie Flahme went in search of Elle to see if she could help with the clue. Eternal Embrace, Flahme would learn, was a coven located in Transylvania. With the help of Elle and Edward, she was on her way in no time and standing before the gates to a large castle soon after. Thankfully the look of the enormous structure was more welcoming than gothic.

Pressing the only buzzer, she could find on the gate; a disembodied voice came to her ears asking her to state her business.

“I’m Flahme, um from The Menagerie, and I’m looking for a person by the name of Kyon-gel. I believe he resides here. Would it be possible for me to speak with him?”
March 15, 2019 07:59 pm


The gatekeeper hidden somewhere away the electric box responded back, “Please wait there.”

They would need to check, and surely would be calling up some room or speaking to a supervisor… but the woman was already being watched. The video camera pointed at her was not the presence that could be felt coming over the area outside the front gate. She was being inspected both in form and by her essence. The energy around her rose to a height of nearly tangibility as this attention grew... and then, as quickly, the air around the demon settled back into a sense of normalcy as if a cloud has simply rolled across the sky upon her.

A snapping sound, like twigs caught underboot brought attention to the approach from around the outside of one of the large hedgerows. A featureless white mask lead the thin figure’s approach, as if summoned from a spot just being her sightline. Dressed in a tasteful black silk suit, and a light tan pair of exquisite leather gloves. Along with black cowl fitted over the rest of its head and tucked in, there was a not a peak of skin upon the male-bodied figure, who stopped with a few steps of the unexpected caller. Like the least expressive mime, it gave a short but courtly bow, keeping the mask squared directly upon the woman there.

“Greetings to you, Flahme of Menagerie…”

Without any accent and with precise pronunciation, he spoke, forgoing introduction since she already knew his name. After lifting from the bow, the man began to circle her as he stepped a casual saunting path, the mask again, turned only to face her for now. As he spoke, he spoke with his hands, a series of motion that seemed to beg to be followed intently.

“... New York is a long journey, Miss... you could have called...” The odd person shrugged as if seriously questioning, but the voice used was already brimming with intrigue and enjoyment. “... What is it that you want of me?”
March 15, 2019 10:04 pm


Waiting for confirmation or rejection, Flahme fell into her thoughts. What if this person won’t help her, how was she to convince him? As always, she had so little to go on, and she was supposed to persuade another to join an obscure and potentially life-threatening journey.

A snap of a twig brought her back to reality as she spun towards the sound and stopped short, her breath leaving her lungs. Before her stood a figure entirely encased in clothing from head to toe with a mask in front of their face, he made her a bow, and she realised her mouth was agape when he addressed her. It is worth noting she used ‘he’ because the figure appeared male not because she knew definitively.

As the figure circled her, she kept her eyes on him though did not move much more than her torso and head. His masked ‘face’ stayed turned to her, and it was all quite disconcerting. Flahme felt her fire start to rise and breathed deeply to calm herself. She heard his words and shook her head making a hand gesture as if to brush them to one side. “Are you a person?” Flahme was ever the one for blurting out her thoughts. One day she might learn tact, today was not that day.

Finally, her brain caught up, and she smiled weakly. “Sorry. Hello to you Kyon-gel.” She smiled brighter and made him a bow of sorts. “I could have called, but would rather talk to you in person.” If he was a person, she still wasn’t sure. “A demon called Buer,” she briefly rolled her eyes. “He told me of you and that you may be able to help me with a bewitched mandrake root that is in New York. Someone stole the root from Buer, you see. He wants it back, and it’s my job to get it for him.” Gods it sounded screwy even to her.

“All expenses paid, of course. The downside is I don’t know exactly where it is or what we might face trying to retrieve it. So, we are going in a little blind, if you agree to join me, that is.”
March 16, 2019 05:57 am


There was a very short but quite audible laugh at the muttered questions she had asked herself. The witch stopping step and turning toward Flahme fully, they had every intention of answer but decided did not interrupt as the demon in feminine form came to her point. The man, if that what it was, nodded once bringing his gloved hands together, steepling the fingers in a contemplative gesture. Unfamiliar with Buer or this mandrake it claimed, Kyon responded after a silent beat in the music of the passing breeze through the leaves.

“... I could assist you with this, miss Flahme...”

Already getting a taste for her name, it rolled off the tongue like licking a candle. The statement was not only a casual acceptance that it was within his the scope of abilities, but also as a notice that he had not been convinced. Still the intrigue of what she meant by ‘bewitched mandrake’ led the witch to nod a second time and with a sweeping motion, gestures away from the gate.

“... but we can talk about why I might, once we’ve had a peak...”

Never the type to commit themselves to a task without information, Kyon hada long and healthy habit of reserving judgement, yet his curiosity - particularly for matter affecting the natural biomes of the world and the creatures unable to exert they will against the humans. Thinking better of using other means of travel, Kyon stood expectantly, apparently fully prepared to follow the demon at this moment.
March 16, 2019 11:47 am


The thrill that coursed through Flahme’s small body made her want to jump up and down with joy, but she decided to remain calm on the outside and smile. “Thank you, I mean, for at least coming along to have a look.” She stared at him for a moment, then realising he was waiting on her she abruptly turned and motioned him to follow her to a limo that waited nearby.

Once seated, the limo took off to the airport to a private jet that awaited them where they would climb aboard and go to New York. Just as well she thought when seated on the plane opposite Kyon-gel, she doubted his mask would get through the face recognition software. Her curiosity got the better of her.

“Why are you so covered up? Do you have an issue with the elements, or perhaps allergies or such?”

She was genuinely disturbed for him and wondered how she might ask of his limitations if that’s what they were. What if they needed to run or fight someone? Attacks had occurred during both of her recent adventures. She was able to get herself out of danger if needed, heck she survived her throat cut open, could he? Could she blink with another person? Could he blink?

“Are you able to move around in any other fashion than walking? I can move myself to any place I can see. In case, you know, we need to move fast.”

Her heart raced as she waited for his answers. They would be landing soon, and she had decided to get a cab to the middle of the city, then figure out which way her beacon pulled them.
March 16, 2019 11:06 pm


If she was paying attention, looking back now she may notice that mortals did not respond to Kyon at all, as if he was not there. He said nothing throughout the ride or the walk to the jet, and he had remained close as her shadow when around any groups of mundane humans. Once seated upon the plan his stillness was also of note, subdued from the animated motions he had shown in greeting.


His answered simply to he inquiry of his appearance, but with no motion as if he was hardening in place. He considered her question, understanding that she was at least in part, considering these things for tactics sake. She was clever, and that eased his concerns some. Her maneuverability was also a boon in all sort of hunts. A skill he would remember to watch for.

“The city is... difficult to move freely within. Grasses, mushrooms, trees... natural places are my forte.

A short pause to let her know that their topic would be changing, Still sounding dulled, Kyon almost seemed if he was drifting away from his body throughout the flight. “Is there any information you have not presented to me at this point?” Again, very clear in his words.
March 16, 2019 11:58 pm


Kyon had such an unassuming and quiet way about him to the point she wondered that anyone but herself could see him. She liked the peaceful calm that he exuded it soothed her. Shaking her head of these thoughts she nodded to his single answer about his clothing then let it go.

He was so incredibly still, had anyone ever sat so quietly before? It was as if he was petrifying, and she wondered if being on a plane was so unnatural to him to cause this. At his mention of difficulty in the city, she changed plans for their destination since he had an affinity for nature then best to play to his strengths since she could go anywhere with little problems. “We will go to Central Park instead and make that our starting point. If we have to backtrack through the city so be it. I’m hoping it isn’t underneath something we have to break into, or worse under a building.”

Flahme tilted her head to think if she had left anything out, so she spoke her thoughts aloud. “We are to locate a bewitched mandrake root somewhere in this city. Did I mention I have a sort of beacon inside me that will draw me to it? I feel it here.” She pointed to her sternum. “A tugging sensation until I am close enough to know the exact location.” She closed her hand in a fist for emphasis.

“There are thirteen items in total I have to find. This is number three, and the first two were quite easy to find.” She didn’t add if she fails, she dies. That was her burden to carry. "Sadly, the demons don't give me a lot to go on; they can be a tricky bunch."

“One last thing, are you able to protect yourself from fire?”
March 17, 2019 07:13 am


She had been rather forthright with the strange old witch sitting across from her. Trusting? Desperate? He withheld judgement, but distracted by his own discomfort to be affecting his ability to emote. So far from the Mother. He did understand he should at least give something useful to assist in managing her expectations.

“Fire can injured this body... if I have the faintest of what your Buer wants, it will not be far from fertile ground, which in New New York is fairly limited. Central Park is our best bet. On the same ground I sound be able to detect it’s smell. If combat is your concern, know that I will withdraw, to remove myself from your path, and wait to strike. Do not worry for my form over your own, let’s save self-sacrificial heroics for another time... Agreed?”

It was unpleasant, a strain upon his consciousness, but there was no other choice. Spring was so close at hand that he could hardly contain his threads. Soon he would have no need of this body. The Equinox would bring rebirth, and his function will change again in line with its form. Things were not the same as when last he shed, there was something more he needed. Would he find it with her?

“... I feel the importance of this, miss Flahme.” He wanted this demon to know that he understood that failure was not an option for her. The jet was suddenly coming in for it’s landing, and it couldn’t come fast enough. His fingers were the first the move, crackling like the snapping of twigs and he pried his body into mobility in preparation of a swifter exit of this infernal device.
March 17, 2019 10:50 pm


Kyon had allayed her fears around some things, and she was again feeling confident and somewhat in control. “Agreed, I think this is more about playing to each of our strengths.” She smiled at him to relay that she was both grateful for his help and thankful for a little companionship on one of her quests. For once she did not feel so alone in what she faced.

The plane landed without incidence, and a limo took them directly to the southernmost part of Central Park. She grabbed a small backpack she had organised before she went to find Kyon, it held some basics they may need, a torch, a foldable shovel and water among other things. Once outside the vehicle, she put it over her shoulders.

For a moment Flahme thought she could hear Kyon’s person creaking as of old timber expanding and subsiding through the heat of the day. But then they were in the park, and there was grass under their feet and trees all around them. Flahme took a moment to breathe deeply, filling her lungs as she closed her eyes. She realised she had never, since her return to the earthly plane, set foot in a park like this or any expanse of natural woodland at all.

She turned to Kyon to see how he was faring when she felt the tug in her gut. The way to the item was north through the park. Thank goodness they hadn’t gone to Times Square as she originally planned.

“Kyon, Kyon, I can feel it already!” She announced with excitement, her emerald eyes sparkling. “We need to head north.” It was already dusk, and Flahme wanted to move fast now that she felt the pull.
March 18, 2019 07:42 am


By the time he was stepping out of the limo, his senses were returning to normalcy, but wasting no time, the witch walked directly toward the closest piece of grass. It may have just been a sigh of relief, but before responding to Flahme his height sake almost to inches before looking her way. This time, when his wrists turned over and spread the fingers of his gloves apart it was with a smooth motion and without foley.

“North it is then... You have the compass, Lass. I will follow your lead until further notice.”

It was funny that they were so different regarding there chose terrains, it was good that she had a guide, even if it was a park, who knew how dense or inobservant a person can become when overwhelmed by new sights. Kyon did not know this, but was noticing the expression on her face, seeming to be genuine.

Kyon sounded confident in his answer, as if to affirm himself capable of keeping up at any speed she wanted and though she talked of teleporting about, he did not respond with any concern for losing her in darkness or cover. Making a stretching motion with his arms above his head and working around his waist, the Witch then melted down.

His cloak left deposited, cracks in piece like burnt paper, in the his place, the mask crumbled apart as easily as dried clay before her eyes... and then was still.
March 18, 2019 04:46 pm


Turning back to Kyon, Flahme saw him…disintegrating? Horrified she ran towards him careful not to stand on the fallen cloak and crumbled mask. Her fire began to rise within her as she looked around tears in her eyes. “Kyon!” Did she just watch him die? Had he changed form?

“Hey, pretty lady. You here all alone?” A voice came from behind her.

“You lost? Maybe we help you?” Another voice.

Flahme spun around to find three men attempting to surround her and no other soul in sight. Too many emotions hit her. Breathing hard her core temperature rose in an unprecedented manner as one of the men reached out to grab her. He gripped her arms and pulled her body into his. Flahme’s hands hit his chest, and he screamed the moment she touched him. Her fire did not set him alight but speared into the heart of him. His body glowed from the inside out. Molten lava poured from his mouth. Falling to his knees his entire frame sparked then broke into ashes as he hit the ground, the pieces fluttering up then around her feet before settling on the ground.

Eyes glowing red, Flahme glared at the other two men as they stared dumbfounded at the ashes around her before raising eyes to her. They took a step back, and the tantalising smell of terror rolled off them. “Leave! Or the same happens to you.” She hissed at them. They took off without a backward glance.

Taking deep breaths to calm herself she looked at her hands then at the ashes. With a final look over her shoulder at the remains of Kyon, and reminded of his words not to worry over his form, with a heavy heart she blinked north then northeast following the beacon.

Stopping as she felt the pull strengthen, Flahme looked up at a stone obelisk. Ancient stone washed with lamplight that seemed to resonate with power - Cleopatra’s Needle. The mandrake root was buried south of the monument just past the paved stones that surrounded it. Something wasn’t right. As she stepped closer, she noticed there was no wind, no creature chirped or sang, it was as if she had stepped into another dimension.

Putting her backpack down, she took the shovel out and folded it out till the handle clicked in place. Looking around and seeing no one she pressed the end of the shovel into the ground and began to force it down. Flahme saw green grey tendrils snaking up the blade, coming directly out of the earth. She dropped the implement and moved back, her feet tangling in low shrubs. Falling, she landed on her butt, and the tendrils changed direction, weaving over the grass towards her.
March 19, 2019 03:24 am


The other two men had begun to run but with Flahme warping away they fumbled over each other and into the grass wondering if they had smoked something bad. Looking again to their former friend - a husked carcass burned to cinders and surrounded by charred gore - and then to each other. They feet began to push again, but it was far to late as tens of hundreds of tiny roots slid from the ground all around them and lashed tightly to their hands, feet and faces, the duo could only scream into the gag of mycelium as they were pulled to the ground. With a sudden shift the ground open, like a great maw gulping them down, slamming shut again. Slower, more careful tendrils rose around the remaining carcass, drinking and scooping the bits, consuming the evidence, of her passing.


The Mandrake. It was a Dweller for sure. Once underground Kyon could taste it most acutely. The presence of the creature seeking out more energy. He could not be sure how long it had been there but what was clear was it had made quite an effort of devoting it’s growth and seeking power. The deaths on it’s land would certainly spark its attention, but more than that, it seem that the beast was not mere Mandrake... It was a Mandragon!! Kyon laughed to himself at the bad joke, but had already wasted a bit of time gathering this nutrition. He figured it would be needed.

Rushing through the exchange of chemical signals, the Spring Witch was a whispered secret between the roots of the many organisms of Central Park. It was a little depressing to be back in the over manicured underappreciated bastion in the center of a hateful hostile cataclysm of the City’s Will. Like them, he felt a little the coldness. The mortals of New York were enthralled to the that will, that automated rhythm, a droning that tries to burrow deep into his mind.

This problem would not be solved by removing a demon’s ‘bewitched mandrake’ from the Realm, but if the drone had been concealing this creatures presence, Kyon wondered what else he would find in Central Park if he looked really hard… Yet this train of thought was interrupted, as the witch felt Flahme fall backwards. Almost there!

The Mandragora's tentacular tendrils snaked and multiplied in an assault against the demon’s presence, anchored deep beneath the earth. This could be a problem. It was a bit larger than Kyon so he was not going to be able to drag it to the surface. They’d need to force it to come willingly... With a flash of movement cresting the grass between Flahme at the entangling swarm, a jagged whip of white mycelium roots lined with what looked to be fragments of bone moved around the bundle of the Mandrake’s vines, and was pulled back underground, shredding the swarm and spraying chlorophyll-filled fluids into the air, and even leaving a mist to float down. Meanwhile the Mandrakes tendrils withdrew sharply and took refuge underground, a scream of pain and anger filled the space around them. The pure white weapon-like tendril was already gone, leaving her the space to act.

Tremors then began, displacing the soil and making normal movement a little more difficult as something large stirred beneath the surface. Something thrashing and stomping and like a giant, seeking to unbury more itself in order to destroy its enemies, but the main body was still below. The creature, rather upset though only minimally injured by the cutting, sprouted new, undamaged tendrils. These buds spring from the ground throughout the area, forming the Madrake’s signature flowers in small hubs that acted as the base of a series of attacking vine-like roots that seem to continuing regrowing and multiplying all seeking to bind and crush the pretty little demon in their reach.

Out of sight, beneath the soil, another part of fight was occurring, with sudden thrusts of dirt being pushed upward breaking the surface. The area had burst into chaos in a matter of moment, with Kyon nowhere in sight.
March 19, 2019 06:52 pm


The tendril-like vines multiplied and headed straight for Flahme. She attempted to scramble backwards, crab-like but her soft sneakers kept sliding in the grass. The roots climbed over shoes to grasp at ankles, and she panicked momentarily before a large white root speared out of the ground and slashed the vines attacking her, pulling them back into the earth. Sprayed with plant remains, Flahme wasted no time to get to her feet.

What was that? Something helped her. Something was fighting with her. “Kyon!” She shouted his name with joy. It must be him. A great tremor awoke beneath her, cutting off her glee as the ground shook. Her knees hit the earth, as she fell once again the momentum pushing her forward to her hands. Clumps of leaves appeared near her with delicate purple flowers.

‘Bewitched mandrake’, this was no simple mandrake. This thing was huge and clearly pissed off once disturbed. Did Buer have any clue what he had sent her to do?

Beneath the purple flowers, more vines appeared, and Flahme soon found her wrists encircled and further vines creeping up her thighs. She let up enough of her fire to burn the ones from her wrists and legs. They retracted immediately, but more took their place. She didn’t like this, fighting an unseen aggressor and wondered at how she might get it out of its hiding place. She began burning all the tendrils that came towards her, light singes, patting the ground so as not to set the whole area on fire.

Glancing at the obelisk, she had an idea to get to it, to get her body off the grass where the root had the advantage. She looked around her and wildly burned all of the vines nearby. Getting to her feet, she leapt over the flowery menace before it could grab her again and landed on the paved stones trying to get to safety. She watched as the vines reached for her blindly, they couldn’t sense her the same, and she went to move back farther in the hope that it would make the heart of the root come after her.

Movement in the earth caught her eye as tufts of grass were pushed up as if something was coming from beneath. Was Kyon fighting too?

Before she could think on that further the ground about three feet from her formed a steeple as if something was pushing its way through. It continued to grow until it was almost her height then erupted violently. Flahme curled in on herself to protect vital organs from the debris as rocks, grass and plant matter fell around her.

Slowly she uncurled her form. A large hole had appeared, and an enormous plant structure was forcing its way out. Thick creamy coloured roots, earth clinging to them, came out first as if to propel the rest of it upwards. Heart beating wildly, Flahme crept closer to see what was coming for her now.
March 19, 2019 11:38 pm


The violent thrashing was one thing, but across the area the grasses were withering and turning and slimy black, corruption was spreading freely from the cursed Mandrake, bringing with it caustic fumes that began to leak from its exposed flowers. Even the soil itself darkened to the spreading chemicals.

With another violent thrust the a form it punched through the topsoil and sent flying away a couple yards, a tangle of white threads clinging around sections of red clay and rich earth and dotted with broken pieces of long bones from a human. The figure, looking a bit like a cartoon about an unkempt bundle of string, or a living spaghetti monster, pulled it’s amorphous mass into a humanoid form in order to pull a piece of a femur bone into its hand shaping it into a blade. It looked ragged, one of its arms dangling a bit from missing sections of its threads, that had been pulled away.

Scrambling between the swing of the surface-level vines, Kyon pounced upon the largest of the Mandrake’s flowers and cut it off at the base, but was covered in inky indigo droplets that sank into his surfaces and attacked his body with corrupting forces. Cradling the flower, the tendril catch up with him, grabbing his form several angles. Lifting and slamming him to the ground, the screaming of the creature below grew more frantic and the earth began to crack apart.

The size of an elephant, the giant Mandragora, peeled away the last shackles of black earth and roared, chasing after Flahme, while on the other side its cursed body flailed upon Kyon. Before losing sight of him, the witch looked to on-the-ropes. Smashed to the ground Kyon was trying to reform, but the repeated barrage of tree-sized whip-like tendrils were crushing passed his defenses and ability to regenerate, tasking his mana quickly. Even trying to pull away was made difficult by the weakened roots were being further spread out, as they were. Milky sap began spilling out and flung about by the pummeling limbs and the Mandrake, sensing weakness in Kyon, turned more of its attention away from Flahme, to finish off the weakened creature.
March 20, 2019 12:50 am


As the Mandrake tried to pull itself out of the ground, another creature spat a few yards away stood up. Almost human-like in noodle form, it began attacking the vines, taking out the largest of the Mandrake flowers. Kyon! She moved to help him noticing how the grass had turned black, and the flower blooms leaked something dark which spread and corrupted all it touched. The fumes reached her nostrils and before she could take a step, she wretched from the stench.

Bent over and breathing deeply she tried to get fresh oxygen into her lungs when the Mandrake root finally broke free. At least as big as an elephant, clumps of earth falling off it, each limb a large thick root and the head of it bulbous and misshapen. She looked up and up into black, dead eyes, the thing opened its maw and roared at her. Faster than one would think possible it ran straight for her on thick stumps. She turned to run as one of its roots speared through her shoulder.

Yelping from the pain, Flahme used her fire to destroy the root stuck in her flesh but fighting this massive thing was too much. As she turned another root came for her head, and she dodged out of the way in time to see Kyon’s form taking a beating. Seeing this strong witch in such a predicament because of her made her anger incendiary. The Mandrake pulled back from her a moment and appeared to look over its shoulder as if something had shifted.

In that instance Flahme wasted no time and standing firm, feet apart, she centred herself and focused all her mind and energy on controlling her fire to deathly precision. She would burn it all. Carefully she released her fire, it poured from her fingertips in a stream, and she directed one hand straight at the enormous Mandrake root and the other to the chemical-soaked corrupted grounds.

The Mandrake screamed once struck and flailed about in an attempt to put itself out. Flahme saw the lick of flames as the fumes lit and raced across the soil following the poison. She noticed one stream was heading towards Kyon. Flahme blinked to him, grasping his odd form and rolled with him three, four, five times until clear of the fire. Immediately she released him and sat on her knees breathing hard, watching as the Mandrake root screamed while it burned, layers peeling away, shrinking it down.

With the Mandrake incapacitated, she turned back to Kyon to make sure he was alright.
March 20, 2019 06:01 pm
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