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Interview with - Bree Ravencroft!


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1.    You are a legendary character. Have you ever had to take a step back with a nice vacation to handle it all?

Oh yeah. Longest break was about a year, but there has also been shorter periods when I felt the need to take a few steps back. In general I think it is really, really healthy to take breaks every now and then. It can save your arse from doing something stupid, and it can save other peoples arses as well.


2.   Are you currently a cover/sanctuary leader? How long, and is this your first? How many times have you been a leader?

I am not currently a leader, and I am not planning on raising my fortress anywhere. I have worn the gold once and 2nd and 3rd positions at various times. But leadership really is not my mug of coffee. As the puppeteer I have very little patience, and forget about engaging in politics. Kill the bishes right away and be done with it, or spend a couple of years gathering reasons while people are guessing about you. The daily pushing and pulling and what not annoys me greatly.


3.    Have you ever been killed? How many times?

 Believe it or not, I have never been killed. Considering some of the incidents I know I have been involved in, I am very surprised I made it through, using only one life.


4.    Have you ever race changed?

 Pfffft nope. Most race changes, whether single or multiple, have been of such nature that I have not been able to suspend belief and just go with the flow.


5.    Do you have a current love interest?

Nope. My puppeteer says it takes a level of trust she has not been able to build with anyone, to take the story down that road. She prefers to do my love interests NPC style.


6.    Are you currently ‘shipping’ anyone else?



7.    If there was one person from your past that asked you to drop everything and join them, who would that be…and would you seriously consider that proposal?

That much depends on the who and where and why, not to mention that thing called trust.


8.    Being a long standing member of the community, and witnessing first hand some of the changes that have come about in the Realm, do you think your Generation had an advantage, or a disadvantage over the newer Generations?

We definitely had a disadvantage, but we also had many bouts of spontaneous excitement which fits the war game image much better. Now it is easy to see something coming from miles away.


9.    What advice do you have to offer the new Generation?

Saying thank you takes all of two seconds, and I promise it doesn't hurt.


10.    Who is someone, old or new, that you admire greatly?

You know I cannot give you just one name, right?

 Livia, Sprew, Stalker: They skeered the bleep out of me in the beginning, but I am so glad I finally got to play with them eventually.

Edward Brollachan: He took a wee witch under his wing, and made her life in the realm a bit easier. Btw if anyone knows where his Ducati is parked, please let me know. I got new spells and glitter paint which needs to be tested.

Parisa Tournier: Though she is a demon, she got a very witchy feel to her character which is a breath of fresh air.


12.    What was one of the most shocking experiences you have had happen to you, or have witnessed?

Meeting TLG during city searches. Anything anyone could say about her and what happens would get me locked up permanently in the dungeons.

March 17, 2019 12:22 pm
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