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Interview with - mist!


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1.You are a legendary person within the Realm. Have you ever had to take a step back with a nice vacation to handle it all?


I have taken few steps back, apparently not enough to make a difference i still end up in a tree. But on that note i think we all at times have to take a step back.


2.Are you currently a cover/sanctuary leader? How long, and is this your first? How many times have you been a leader?


 No I am not a coven or a sanctuary leader.


3.Have you ever been killed? How many times?


 Yes the witch has been melted lease few times.


4.Have you ever race changed?


 Yes briefly many years ago.


5.Do you have a current love interest?




6.Are you currently ‘shipping’ anyone else?


 I don't ship i fly but no the witch isn't shipping anyone.


7.If there was one person from your past that asked you to drop everything and join them, who would that be…and would you seriously consider that proposal?


 Even if there was  such a person i wouldn't drop everything. It also depends on what joining them in details, romantic wise no becoming a part of coven  quite possible ...


8.Being a long standing member of the community, and witnessing first hand some of the changes that have come about in the Realm, do you think your Generation had an advantage, or a disadvantage over the newer Generations?


 Old as this witch be i would say a little of advantage over the new Generations, but in saying that though the new generations still have a lot to bring.


9.What advice do you have to offer the new Generation?


 The best advice comes to me mind is no matter how hard things get always keeping trying and don't lose yourself.


10.Who is someone, old or new, that you admire greatly?


  Old wise i would say Granny weather-wax


11.Who do you see as the next ‘rising star’?




12.What was one of the most shocking experiences you have had happen to you, or have witnessed?


 I have experience few shocking experiences one is losing my cottage that was more that shocking though that was heartbreaking and the others they in a category of their own.



Thank you, mist, for allowing me this interview. You are a unique, and may I say, loveably quirky witch!

March 24, 2019 11:46 am
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