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Siren's Call


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Kira Garrett

There’s a certain beauty in being unable to remember. In one sense, you’re free of your past. You are now a blank slate, free to be made into an image of your choosing. But what they never warn you about is the suffering that returns as your memories do. That clarity you once felt is now obstructed by each and every misstep you took. It makes no difference how you beg and plead to your own mind to forget, to enjoy this blissful state you are so desperately attempting to cling onto; it comes back. They always come back.

The burning sensation in her throat awoke her. Her body was drenched in sweat, her throat raw from the screams. Sitting up, she placed her forehead on her knees. Her breaths came out in painful gasps. A dry chuckle left her parted lips.

“Why do I even try, at this point?”

Taking in a deep inhale, she places her head back on the pillow. She turned her head, glancing at the clock. In bright red numbers, they screamed 4:26am.

“God, I’m going for the gold in sleep deprivation.”

She kicked the blankets off of her body, groaning as she rose from the mattress. After pulling her hair into a careless bun, she reaches for her pack of cigarettes and sparks one up. Letting out a satisfying sigh as she feels the smoke fill her lungs. Making her way over to the coffee pot, she lets out an annoyed sigh when she finds that she’s depleted her coffee supply. She pulls on a pair of torn jeans and sweatshirt before tugging on her worn boots. Locking her front door, she begins the walk to the nearest gas station to sustain her inner caffeine fiend.
March 31, 2019 12:26 am

Kira Garrett

The early morning air is harsh and unforgiving. She lets out an annoyed sigh as she fetches a cigarette from the pack, sitting patiently in her sweatshirt pocket. The glow of the flame offers her face a brief moment of warmth before the brisk air numbs her face once again. Finally, the neon gas station sign comes into view.

Stepping into the artificially lit store, Kira winces at the sudden brightness. She offers the cashier a curt nod, before heading towards the food. Humming softly as her eyes dance over the stock, she grabs a few items that will last her until the diner by her hotel opens. Satisfied enough with her findings, she works her way over to the coffee bar. She grabs a cup and begins to let the dark liquid fill the cup.

Letting out a stifled groan, she feels a sudden headache swiftly implanting its way into her mind. She squeezes her eyes shut, concerned for what’s about to follow. Within seconds, the jarring ringing in her ears begins. Knowing that there is no way to avoid what is swiftly approaching, she tosses her items on the nearest surface and shuffles her way to the register.

“I need the bathroom. Please, where is it?”

She’s sure that she looks strung out, her pupils for sure fully blown as her breaths come out in jagged grasps. The man hesitantly points towards the back wall, eyeing the phone on the counter. She mumbles a thank you and quickly stumbles to the bathroom. She feels the blood begin to drip from her nose as she ringing grows in intensity.

Slamming the door, she slides to the ground. She begins to gasp for air as her throat tightens and her frame slumps then stills.
April 02, 2019 10:32 pm

Kira Garrett

Long, flowing blonde locks cascade around her frame as she runs. Finding a large rock, the girl quickly throws her body behind it, searching for the one in pursuit of her. Her breath is heavy, her heart hammering in her chest. Stealing a glance from around the corner, noticing that the beach is calm. This fact causes her heart to somehow pound faster. Inhaling nervously, she peeks around the rock, once again. The scene around her is still, her frame relaxing ever so slightly. Moving back to her hiding spot, she lets out a shriek as she feels hands grip her sides.

“We found you!” Giggles fill her ears.

“Why do you always hide behind this same rock? We always know where to find you.”

Collapsing onto the sand, she lets out a loud exhale.

“Maybe I want you to find me. Maybe, I don’t like being alone.”

The blonde feels hands intertwine with her own.

“Oh, darling sister. Don’t you know?”

“You’re never alone. We three, we are one.”

“Always, with the rising sun.”

Glancing to her left, the siren smiles softly at her eldest sister, whose chestnut hair is short. Her face is full of freckles, her eyes bright and loving. The eldest gently rests her forehead on her baby sister’s, smile growing fondly. Her sister on her right, with shoulder length black hair, rests her forehead on the youngest shoulder.

As the girls lay in the sun, a sense of comfort washes over them. While they may be alone, they have each other. And they were far from lonely.

Their days were often spent like this, the three looking out for one another. Since that night, they learned that they were the only ones they could rely on.

Mother and Father had left them.

They were not orphans, no. They were sisters, and they had made a family from the broken pieces that had been left behind, and no one could take that from them.

Or so they thought.
April 14, 2019 04:56 pm
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