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Item #4 - The Trouble with Fire and Ice


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+Kissing her kids good bye she thanked Helga for her care package for them to take on their trip. She told her to fill Chris in on everything and if he couldn't get through to her cell she would call him once she could find signal. Putting everything in the car she drove her and Flahme to the air field. Once they reached the plane they loaded everything inside and took their bags to their sleeping quarters.

They took their seats when the pilot told them to buckle up. Once they were in flight Marah texted Chris telling him not to worry she would be back in touch with him as soon as possible. She then texted Marc and David To help with the little ones and to help Helga as much as possible. Marah also wished them the best of luck on their SAT's. She knew they studied hard and would do fine. She gave them her love and made sure they would tell the babies she loved them and would miss them bunches.

They were in flight for 8 hours when she told Flahme she was going to take a shower and get some sleep. She was sleeping soundly when the pilot spoke over the speaker that they were an hour from Congo air field. Getting up she went to see if Flahme was up. The hour went by so fast the next thing she knew they were touching down.

Once they landed they got off the plane and their luggage as well. They were finally in Congo. Mara saw shows and pictures of the place but never been there this was going to be an adventure for both her and Flahme. Now all she could think about was getting a jeep and head to the falls and find the image Phoenix stone.+
April 22, 2019 09:35 pm


With their belongings loaded into the jeep, Flahme could see the same wonder on Marah’s face that she was sure was on her own. “We’re here, Marah, this is really happening,” she said excitedly. Taking a map from her backpack, she folded it, so it had the route to the Inga falls in case their phones didn’t have GPS out here.

“Okay, where we need to go, looks about fifteen miles northeast of here. It looks like we follow the track that leads north out of here.”

Flahme navigated, as Marah drove them to a place further south of the lookout point. They wanted to camp around here and weren't sure how regularly rangers checked for such things. Travelling carefully down a little used track they turned a corner, so their jeep was out of sight of the road and stopped.

Getting out, the women looked up at the Inga Rapids from a vantage point few would see. The massive waterfall was part of the Inga Rapids that dropped elevation by three hundred and fifteen feet over an area of nine miles. Where they now stood, they could see many waterfalls converging on the Congo river. It was something to behold, the roar of the water almost deafening, the unused dirt track surrounded by dense trees and rocks.

Before going any further, Flahme stilled herself to see if she felt her beacon that would lead to the item. The noise of the water flooded her ears, and as she closed off to the outside world, she could feel the tiny spark of the beacon inside her.

With wide eyes, she turned to Marah. “Do you feel if the phoenix stone is near, Marah? The water is confusing my signal. I’m not sure if I can trust it.” Her heart pounded, almost louder than the waterfall as she awaited Marah’s reply.
April 25, 2019 12:52 am


+ With Flahme guiding her to the rapid falls Marah took in the sight. The open grounds where lovely. Once at the Falls Marah hiked to the top and looked down into the wide rock center. When Flahme asked if she had a feeling of the stone she took in a deep breath closed her eyes and exhaled. Shutting off every sound including the rapid water fall all she felt was the warm breeze blowing through her hair. Her hair started to turn to fire and when her eyes opened there were the eyes of the Phoenix. Looking at Flahme she then looked into the center of the falls pointing down as she spoke+

"Down there I feel it. Its calling to me. It wants me Flahme."

+ Marah then looked to her friend she Turned into the Phoenix and spoke+

"I know where it is. Care to go for a swim?"
April 29, 2019 06:38 pm


The place was beautiful. Flahme wished they weren't here for the reason they were and had time to take in the sights and relax. As Marah breathed deeply and focused on finding the stone, Flahme watched her, mesmerised as the fire spread out from Marah’s hair. She was astounded and briefly wondered if this is how people viewed her when she showed her fire. It was breathtaking.

Marah pointed down to the centre of the falls and...time stopped. Flahme gasped and looked around her noting that Marah was suspended about to speak. She spun around and saw the strangest sight. An odd creature hunched over and wearing ragged clothing making an impression of a chicken. Realising this must be one of Phenex's minions she approached with caution.

“Stop that,” she hissed, the whole chicken thing was bizarre. The creature immediately stopped and stood upright.

“Phenex told me to keep an eye on you two. Name’s Nevyn. Lesser demon, at your service.” He made another odd bow that was more hands and knees than waist.

“Nevyn, nice to meet you, but we can take care of ourselves,” Flahme informed him.

“Well you say that, but I couldn’t help overhear you want to make a trade with Phenex. I have an easy solution for you, and it won’t require your signature in blood.” He nodded very pleased with himself.

They discussed this yesterday, how had he heard them? “How long have you been spying on us?”

“Since Phenex left yesterday. He told me to make sure nothing happened to you.” He thought a moment. “Make sure nothing bad happened to you,” he corrected.

Flahme thought for a moment, she hadn’t intended signing anything, much less with her blood, but the whole trade idea had her on edge. “Why would you help me against Phenex?

“Team Flahme?” he rallied weakly, raising a fist. Then dropped it and looked at her sideways. “I just…like watching you… I want to help you.”

Flahme tried not to be creeped out by his revelation, but in this, she needed all the help she could get. “Alright, what is your solution.”

“You give him one of the souls you have.”

Utter silence. Flahme blinked. “Souls? I have more than one?” she asked in confusion.

“Well, you currently have two.”

“Two? Why do I have two souls?” The demon wasn’t making sense.

“Oh no, you don’t have two. You have one, but you’re carrying two. So altogether that’s three,” Nevyn explained to her slowly as if talking to a child.

Flahme took deep breaths to calm herself. That tickling in her mind the day before was back. This couldn’t be what she thought it was; she desperately hoped it wasn't. She squeezed her eyes shut. She didn’t need this realisation right now. They had to get the stone. “No, no no no. I took their memories.” She whispered. “Right? Just their memories, their knowledge, their…” She trailed off, bile rising in her throat.

The little demon realised Flahme hadn’t known. He shook his head slowly, a resigned look on his face. “No. You took their souls. Demons, that’s what we do.”

“Right. Okay.” Flahme felt sick, she bent over, her hands on her knees and breathed deeply again.

“I’m sorry. I thought you knew how this worked.”

“No. No one told me anything.” She stared at the ground. What are the implications of just handing over a human soul, what would happen to it? “What happens to the soul, if I do this?”

Nevyn shrugged then affected a thoughtful look. “The same thing that happens to all of them, they go to Hell, eternal damnation. If it’s any consolation one of them was going there anyway.”

Flahme’s head snapped up. Only one was meant for Hell. “Stop,” she said holding up her hand. “I don’t want to know anymore.” That wasn’t why she stopped him. She didn’t want to hash this out here, in the open. If Nevyn could see the souls, then Phenex had known of them as well. “Thank you for your help, Nevyn. I’d prefer it if this conversation stay between us. Can you do that?”

Nevyn nodded hard enough that she thought his neck would snap. “Of course, of course. Our secret.“ He grinned and winked at her. “Good luck, Flahme,” he said, then again did his weird bow, disappeared and time restarted.

"Down there I feel it. It's calling to me. It wants me Flahme."

Marah became the Phoenix.

"I know where it is. Care to go for a swim?"

Flahme nodded as she pasted a smile on her face. “Yes, I’m ready.”
April 30, 2019 10:01 am


+While in her trance Marah didn't know that Flahme even walked away. After she asked Flahme if she wanted to go for a swim and she replied that yes she was ready Marah's wings emerged from her but this time they were a bluish white along with her hair. Her eyes were light blue like water. She looked at Flahme and nodded then spoke +

" Then shall we? Follow me."

+ Marah flew up in the air only a few feet then dove down to the cool water. Once under water she swam her eyes focused on a opening. The closer she got to she saw the cave in front of her. Swimming into the cave she let the stone call to her it led her to the surface of the cave. Once she emerged from the water and climbed onto the stone floor she looked around it was like a jungle garden. A beacon led her to a stone wall there she felt around till she felt the lose stone. Pulling it out she saw the image of the Phoenix +

" Oh my god its beautiful"

+Reaching her hand in she pulled it out and held it in the palm of her hand turning she showed Flahme. The stone made Marah glow her eyes now had the image of the Phoenix in them.+

" Oh Flahme its beautiful. God I hate to give it to him its so warm its filling my insides with some kind of power."
April 30, 2019 06:56 pm


“Wow!” Flahme whispered as Marah transformed again, she had never seen anything like it. Now Marah was the ice phoenix, and suddenly Flahme wished she also had wings. What might it be like to fly?

Shaking her head, she nodded at Marah then watched as she dove into the water. Flahme followed her until they came upon an underground cave that thankfully wasn’t too far in. She saw Marah leave the water and she also exited the water.

Immediately, Flahme's beacon kicked in as she felt the pull of the stone. How odd, that the waterfall blocked her in some way. She looked around to see if there were anything out of the ordinary to account for this phenomenon. As she perused the spacious stone area, she heard Marah exclaim behind her.

“You found it?” Flahme rushed over to Marah who held the beautiful glowing stone in her hand, the phoenix image clear in its depths. “It is incredible!” Like Marah, she too was filled with wonder at the thing, it resonated its own life, and she could almost feel the pulse of power coming from within it. Did the stone have natural protection is that why she couldn't locate it herself. With Marah’s heritage, it was not blocked to her at all.

The other notable thing was that Phenex had not appeared, so he didn’t know they had the stone. She wondered how long that would last or would the stone’s protection give them cover for a little longer. It didn’t matter, Flahme was prepared for when Phenex did appear.

“It’s magnificent, and I think I have a way we can keep it. Let’s get out of here and back to safety, or are you still up for finding the other two? We could split up and go directly to each.”
May 01, 2019 06:29 am


+ Marah listened to Flahme speak and saw the excitement and amusement both in her voice and eyes.When she said she had a plan on keeping the stone Marah grinned with excitement and also it was full of mischievousness. Then she heard her ask if she was still up for finding the other two. taking her hand she spoke+

" Am I up for it my dear sister I was born for this. This is the most fun I had in a while excluding my life with Chris. You and him are the best things that happened to me. Your my best friend besides Kitty Kat. But for you to include me on this adventure I am thrilled and full of energy. So YES....Yes I am up for it. And if there are other tasks you have to do I would be honored to join you in them So come on Lets go. The other two are waiting."
May 01, 2019 10:21 pm


Buoyed by Marah’s enthusiasm Flahme’s spirits soared once again. She pulled Marah in for a firm hug. “You were indeed born for this. Let’s get back to the plane. When we stop to refuel, we’ll get another to take me to Mt Vesuvius, and you can continue to Svalbard. I’m best suited for the volcano, I think.” She gave Marah a playful wink.

“Oh, one thing, the demon, Phenex, should have appeared by now. So, I think the stone has some protective device around it, blocking the demon. I’m hoping that holds until we have all three.”

Wading into the water, Flahme looked back over her shoulder and smiled at Marah. “Your Pheonix form is magnificent, Marah.” Grinning she dived under the water and headed to their jeep.

Happy to be back on dry land she found towels for them both and was about to change out of her damp clothes when she noticed a group of men approaching. She heard Marah exit the water behind her and imagined the sight they made, pretty women in wet clothing. They absolutely looked like prey. They absolutely were not.

As the one leading them got an evil grin on his face and raised a weapon towards them, Flahme acted fast. Eyes turning full red, she roared. “Leave now, or you will all perish.” Flames danced over her hands, and she knew full well Marah was capable of even more than she was. The eyes of one of the men flickered from her to Marah so she didn't know if Marah had also put on a display of power. The men faltered, and the leader took a step back and uttered one word in English.

May 02, 2019 03:46 am


+ Placing the stone in her pocket Marah dove in after Flahme and swam till they came back to dry land. Getting out she grabbed a towel from her bag. When she turned she saw the man wh lead them with a weapon held towards them. A evil crafty grin came to her face. She walked next to Flahme and shook her head at the man. She knew if he pissed her off that would be his worse mistake.+

"I really dont think you want to do that. You have absolutely no idea who and what you are dealing with. So be a good boy and put that weapon down. "

+The stone in her pocket sent a power to her. Her eyes started to turn one of fire and the other ice. Her hair did the same but not only fire but a mixture of both fire orange and a bluish and black flame glow. She then spoke her voice was not normal but a very deep tone+

" Your not going to listen are are you. You know you are really a stupid being."

+ Marah looked over at Flahme hoping she wasnt frightening her friend+
May 06, 2019 08:42 pm


As Marah came up alongside her, Flahme saw she was showing both of her fire and ice phoenix power. She grinned at her and nodded so that Marah knew she wasn’t in any way frightened. Turning back to the men she spoke again, this time calmer. “You need to go.”

The men had no intention of leaving, and they weren’t going to let up without a fight since they had moved forward again. The leader raised his weapon and aimed it directly at Flahme’s heart. She briefly considered taking souls, now that she knew that was a thing, but upon receiving the two souls already contained within her, she also gained all of their memories. She suspected she didn’t want to know the minds of these men if they thought accosting young women a normal part of daily life.

Inching closer, they spread out as if to surround Flahme and Marah, who now stood back to back. “I hoped it wouldn’t come to this,” Flahme said just as she heard as safety click off one of the weapons. Her fire sprang out, and she knew Marah was taking action as well if the hot and cold sensations were an indicator. The men didn’t stand a chance.
May 08, 2019 06:13 am


+ As both Phoenix came out she looked around and saw them surround them shaking her head she looked at one of the men who was standing by the rocks. Bringing her hands up she flinched them making them turn into dust. Aiming her hands towards him she spoke looking from the the man to Flahme then back to the men then to the one she was aiming at.+

"Wow. messy and dusty"

+Marah coughed then spoke again+

You know I have blown up dark lighters, vamps and frankly its not a pretty sight. But humans....hummm well lets see."

+ Looking at the man who was aiming his weapon at Flahme she smiled wickedly flinching her fingers she blew him up as his molecules floated turning int dust. Looking back at the other man in front of her she spoke.+

" Lets see I believe your next. I just blowing up bad guys Flahme. So I think you better run before I do to you what I did to your buddy there. Your call."

+She looked from the to Flahme and winked with a smile then back to him+
May 11, 2019 05:57 pm


With Marah taking out two of the men eyeing them up, the rest turned tail and ran. Disintegration apparently was a deterrent, since the rest appeared to make the reasonable assumption they would also perish if they continued.

Breathing a sigh of relief, Flahme briefly wondered if she should incinerate the rest so that no stories left this place. However, she also didn't want more death on her hands and doubted anyone would believe their tale. Either way, it was time to get moving.

"Come on Marah. We need to get out of here before they bring more back with them."

Quickly changing her clothes, Flahme towel dried her hair, then finger combed it so it wouldn't become a tangled mess. Marah and Flahme loaded up their things before heading back to the airport as fast as the vehicle could take them.

Once they boarded the plane, she breathed a sigh of relief and sat next to Marah to admire the Phoenix stone they had procured.

"It is amazing. I can't wait to see the whole stone complete,” Flahme said excitedly then continued. “I have planned a stop at Naples, where I will get off. The plane will be refuelled, and take you straight to the airport in Svalbard. Thankfully we are flying private or else that would be a much longer trip.” She hugged her friend tight. “We are gonna make it, Marah.”
May 11, 2019 08:57 pm


+Marah was glad to be back on the plane one stone down and 2 to go. She smiled at the way Flahme was excited to see the 3 stones combine into one. To be honest she was too. She read the books on it but they never showed the picture so it will be new to her as well.+

" I am with you on that sis I cant wait either. Your right it will be faster to separate on the next two. The volcano for you the ice cave for me. You know once we land in Naples I might grab something to eat for the ride to Svalbard.The last one took a lot of energy out of me. I think I will take a shower and then get some sleep. I think you should do the same."

+Getting up Marah patted Flahme on the shoulder and took a nice hot shower. When she finished she dried off went to her cabin changed and stretched out on the bed. Looking out the window she saw the sky turn dark as she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep and woke 30 minutes before the plane landed.+
May 14, 2019 09:37 pm


Marah had the right idea, refuel the plane and refuel themselves. When things got hectic, Flahme often forgot to eat, and her system didn’t cope well with the lack of energy. She was also pleased Marah was okay with separating on the next leg of their adventure. They could both take care of themselves and shouldn’t have too much difficulty.

Getting into the volcano at night, seemed like the best plan. She would then locate the stone and high tail it out of there. She had no idea how dangerous this would be. What pictures she could find, showed a relatively harmless looking crater. Mount Vesuvius, currently classed as a dormant volcano, last erupted in 1944. She would not like to be in the crater if it decided to erupt, but it seemed unlikely.

Taking a leaf from Marah’s book, Flahme decided to shower then get some sleep before her next adventure. When she awoke, she packed her backpack and waited with Marah to disembark from the plane. They then found a café not far from the airport and sat to have a meal together. It was hard to believe they had just been on the African continent and were now in an Italian café about to have pasta and pizza. As wine was served, Flahme raised her glass in a toast and said, “May the next part go smoothly.”
May 15, 2019 04:38 am


+Marah grabbed her belongings and made her way off the plane and caught up with Flahme. The cool night air of Naples felt good after the heat in Congo. Flahme was right it would save time for the two to split up. Flahme off to Mount Vesuvius and her off to the ice cave in Svalbard.

Taking Flahme by the arm the two found themselves a Italian cafe for pizza and pasta. The last time she had pizza was with kids before she married Christian. Marah picked up her glass of wine swirling it a couple of times before Flahme made a toast. She gave her a smile and spoke.+

"Yes and may we be able to return with the 3 before we combine them."

+ Marah clicked Flahmes glass then took a sip. The waitress brought their food Marah then started eating her pizza and pasta.+

" And when we return we will enjoy Helga's good cooking."
May 22, 2019 04:45 pm
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