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Item #4 - The Trouble with Fire and Ice


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Sitting in the café with Marah, Flahme enjoyed this time together chatting about everyday things as if everything was normal. She enjoyed these moments of quiet that popped up in her strange and unique life, never taking for granted those people who meant something to her. It was relationships that made life rich.

Once they had finished their meals, Flahme stood and rechecked her backpack and left enough cash to pay for the food. She then pulled Marah into a warm tight hug. "Be careful, sister. Do whatever it takes to get the stone and get home safely. We'll meet at your place and combine the stone."

They parted ways once outside the café, and as Flahme walked away, she looked back to see the retreating back of Marah, her blonde hair caught in the light breeze. Smiling, she faced forward and headed for the depot of the tour company that took people up Mount Vesuvius.

She planned to get off the bus and hide until everyone had gone then make her way into the crater and find that stone. Compared to the last piece, this should be plain sailing.
May 24, 2019 09:02 pm


After they finished eating Marah finished her wine. She enjoyed being able to spend this much time with Flahme before they had to part in different directions. Once the bill was paid the two women walked out together into the dark night.+

" I will be careful and you do the same. Once we have all 3 stones we will see if the legend is true. Take care Flahme. If you need me call me I will be there before you know it."

+ Marah hugged her friend and left her going back to the plane and to the ice cave of Svalbard.. Once on the plane she told the pilot to take off resting in her seat she dosed off for a couple of hours and was awakened by turbulence which the pilot was able to get out of and with in minutes they were landing in Svalbard. Once off the plane Marah turned into the ice Phoenix and flew to the cave that the stone called out to her. once at the entrance Marah shifted back to herself and entered. Once inside she let the stone call to her.

It led her to an underground Ice cave where there was a frozen blue well. Making a fire ball she tosed it in which melted the ice and there it was a Ice blue stone. holding out her hand she summoned it by calling to it. within seconds it appeared in her hand. +

"Well that was easy "

+Turning back into the Phoenix Marah flew back to the plane.Turning back into herself once more she boarded and took her seat staring at the ice blue Phoenix stone.As the plane took off.+
May 26, 2019 09:32 pm


The bus Flahme was on, wound its way slowly up to the top of Mount Vesuvius with the tour guide calling out points of interest along the way. She might have even enjoyed it if she hadn’t been here for another purpose.

Getting off once the bus was parked, Flahme quickly separated herself from the group and as the sky began to darken she made her way into the crater, thankful this was a dormant volcano, though regardless it was still considered one of the most dangerous in the world.

Slipping on scree half way down the crater meant she slid the rest of the way on her butt, ending in a heap at the bottom, palms scratched raw and bruises forming on her rump. Flahme stood and dusted off her pants then breathing out, centred herself and awaited the internal pull. She felt it almost immediately, and it led her to a small outcrop of rock. She could see almost nothing and lit a flame in her palm to see if there was an opening. She shielded the glow of the light with her body and heard the bus leave bringing some much needed quiet.

The outcrop looked like it may have once been a small cave, now overgrown with vegetation and covered with rocks. Flahme looked around and could see no one so gave a few quick blasts of fire to shake the place up. The outcrop shattered and her beacon grew insistent as she pushed aside rubble until a small fiery red stone revealed itself to her searching gaze.

Flahme gingerly picked the stone up and tucked it into her backpack carefully. She waited a moment to see if Phenex would appear and when he didn’t’ she looked to the top of the crater and blinked herself back to the top, laughing breathlessly because for once, it actually had been easy. In the dark of night, Flahme blinked back to the airport and sent Marah a text message to tell her she had the stone.

It was morning before Flahme could find a flight out of Naples, only to realise it was theirs. Marah must have redirected the transport after getting her text message. Flahme was thankful, and upon boarding the jet, she hugged Marah with a grin on her face as they both sat and showed each other the stones they had found.

“Let’s get home! We can combine the stone in a safer environment since we have no idea what will happen.”
May 27, 2019 03:09 am

Marah Whitmoore

+ Marah was happy to see Flahme and gave her a hug. She showed her the ice stone and looked at the fire stone she had. Like Flahme she couldn't wait to get home and put all 3 together. +

" Yes that will be something to see. I am curious to see what happens. But what about that demon? What are we going to do about that."

+Marah looked at Flahme and and waited to see her response. +

" I don't know about you but I can't wait to get home and have some of Helga's cooking. "

May 31, 2019 09:31 pm


The stones themselves did look beautiful, but she suspected they would be spectacular once combined. The plane had just taken off when they compared their bounty.

“I’m curious too. As to that demon, I have an offer I think will be acceptable, but we won’t know till he shows. Let me do the talking, if things go awry, we’ll stall him till we can get your dad involved.” Flahme leaned forward and gripped Marah’s hand and squeezed it. “We got this far, don’t lose hope.” Leaning back, she grinned at the idea of Helga’s good. “I’m going to stuff my face when we get there. This gallivanting about the place has used up way too much energy.”

They both settled into the trip and chatted before they both took a nap. Then the plane was landing, and Flahme and Marah were off the jet and making their way to Marah’s vehicle, which was in the VIP parking area. Having friends with money and the coven taking care of their flights made everything so much easier. Flahme would never have been able to afford this with the funds she had. All up this had only taken a few days to complete. Once they got the car, they would be on their way back to Marah’s place.
May 31, 2019 10:35 pm

Marah Whitmoore

+The ride home was faster then normal from the airport. Marah already gave Helga a call telling her that both herself and Flahme were on their way home, Listening to Flahme speak she waited till she could respond+

" Oh I will definitely leave it to you, Unless he starts up and I my powers go off on their own like they normally do when my emotions change."

+ Pulling up to the hose they unloaded their things and went inside the house. Marah could smell food . Taking Flahme my the arm they went to the kitchen. On the table Helga had a feast for them with a note simply saying "enjoy" Looking at Flahme she took her seat and spoke+

" Guess she read our minds girl friend. I dont know about you but I'm starved."

+Making her plate Marah started eating she really missed Helga's cooking+
June 06, 2019 04:29 pm


While Flahme was excited to combine the stone, she was also famished. Her metabolism ran fast, and she needed to refuel regularly. Moving to the table, she filled a plate with a little of everything on the table and made sure to stop before going into a food coma. They still had much to accomplish.

Once full, she sat back, wiped her mouth with her napkin and went to find her bag where the stone was packed. “Helga sure knows how to put on a feast,” she said as she came back to the table and set the fire stone in front of her friend. Marah had the other two, and she wanted her to have the honour of combining them. Then Flahme was free to deal with Phenex when he arrived, and Marah would have the power of the stones should they need to take Phenex out of the game. Assuming that was even possible; she suspected not.

“Whenever you’re ready, Marah, it’s time to see where our adventures end.”
June 07, 2019 07:44 pm

Marah Whitmoore

+Marah slid her plate back wiped her mouth then sat back. She let out a chuckle at Flahme's remark and responded+

"Well she has to with my brood. Dave and Marc are bottomless pits I tell ya. As for the stone you ask I am willing ready and able anytime you are. I say no time like the present ehh"

+ Marah took the plates to the sink rinsed them and placed them in the dishwasher. drying her hands she sat next to Flahme and spoke.+

" I say we go upstairs and get a good night sleep and get on it in the morning. What do you say to that?"
June 07, 2019 11:47 pm


Flahme was so wired from everything they had been through that she didn’t think she would sleep. Nodding to Marah, she agreed they would come back to the stones in the morning. She hugged her friend tightly. “Thank you, Marah, for what we’ve achieved so far. Not much further to go. Sleep well.”

Making her way to her room, Flahme reflected on all that had occurred over the past three days and thought of what was to come tomorrow. She was as ready as she was ever going to be and the fact that Phenex hadn’t shown meant he was after the Phoenix stone itself.

Getting ready for bed made everything feel so mundane and ordinary when what they were about to do was anything but. Climbing into the softest bed with downy pillows and quilt, Flahme snuggled into the warmth and before she knew it was fast asleep.

Come the morning; she felt refreshed and ready to take on the world, or at least one demon hell-bent on getting an item they had no intention of giving him. She showered and went downstairs too keyed up to eat. She looked about for Marah and not finding her went and sat outside near the pool, once again staring into the water, contemplating their next move.
June 08, 2019 05:39 am

Marah Whitmoore

+After a good night sleep Marah woke up and went down stairs for a cup of coffee. Taking it out side she went to the out side pool and walked around.Coming back around she saw Flahme. Going to her she spoke.+

"Hey you ready? I have the stones lets go lay them out."

+ Going back inside to the living room Marah took out the 3 stones and placed them on the coffee table side by side. After a few seconds a glow and shield surround the stones. Slowly they floated into the air and stacked on top of each other. They started to spin then combining them into one stone with all 3 images together. The stone flew into Marah's hand. Her hair turned to a firey color with bluish black trim. Her eyes were the same way with the image of the Phoenix in the black of her pupil..Marah felt the surge of power flow inside her. Looking at Flahme she spoke.+

"Houston we have a problem. Wait till my dad hears about this."
June 09, 2019 03:16 pm


Marah’s voice broke Flahme’s reverie, and she followed her into the house where Marah set the Phoenix stones on a table.

The stones stacked then spun and combined into one stone. It was breathtaking to behold. Immediately it flew into Marah’s hand as if finding its home. It was now clearly attuned to her, and it was highly possible they wouldn’t be able to give it away regardless of whether they wished to or not.

In that same instance, Flahme felt the air change, and a portal opened right there in the living room. Phenex stepped through still looking like Benedict Cumberbatch, minus the Dr Strange outfit. He wore a jumpsuit, and Flahme had no time to think about his poor wardrobe choices before he was in front of her.

“The stone,” he said, looking at Marah and held out his hand.

“We wish to retain the Phoenix stone,” Flahme said, wondering if she was insane to try this.

“Really?” Phenex looked incredulous, his eyes blazed red, and he moved in close to Flahme. “You know how this works, girl. I ask for an item, you retrieve it for me, and a mark gets lifted.”

She observed Phenex, then spoke. “A deal then. I’ll give you one of the souls I’ve collected in exchange for keeping the Phoenix stone.”

Phenex looked her over thoroughly from head to toe a smirk on his lips. She tried not to show how much it made her skin crawl. “You wish to make a deal…with me?” He walked around her as if contemplating what she offered. “Souls are worth much; it’s true.”

“One soul, we keep the stone.”

Phenex paced around the small space, then looked at her for a long moment. “Alright, you have a deal,” he said smugly and stuck out his hand.

Flahme put her hand out slowly, and he gripped it tight and pulled her into his body fast, so she was up against him. “We can do the transfer right now,” he said and leaned in as if to kiss her. Unprepared, she could feel the soul rushing through her and realised she had to stop the transfer.

She broke away from him violently and began coughing, leaning over her hands on her knees, pulling it back inside her, forcing it down and choking nausea back that followed with the knowledge of what she had almost done.

“You renege? I’ll flay the skin from your body while you’re still alive, you will beg me for death!” Phenex roared at her, and she could feel the heat emanating from him even though she was now at least three feet away. His eyes flared red, and he looked ready to kill her.

“No! No, just, I hadn’t realised how it would feel. Give me a moment.” She caught her breath, and before he could say another word, she stepped in close and pulled his head down, her hand behind his neck. The transfer began, and this time she let it happen, the sensation strange, as if parts of her were torn out of her being, torn from existence. As it occurred, she lost all of the memories associated with that soul. It felt as if she lost a piece of herself. A tear tracked down her cheek, then thankfully it was over, and Phenex stepped back a broad grin across his face.

The smile slid off his face by degrees as he realised what she had done. The soul transferred was Nicky, he was the one meant for Hell, Nevyn shouldn’t have told her about the other pure soul she had inside her, Anastasia, the one meant for heaven. Stalking close to her again he gripped her by the throat, and pulled her in close, fury rolling off him.

“We made a deal - a soul for the stone,” she said quickly, her voice choked due to the pressure of his fingers. “You didn’t specify which and now you have to honour it, Phenex,” she waited a beat. “Or should I call you Nevyn?”

Inky hues narrowed on hers; fingers squeezed tighter on her throat, choked noises came from her. His fingers were going to leave marks, and she could feel herself slipping out of consciousness. He grinned at her, two rows of sharp teeth appeared far too close to her face for comfort. “Clever. Girl. It seems I underestimated you, that won’t happen again. What gave me away?”

“Your mannerisms,” she barely got out. “When pretending to be on Team Flahme. Is that even a thing?”

“No. Most of us don’t care for half breed demon spawn,” Phenex said with contempt, then pushed her away from him hard enough she slammed into a wall. Flahme breathed in great gulps of air as he watched her. “You won this time, little Flahme. Enjoy it. You’ll fail if you ever cross me again. Lucky for you, all souls are worth much.”

He looked as if he would go after Marah, so Flahme moved between them her hands out, ready to throw fire if needed. In truth, she was more worried about Phenex and the potential consequences of killing a high-ranking demon. She could feel the power crackling off and around Marah at her back, and this was too new for them to know how much power she currently held.

Phenex sneered and began to step back into the portal as Flahme turned to look at Marah.

“Oh Flahme,” Phenex called after her in a sing-song voice. “Keep that innocent girl’s soul ready. You never know when you will need to make another deal. Particularly if someone you care about, maybe even love, needed my help. You know to whom I refer,” he held her eyes, winked, then disappeared.

Flahme slumped down on the closest chair, breathing hard then looked up at Marah as a wide grin spread across her face making her emerald gaze sparkle. “You look magnificent, and the stone is now yours.”
June 09, 2019 08:46 pm

Marah Whitmoore

+Marah watched as Pheenxs and Flahme were making a deal the power in her was building up and fast. This was a new power she had to try and control. Granted it would be easier then her witch powers cause she learned how to control both hers and Davids powers and Phoenix's when he dies 9 years ago.. When Pheenx turned and looked like he was coming to her her eyes flared and her body started to shift to full fire. Once Flahme stepped in between the two of them the fire subsided.

Watching Flahme sit down she watched her and then knelt before her. She knew her tears could heal so holding out her hand she let a few drops fall then placed the wet tears on Flahme's neck then spoke+

" No the stones are ours when ever we need them They just are connected to me know since I am a born Phoenix with two Phoenix's i one body that is unusual.. I don't think it was meant to be but my Uncle Ceph said that when or if David or I died our powers would shift into the living. It just so happened I was the living twin and they came into me."

+Standing up she sat next to her friend taking her hand and spoke to her+

" Hey your alright now? Did the tears help."

+Marah saw where she put the wet tears on her neck fire sparkles were still glowing showing that it was healing her bruises+

" Now the hard part explaining to my dad this new power."

+ She gave her friend a sly smile+
June 09, 2019 09:05 pm


As Marah knelt in front of her and placed her wet tears against Flahme’s neck, she leaned forward and hugged Marah tight. Sitting back, she nodded. “I heal very fast, but yes the tears will help. They feel so soothing.”

When Marah mentioned the stones belonged to them both, she felt humbled. Flahme didn’t expect to keep any of the items for herself and wasn’t sure how well the stones would work for her. They clearly did something amazing for Marah given her peculiar affinity for all things Pheonix.

Laughing more from relief than anything else, Flahme grinned at her friend. “Yeah, your dad is gonna bust something when he sees what you can do.”

Flahme made a decision and turned fully to Marah. “Thank you so much for having me here. This place is a haven for me at times. Do you mind if I stay a few more nights before I head back to Paris? I think we need to go do something completely frivolous like facials and manicures, or just anything ‘normal’ after all we’ve been through.”
June 10, 2019 09:53 pm

Marah Whitmoore

+Marah gave her sis a smile as she spoke.She wanted Flahme to know this was like her home too.+

"Mi casa es su casa. You know know you can stay here for as long as you want. You hsve your room upstairs or the cottage by the pool. You are welcome here anytime and as long as you want.There is no hurry for you to leave bsck to Paris. I just want you to know that.You helped me through a lot that I dont have to mention.
June 12, 2019 11:08 am


Flahme's smile lit up her face as she leaned in and hugged Marah fiercely, tears spiking her lashes. It was good to have such a loyal and kind friend.

"Thank you. I need to head back soon, though, as I have a few things to take care of in Paris and then perhaps I will take a trip to New York. I can barely believe what we went through to get the stones, but now they are ours free and clear. No demons to bother us, at least not on that front."

Picking up her phone, Flahme found a place that did all sorts of beauty treatments and booked time for her and Marah to relax. They needed some pampering after their ordeal, and she knew Marah wouldn't object to a bit of downtime.

"A little gift from me," she said and held up her phone to Marah. "Tomorrow we get to do nothing but be normal women, as normal as we can get, at least."

They were safe again and able to relax and reflect on what they had accomplished. Flahme would think about what her next assignment might be another day.

June 15, 2019 05:25 am
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