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Interview with - Alice Barbour!


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1. As a ‘Gen X’ you came into the Realm at an odd time. Sanctuaries and Covens were shifting and warring. There seemed to be a lot of conflict. Did you find yourself on edge? Did you find a home right away? If so, where?

When I came into the Realm, I was very confused and lost. I wandered around for a bit, and had some confrontations with some people who were not so nice, then Julian Montgomery (I call him Mr. Joolian!) offered me a home in Tokyo at his coven, The Secret Society. They became my family.


2. Did you set yourself up for ranking goals, or did you just wing it?

I needed to stay busy while telling my stories as well as telling stories with the coven. Ranking tasks just seemed to be something to do between story times.


3. Were you a social butterfly or did it take some time to come out of your shell? Does that hold true for today?

I am still very shy, and embarrassed about my appearance. I was a hemophiliac before that night that I was changed, and when I changed most of my blood was taken from me, acuz the vampire who did this to me was bad and wanted to take alla my blood acuz it was special or something and... and... and... Stops, clamping hand over mouth Sorry, I sometimes get excited and talk too fast. Anyway, there's a lot of beautiful girls in the Realm, and they tell me I'm pretty, but when I look in the mirror I see a freak, soo... I dunno. I'm still shy.


4. How far, socially and rank-wise, would you say you have come from those first days and night to where you are now? Are you still as driven?

I was away for a period of time, and during that vacation, some terrible things happened that I missed and I still haven't learned what happened. Mr. Julian was killed, and for a while I considered not coming back. But he came back, somehow, and so I came back. I have a little more confidence than when I first came to the Realm. I still tend to be shy, especially with new people. And mean people. Mean people suck.


5. What is your greatest accomplishment, social or rank-wise, thus far?

(OOC) I was picked twice as Most Promising Character, in 2012 and in the Summer of 2013. Those were both surprises to me, and I felt honored that so many people had been watching my stories enough to consider me for that award not once, but twice!


6. Are you married, interested in someone or single and ready to mingle?

No, I never married, I'm not interested and I'm not looking to be interested. Before I was changed, I led a very sheltered life acuz of my hemophilia. And no matter what other people say, I feel like, iunno, I am too strange and freaky looking to have any serious relationships.


7. Who do you admire in the Realm the most and why?

Mr. Julian because he took me in when I was homeless and made me feel like family and helped me many times after my parents were kidnapped and then died. Miss Zaynah is amazing, and helped me one time that changed me and that let me look for my parents so I could tell them I loved them before they died.


8. How many mistakes have you made that had harsh consequences?

Too many, and they are private to me and the people who know.


9. Have you ever been killed or caught the Red Death?

I have not. I won't say I haven't killed, because I have, but they were bad people and I was afraid they would hurt people I cared about, so I don't think anyone would want to hurt me acuz of that.


10. Have you ever race changed?

When I first woke up in the Realm, I was a vampire, and energy vampire. I can take energy and give energy, which is how I can hurt or kill people or help and heal people. After I came to the Realm and started to tell my stories, the Orange Elders created the Demon race, which is really more of what I am, I think. Miss Zaynah helped me to change and while it was scary, it seemed important to my story.


11. Have you ever put on the Golden Robes?

No, and I don't want too. That is too much responsibility.


12. Of those dearly departed from the Realm, is there anyone you wish you could sit down with for an hour and just talk to?

Miss Mallory. She was one of the first people to welcome me to the Secret Society. We had a falling out, and I was sad to hear she was taken away from us while I was away.

Also, Miss Shayden, who was another coven mate and who was always nice to me.


Thank you very much Alice, for taking the time to sit down with me and share!

April 06, 2019 03:39 am
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