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 1. Is Bloodletting your first venture into coding for an RPG?


Yep, few games when I was a kid, nothing like RPG


    2. Have you always been interesting in the RPG style of gaming and writing?


Not really, I played the original MUD, Multi User Dungeon, on a dial-up in the early 80s. Normally I do driving games and Doom/Tomb Raider type.


    3. In Mike/DVH's interview, he mentioned you had initially turned him down in the AMS venture - what changed your mind?


To be honest I don't remember, probably due to time restraints.


    4. Did you go to school for coding, or are you self-taught?


I learned a couple languages when I first started working, but I played around with coding when I was a kid with my first computer, a Sinclair ZX81. Once you know one or two languages added another like for the Web is easy. I had never touched pho before i started playing with Bloodletting.


    5. How do you manage keeping up with issues, new things and general upkeep with Bloodletting, work and home life?


it's very hard trying to give everything enough time. My priority goes, family, work, Bloodletting.


    6. Have you ever met any of the players behind the characters?


Sure have, even stayed at a couple peoples home.


    7. Do you ever get a chance to sit down and read the RPs?


I do read, but no way I can read as much as I want to


    8. Outside of the things you do for AMS and Bloodletting, what are your other interests?


Family is huge, like to go shooting, playing with old cars too. We have an old car in our garage, 1950 Plymouth, that hasn't been touched in almost three years.


    9. Over the years, have there been any particular characters that caught your attention and you've kept up on?


Many, but I can't name any


    10. Is there any characters that are gone that you'd love to see return?


A few, but I'll keep those to myself.


    11. Have you ever wanted to strangle Mike/DVH? Come on, be truthful…


Of course, but it certainly goes both ways. He's a great friend, I miss seeing him and his family.


    12. We know from Mikes interview that new things are coming to Bloodletting. Any hint on a time frame we could see new things popping up?


As soon as i can….time is short. Trying hard to get the house slots up and running.


Thank you, DK, for giving us this little glimpse into your life!

April 14, 2019 07:53 pm
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