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An act of slaughtering an animal or person or surrendering a possession as an offering to God or to a divine or supernatural figure.

All Meredith wanted was to be remolded into her previous form… A demon. See, her mother was an assistant to Satan himself. She spent her days manipulating mens weak hearts, making them fall in love and then vanishing without a trace. Until one day her mother found her own heart flooded with unfamiliar emotion…. Love.

Years later Meredith came into the world. Half human and half demon. She held the demonic powers from her mother and the mortality from her father. Meredith spent her whole life idolizing her mother. She practiced her powers and played with possession here and there. Mer strived to be just. like. her…

As Meredith aged and her mother stayed the same age and they eventually grew apart. Meredith moved to London to get away from her parents, to prove that she could do life on her own… Shortly after moving the young demon was attempting her own manipulations. She had met a man in a bar who seemed like a good challenge for her. He was mysterious and dark… for good reasons.
All Meredith can remember from that night is kicking, screaming, a sharp bite, burning and finally a brutal blow to the head.

Several weeks and apparently toes later, the truth was inevitable. Meredith was a vampire.

Learning to drain blood instead of soles proved to be quite difficult for Meredith. She was never one for blood despite her new craving for it. Every second of every day she wished she could go back.. To turn back time. Mer swore on her life (or lack of) that she would do everything in her power to turn back… To get rid of what felt like a curse. It occurred to Meredith years later that her mother may be of some help. She hated asking for handouts but desperate times call for desperate measures. Meredith sent a letter.

It wasn’t until 29 years later that help finally came. It seemed as if Meredith’s mother had sent her a sister, a demon sister named Gin for which Meredith should posses. Looks like her mother actually did give a damn about her.


Candles illuminated the small section of the forest. A flat piece of land surrounded by a circle of trees was the perfect place for this possession to take place. Meredith stood at the edge of the circle, waiting for her sister to arrive. Hoping she wouldn’t have to hunt her down. It had been years since she had been in practice and didn’t have the energy to fuss with a challenge.
April 16, 2019 10:27 pm


It was clear to Gin that from the day she was born she had one sole purpose. That purpose was to be the best demon vessel she could be for her sister…. Her mother made that very clear. It was hard to live life with an expiration date, knowing that all she was good for was a sacrifice for her Meredith. However Gin was fully prepared for tonight's possession. After tonight the lifelong tortue from her mother would finally be over… tonight was her escape.

Gin took a deep breath before entering into the forest. The wind was still and the night was cool, no moon lit up the sky. There would never be a more calm night in the realm. Twigs and leaves cracked under her feet as she made her way to meet her demise. She kept telling herself ‘I was made to do this’, ‘There is no more honorable way to die than by sacrifice’.

The crunch of dead earth stopped and Gin found herself within the candle lit circle, facing her sister… Her face expressionless. “I hope you remember how this goes….”
April 16, 2019 10:28 pm


Meredith's blue eyes stared at the body that she would soon inhabit. The longer she started the harder it was to hold back her emotions. She couldn’t imagine how her sister must have felt these past 29 years.

“I assume it’s just like riding a bike….” an awkward pause lingered on Meredith's lips. “I want you to know how grateful I am…” In that moment she realized how foolish she sounded. Nothing she could say in this moment would make up for anything that was done or anything that was about to be done.

“Shall we begin?” Meredith looked into Gin’s ice blue eyes before stepping into the middle of the circle and placing one hand on Gins shoulder and one on her heart.
April 16, 2019 10:30 pm


Gin stepped forward into her sisters grasp. Her heart seemed to be beating out of her chest. This was it. Her palms opened up to the sky as she and her sister started to chant

“Carum Satanae corpore animam meam relinquo. Honori hoc Sacrificium.
Sorores sacrificabo invicem. Hoc corpus et dimiserunt eam composuisse suos. Et conteram soror eius execratione maledicta congessit.”

The flame of the candled erupted and before Gin knew it, there was nothing but darkness….
April 16, 2019 10:31 pm


Both sisters collapsed and darkness swallowed them both. She thought she would have more time… Everything happened so quickly…

A sliver of bright light peaked through Meredith's eyelids, it was day time. Unsure of how long she had been out she shot up into an upright position. Her blonde hair tangled in her face…. Blonde...? It worked! It had been so long since Meredith had practiced anything demonic she was sure it wouldn’t work… That would be the last time she doubted herself...
April 16, 2019 10:32 pm
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