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Claire Thompson

The girl is grateful when Gray steps in to intervene, as it gives her a moment's respite to deal with her floundering thoughts. She had expected coldness, at the very least. This passive version of her father leaves her reeling, uncertain with how to proceed. Part of her wants to soothe his obvious dicomfort, but she knows better; he's earned this suffering as well as anyone else, and must pay his dues to the process of accountability.

Thank you for taking us in, Mr. Thompson.

Claire's gaze cuts to him as he steps, almost expectantly, into her line of sight. A small smile threatens her stoic countenance, and she breathes a little easier knowing he is on her side.

Elias, however, didn't miss Gray's lingering gaze on his sister, and he passes his own quick assessment before landing dark hues on the man. His expression is unreadable, but Claire can almost see the flash just behind his irises. "Despite others' opinions, Mr. Taylor, I have only ever strived to do what I thought best when it came to my children." Still, he won't look at Jasper, though there's a slight hardening to the line that his lips have formed. "Their safety is of utmost importance to me, and nothing could change that."

The implication is heavy.

"I will send the physician down presently. After you've all been examined and cleared, you will be allowed free reign of the household until we deem it safe for you to travel, should you choose to." Here, he lands his daughter with a lingering gaze, and nothing more, before turning on his heel.

Claire deflates, finding a wall to lean against as Jasper takes up his frantic pounding with renewed vigor.
April 25, 2019 04:31 pm


Elias Thompson. Mackenzie has mixed feelings about the man now, though during his visit she barely affords a glance in his direction. It isn't a maneuver born of resentment, but instead something far darker: shame. She feels so much responsibility for this, and having heard what she did, has so many questions. For the first time, there is a true desire to speak with the man she had only ever previously known as cold and cruel.

He had done what he thought was best.

She cannot fathom the things he has done.

Still, she bites her tongue, thoughts turning toward the singular man that requires her fullest attention. There is little that could turn her away from him, in all honesty. The unknown is something she cannot possibly deal with, and it is heavy upon her heart.

Mackenzie would push herself to stand despite the listless feeling in her bones. Facing off with her husband, she knows he does not see her. Now, he sees Elias walking out of the room, just as he has so many times before.

She swallows.

"I'm not going to leave him," though her voice is quiet, it carries. "I can't."

Her upset is beginning to unearth itself again, and she swallows. A hand is lifted and pressed to the glass divide, and Mackenzie turns just enough to look at her sister-in-law. Now, so very aware, she can practically smell it upon the air. She very well may be left with no choice to leave.

"Gray," her call is enough to get the man's attention, and though he clearly resents it, he walks over. Mackenzie lowers her voice to near silence as she addresses him, head inclined, as she whispers.

Just in case, Mackenzie would give Sarah and Claire privacy by the only means she can: keeping the only other party in the room busy.
April 25, 2019 05:03 pm

Claire Thompson

"I'll-..." She pauses, recentering herself as her overcast hues are forced upwards to find Mackenzie. "I'll make arrangements for someone to bring a bed down." She blinks a few times, trying to focus, but all she can see is the reflection of Elias' retreating form as he rounds the spiraling staircase and disappears. Something he said sits at the base of her skull, whispering poisonous revelations as her sights turn to Sarah...

It's her sister-in-law's calling for Gray, of all people, that kicks her back into gear, mechanical as it may be. A grateful glance is passed Mackenzie's way before she hurries over to Sarah's side.

This time, she doesn't hesitate. Both hands cup the girl's feverish face, confirming her worst fears even as her companions beat down the surge of raw emotion it incurs. She smiles, tears stinging her eyes as she does her best to soften the blow of impending trauma. "Pretty girl," she coos, voice cracking with a depressive laugh, "I-.." Her eyes squeeze shut, two single streams of moisture staining her cheeks as her hands drop to grasp at Sarah's desperately.

"This will get better." Eyes flashing open, she wills the intention into existence, as if sheer confidence could force it to be. "We still have so much to do and so much to experience. You just have to get better, and for that, you need to rest. But you and Jasper both," she insists, nodding vigorously, "will beat this. You are strong, and so is he. And you are not alone. I will be here, every step of the way, alright?"

No sense in sugar-coating it now.

"Just... You have to." She is adamant, almost angry in her demand, though her hands shake pathetically. "I still have so much to tell you, and you must hear it. But not like this. Not because of this, but because we survived, and because there is time for me to tell you." She can already hear the approaching footsteps.

"Promise me... please..."
April 25, 2019 05:40 pm

Sarah Taylor

She isn't paying attention, not really. Sarah is barely present as everyone talks around her, focusing instead on keeping herself calm. Claire's anxiety had been enough to heighten her own, and she puts her best efforts toward remaining still. There is something commanding about the man's presence, and Sarah wishes briefly that she could melt away into the wall.

Two hands upon her face snap her out of her trance almost instantly, and tired, hazel hues lift up to find Claire's face. Pretty girl. Sarah smiles through her exhaustion, knowing full well what is about to happen.

"It's okay," she whispers.

The rest is for Claire. All of it is for her. Sarah understands what this means, still within her right mind. Her hands tighten their grip upon hers. "Sweet girl, please don't cry," even as she says it, she can feel her own tears welling up as she realizes what this all means.

Jasper is so much stronger than she is.

"I know. It's okay. I know you do," her whispers are turning fervent, and Sarah finds herself shifting, if only to twine their fingers together. She had wanted nothing more than to hear those words for herself, but Claire is right. Not like this. "I'm not going anywhere. I promise."

Swallowing, she glances toward Gray and Mackenzie, suddenly so very aware of her surroundings. "I... I want them to tie me down, okay? Please? Tell them to restrain me? And don't let her stay down here with us. She has to go."

As the footsteps grow nearer, Sarah moves as if she is about to press a kiss to the back of Claire's hand before thinking better of it. "Love you, sweet girl."

It's all she wanted to say, and reluctant as she is, she is pulling her hands from Claire's grip. "Go to Gray. It's okay."
April 25, 2019 06:20 pm
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