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[RD] International and Trans-dimensional Call for Intervention


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Adam Williams

(This is an open letter)

To the Witches, Vampires, Demons, Werewolves, Angels and slayers of the world and the associated dimensions thereof,

The Red Death has quickly become an epidemic of global proportions. Infecting the ranks of both the light and the dark, this disease has already shown rapid mutation and has demonstrated clear pre-direliction for all sentient species. The Red Death has the capacity to affect us all, and as such, all of us are responsible for its' erradication. A cure for only one-side will only suppress the disease momentarily, leading to new mutations and further deaths.

Therefore, this is a call for international intervention involving the colloboration of the light and dark. Successful erradication of this disease will require more then just a cure, it will require a global effort for disease detection, quarantine, policy formation and the open sharing of data and discoveries. 

This intervention will be difficult and will involve care-givers, politicians, entrepreneurs, scientists and most importantly, every possible individual if we are to affect change. 

I am new to this world, and I am no politician, my voice quiet against the echoes of the powerful and rich. I am but a mere human, that desires to have a safe world for future generations to grow up free and healthy and whole. 

If you share this desire, then please, let us meet in a designated area to discuss the next stage. As I am one for fitting names, I would propose this place be called the "Grey Zone" 

Yours in faith

Dr Adam Williams

April 21, 2019 12:21 am

Eloise Buchanan

(Reply to open letter, sent directly to Dr A Williams)

Dear Dr Williams

I come to you as a vampire of the dark side. Our coven is becoming overrun with infected, and this is a grave occurrence that could affect us all beyond our current locale. Many of us who would stand with you in a ‘grey zone’ should one be set up, so our strengths and knowledge can be combined to combat this new evil.

Not all of us have the necessary skills to move this forward, but we could help to comfort the sick in whatever way we may. I have ideas of a location for this ‘grey zone’ and will send that information once you have contacted me via my cell phone; details enclosed.

Thank you for taking the brave step to unite the Realm for the greater good. My only hope is that others will step up and become involved or at least see the good that this can do for all people.

Kind regards
Eloise Buchanan
April 21, 2019 11:18 pm

Adam Williams

Dear Eloise, and again, all citizens

Thank you for support, I will be contact with you directly, again I address this letter for all 




There are Two Possible locations, and it is not my decision alone to make it :

1)   A place with no current coven or sanctuary : Jerusalem, Tokyo, Bleomfontein

2)   A place with both a coven and sanctuary to share resources: New York



The Grey Zone Would be owned by both the light and the darkness. The ruling body would be composed of elected officials – 2 from the light, 2 from the dark and one open position that would be voted on by the entire world.


Both the Light and the Dark will provide a set sum each year to maintain the grey zone. Individual will be free to donate to the grey zone but not to an elected official directly



To elucidate the nature of, and subsequently eradiate, the Red Death. This will be divided into 4 parts-

1)     Research: Finding a cure will require the greatest scientific minds of our generation working in unison to find an effective cure. Biologists, molecular scientists, epidemiologists and sociologists will have to work in unison to develop a cure

2)     Creating a support environment for the infected: Quarantine is a barbaric process and should not be entertained in the modern world. Infrastructure should be designed to allow the infected to have timely diagnosis and treatment, free of judgement and scrutiny

3)     Empowering the Individual: The Red Death remains the greatest threat of our time and is a threat to all, as such it is the responsibility of all to combat it. To facilitate that there needs to be the infrastructure to allow the individual to maximise their talents through training and nurturing.

4)     Permanent Change: Post resolution of the Red Death,  The Grey zone can remain a safe haven for those looking to escape the trapping of the light and the dark. The grey zone will require diplomats, politicians, industrialist and police to ensure that all peoples have the opportunity to grow up free and whole.



1)     Department of Ministration: This will be the forum where elected officials can create the policies and practices that will cure the grey death

2)     Department of Healing: This will be a hospital to provide expert care to the infected

3)     Department of Research: This will be a collection of research facilities to find an effective cure and study how to best provide it. The department of research is allowed to collaborate with bodies not officially apart of the Grey Zone to find a Cure

4)     Department of Culture: This will be a collection of museums and forums to allow cross species/faction collaboration to promote new artistic and philosophical creations and promote a dialogue across factions to heal the trans-generational trauma from previous wars



What gives you the authority to decide this?

Nothing, I am a mere mortal looking to improve the world for all. My voice is but one, and perhaps the most inexperienced. I wish to encourage all to speak to develop the best solution.

Who will own the cure once it is completed?

No one, and this was the principle that led to the birth of the Grey Zone. If the cure is owned by one faction it will create a power dynamic too large to ignore. Furthermore, should one faction withhold the cure from the other, it would actually promote the survival of the disease and further mutation.

Will you be on the council?


What will be your capacity in the Grey Zone?

If requested I will work as a doctor, but to remove myself as potential bias I do not wish to hold any power within the institution.

Why have a department of Culture?

As a doctor healing is more then just curing the physical. Health is not just the absence of disease, but is a positive state composed of complete physical, mental and social well-being. To achieve this we have to accept the role of society and previous social injustice on the well being of all members.

What are the incentives for donating?

Apart from helping the free world achieve universal health, those that donate will be able to have building, policies and even the cure or the Grey Zone named after them. Furthermore they will be able to present issues of their choice to the ruling body to force a resolution

On a final note, developing the Grey Zone is the responsibility to all. I now open the forum for all to participate and criticise.


Dr Adam Williams



April 22, 2019 12:13 am


Dr Williams

I  am allied  with  the dark  side as  it is  being  called. I  am  the healer in  my  coven Im intrested  in talking more on  this "Gray  Zone" you  are  talking of .Contact  my  privately .There  are  others looking in to a  cure  however  that i  not  just  for  their  side  but  for the  use  of  all races a nd  all sides. I  know  of at least  2 that are  doing  that currently. Again  contact me  and  we  can  talk.

Ciaran Boru

April 22, 2019 10:03 am

Sabina Fairchild

Within the leather backpack, it contained many ancient scrolls that held infinite answers to many questions throughout all history. She had left behind within her campsite, papyruses that needed to be translated and categorized, which could wait for now. With the epidemic going on, maybe there would be clues or even answers to help quash the dreaded Red Death. The Tomb Raider can only hope for the impossible.

Sabina had sent word to Dr. Williams earlier and hoped that what knowledge she possessed would help. Her fingertips brushed along the Ankh and Cross that laid at the base of her throat while recalling the letter that she sent.

Dr. Williams –

My name is Dr. Sabina Fairchild. My home sanctuary is within the country of Australia. I would like to help out where ever I can. My background is within the Ancient Civilizations, which covers diverse categories. Maybe something that I have discovered within in my journeys could help in finding a cure of some sort. Please advise where we can meet and discuss things.

I am looking forward in comparing notes.

In all respects,


April 22, 2019 08:38 pm


Dr. Williams,

I am no great scientist as you no doubt are, and I am not well versed in the modern techniques of grappling with diseases.  I am, however, fascinated by plagues of every sort and I am a great student of psychology. Diseases have a psychology, I assure you, especially one as versatile as this and the psychology of the infected would be useful for your team to know.

I am a wanderer who has been through many dry spaces alone, and as such I am in sympathy with your desire to avoid quarantine.  I cannot say that I particularly care if any creature live or die, including myself, I hope that is not germane.  You speak with considerable moral certainty about things which make it seem like it may be difficult to find a common understanding, but I am willing to adapt to your assumptions to some extent.

If I can be of help please reply.



April 26, 2019 04:14 pm

Adam Williams

Dear Author, 

I am unfamiliar with the theory that diseases have an innate psychology, and while your apathy towards the living could be percieved as disconcertaing, I would still be happy to hear your perspective at the Summit. Please attend and I will ensure your voice is heard.

Please note the Summit will be starting in 2 days time 

Kind regards,

- Adam 

April 27, 2019 06:36 am
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