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Interview with - Marius Steel!


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1. Have you ever been to the Realm before? If so, what drew you back?


 I have not, but I am enjoying it so far


2. Are you finding it more fun to be social, or to train hard for ranking?


I like a balance of both I enjoy training and progressing but I also like to relax with my coven mates


3. Has anyone, a Legendary or Gen X ever been rude to you since your arrival?


No, everyone has been pleasant so far


4. Do you serve in a Coven/Sanctuary?


I currently reside with the Menagerie        


5. Who do you admire and strive to be like, but in your own way?


Edward Brollachan has always been a hard-working and strong member of the realm and even if I don't become as strong in the stats aspect I hope I can be just as respected        


6. Do you find ranking to be a tough task? Does your Sanctuary/Coven offer you help and advice to meet challenges?


I'm still getting used to my training, but Dessa has lots of ways that she lends us aid if we need it from better equipment to advice on what will show us the most progress.        


7. Have you been taught the history of the Realm at all?


Not really no.


8.  Married, interested in someone, or single and ready to mingle?


Married to Parisa Tournier


9. If not in a Sanctuary or Coven, who has given you the most help when you have needed it?


Before my coven I was pretty much a loner


10. What is your greatest accomplishment thus far?


Got all maxed out on stats training it was decent grind but I got it done


11. Are you more interested in people and friends, or working harder to rank? Have you found a happy middle ground between the two?


The people and friends are important but I've found a healthy middle ground to keep me busy


12. Of those of the Legendary status, or are now dearly departed, is there anyone you wish you could meet and have a chat with?


Mallory Quarters seemed nice


Thank you, Marius, for sitting down with me this week!

April 21, 2019 05:36 am
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