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[RD] One Notification After Another.


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Briahne Christiann

I get home from a small hunt up in the woods close to the Scottish border to all kinds of notifications on my phone and email.  What in the world was going on?  Reading through the notifications on my phone made me get to my email even faster than normal.  What I discover in those emails was not only my payment from the latest job, but a warning not to go out again on any job until further notice.  Wonderful, not….continuing to read gave me the chills and the reason why.  Okay, this is not good.  Thank God this time I wasn’t in the slightest injured, not even a scratch.  I just got done with getting back some of my energy from what I lost as it was.  At least I got paid well, no need to worry about anything for a good while if necessary.

What a nightmare this is turning out to be, report after report from all over the world about this disease plaguing one country after another including her homeland and her adopted home.  Romania still had a lot of backwards areas, mostly those that are Rom or smaller villages, the ones that are obscured and located more in the mountains.  Briahne sighs hoping her family, all of them, stay clear of this.  She had plans to go back this summer to run with her four legged cousins. Her great Uncle mentioned something about a possible wedding, she was intrigued.  Silently, Bri turned off her flat-screen to go sit out on her porch.

Living this far outside of London back in an abandoned cul de sac had its advantages, it was quiet, it meant she could have her family out here without being bothered.  It also meant isolation, not necessarily a bad thing mind you.  She could train, pray, visit her mate’s grave when she chose, work on her vehicles without problems if they weren’t in her garage.  She had security out here as well, something Sobrad instilled into her a long time ago.  D*mn she missed him.  What living this far out meant was that she remained constantly alert as well. She sat on her porch swing; stormy eyes peered into the night, watching for that which does not belong.

April 22, 2019 04:12 pm

Briahne Christiann

Things seem to have calmed down, so why is it that her employer hasn’t called her for another job yet?  This Red Death was under some kind of control, or was it?  She normally travels the world on her various assignments.  She believes he was waiting to make sure everything was clear for her before she took another one of his jobs.  It’s been days though, something didn’t make sense.  It wasn’t till yesterday she had any hint of what had happened.  She did get a call but from their group’s secretary type person.  “Boss went missing.”, she told her.  They were all fearing the worst, that the mysterious Red Death got him.  Would she please investigate this?

What a stupid question, of course she was going to investigate his disappearance.  She asked them all the appropriate questions; where was he last seen, when; whom was he last with and was this person known?  They all knew what was coming which helped out a lot…….okay maybe not so much.  There were facts missing, strange answers to her questions.  Again, this wasn’t making any sense.  Briahne was not one to waste time though.  She took her answers and started scouring the streets of London.  This time however, she kept to the roof tops so she could watch what was below her.

April 29, 2019 04:40 pm
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