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What's Dead Never Stays That Way


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Pulling at the chains did nothing as I tried to free myself. He would be back and I didn't want to be here when he did. Unsurprisingly though, my struggles did nothing. I was about to consider breaking my wrists to get out when the door swung open and my worst fear came to life. They had gotten Aurelia. Had they gotten Alice? Was she still safe?

Watching Aurelia struggle to stay on her feet made my heart wrench painfully for her. I pulled at the chains as he laughed and taunted us once more. "Aurelia you have to run! Get out of here and make sure Alice is safe! You have to go now!" I didn't want her to see who was doing this. I didn't want to see her in that kind of pain again.
May 15, 2019 12:03 am


Arthur paced back and forth in the shadows, watching her and licking his lips. The sight was delicious as best as she fought against her collar. He paid no mind to Asherah and her little rant, a snap of his fingers saw her gagged once again. "Oh Aurelia, ever the fighter." He cooed as he stepped out of the shadows. A winning smile on his face as he gazed at her. "No quit in that blood of yours." He circled her unafraid because he knew she couldn't do anything. His smirk growing as he stepped closer to her. May 15, 2019 12:03 am


It was like someone had driven a blade into my chest seeing Arthur step out of the shadows. He had done this? He couldn't have. I trusted him. He wouldn't do something like this. I couldn't catch my breath at all and as he circled me I felt my eyes revert back to their normal brown and my magic die away. It was as if everything but his form was crumbling away as I tried to understand what was going on.

My breathing came in short pants, everything seeming to tilt and sway as I realized the man I loved had kidnapped my friends. Had kidnapped me. Did he have Alice? Oh gods, my little girl. Was she safe?

The sharp prick of betrayal buried itself into my heart like thorns as my legs trembled and slowly buckled under me. Arthur had done this. He betrayed me. The fighting flame slowly died in my eyes as my eyes finally met his. Shining with tears and pain they held a simple question. Why?
May 15, 2019 12:16 am


The sight before me was getting more and more arousing as he saw the fire die inside her. The look of shock, awe and most importantly betrayal was just too sweet. Arthur held her gaze as his blue eyes bore deeply into her own. Twirling his dagger in his hand as he knelt down. Gripping her chin and crushing his lips to hers in a bruising kiss. Sinking his teeth into her bottom lip just for the fun of it. Bringing his lips to her ear, he bit them again drawing blood. "So delicious, the look in your face is so exquisite. Broken, battered and bruised. I warned you about love my little pet. Love is nothing more than means to your destruction." May 15, 2019 12:24 am

Anakin Drake

Neeko was at a loss for words as he watched everything. He knew Arthur, he was Aurelias love. Why would he do such a thing as this? He pulled on his restraints but he was secured tightly and couldn't get away. He wished Anakin was here or even Arcane. They needed help. May 15, 2019 12:39 am


I couldn't muster the urge to fight him off as he kissed me. Pain blooming in my swollen lip enough draw a yelp from me before he had moved on to my ear once more. Why was he doing this? Had this been his plan the whole time? Trick me into loving him so that he could torture me like this? His words were like bats in the back of my mind until three words left his mouth.

"My little pet... You never called me that before Arthur." My head raised slowly to gaze at him. The pain there had been replaced by fear and a spark of rage. Memories began to spiral into my mind. A dark grey room with a hospital bed, restraint straps dangling from it. A twirling dagger that would slice through cloth and flesh at the slightest hint of a mistake. And a voice ringing every day. Love is nothing more than a means to your destruction, My Pet. Slowly my world settled and I spoke oh so softly.

"Drost... My teacher."

The words were enough to plunge me back in time to see a little girl learning to withstand pain through practice. The sadistic teaching style Drost employed. The sound of a whip cracking over flesh. Tears slowly began to slip down my cheeks as crumpled in on myself. I was never going to be free.
May 15, 2019 12:50 am


The sadness on her face saw him laughing as he backed away. Hearing her call him by his correct name saw him back up with a grin. Standing tall as his form shifted from that of Arthur to a new figure. This one was much older physically, he wasn't as built or toned as Arthur. But he didn't lack muscle, he was also a bit taller than the 6'2 Arthur standing nearly 6'5. His long hair was pulled back into a ponytail. His hair along with his full beard was salt and pepper. His nose was slightly crooked as a permanent gift from his student.

He grinned down at her as if answering her unasked question. "Yes, you'll never get away. You'll always be mine and mine alone." He ran his hand gently through her hair before a quick strike with the back of his hand downed her. Snarling as he gripped her hair and hauled her to her feet. "You really thought you could use MY own curse against me?" He snapped. "I TAUGHT YOU EVERYTHING, DO YOU NOT THINK I'D KNOW HOW TO COUNTER THEM?" He roared as connected his fist to her face. Sending her sprawling to the floor. His body lacked the strength Arthur had. So his fist hurt him more than her. It was taking his entire being to keep a hold of a certain someone.

He reached for her again but his touch was gentle as that of a lover as he caressed her cheek. "Oh my dear pet, how I've longed for this day." He said hauling her into his arms, stroking her hair and back.
May 15, 2019 09:50 am

Xander Kuma

Thing had slowed down for me these days. With Anakin running his cafe full time, and the others running the club and the businesses; I had a lot of free time lately. As such, I had decided to visit my good friend in Sydney. Portalling myself to the shop, I realized it was closed for the day. Something that shocked me. Picking up his scent I followed him. However, the closer I got to him a dark scent filled my senses. Problem was I couldn't figure it out.

Deciding to shrug it off I found him and stayed on the shores before calling out to him. "Going for a swim my friend?"

May 16, 2019 11:39 am

Anakin Drake

I stood in the surf for who knowd how long. Asherah had yet to respond to me and that was starting to freak me out. She wasn't answering my call or picking up her phone. I was so far gone in my thoughts that I didn't hear Xander fully. Turning around I stepped out of the water. Worry fully etched on my face. "Something's wrong, I can't get in touch Asherah. She's never ignored my call once." May 16, 2019 12:12 pm


The transformation sent dread through my veins. I was realizing the danger we were all in fully as he approached me once more. The brush of his gentle touch and I was 14 again as he ran his hand through my hair, an icy shiver rolling down my spine. His hand was fast as ever, delivering a powerful back hand before dragging me up once more by my hair. Despite the throbbing pain in my now swelling cheek I didn't want to give him any more satisfaction with my cries.

His height advantage forced me to my tip toes and I couldn't stop the tears pricking my eyes. Anger surged through me at my weakness and inability to keep my poker face up. The words he hurled at me were simply reminding me of my failings as a witch and the punch he threw finally got a reaction. As I hit the ground a cry slipped out, pain filing my shoulder as I jarred it.

A sob slipped out at his gentleness, this was going to be my life again. The back and forth. The tightrope walk of keep Drost happy and pleased. When he pulled me close I found myself wishing they had just killed me. Taking a deep breath I whispered softly, "Please.. Drost I'll do whatever you want. Just let them go. Please." I turned my face up to look at him with tear filled eyes.
May 16, 2019 01:08 pm


She was willing to give herself back to him. The man who had her dancing by puppet strings for years just to keep us safe. That stupid silly girl. Leaning forward I put my weight against the chains once more even as the metal dug into my skin and drew blood. I couldn't help the tears that slid down my cheeks either.

Looking over at Neeko, I had apology in my eyes as I began to struggle in my chains once more. Trying to get the gag out of my mouth desperately. If I could just get it out. If I could get it out I could try to knock him out.
May 16, 2019 01:23 pm

Anakin Drake

Neeko: Neeko could only stay there and watch everything go down. He was nothing like Arcane and the little incubus was happy about that. He soon locked eyes with Asherah and shook his head as he unknowingly to the others did his thing. The only person he could locate was Anakin and right now that was his best bet. As Arthur... I mean Drost cuddled up with Aurelia, shadows slowly seeped into Asherah. She too had no idea what was going on but she would some how feel a pull to Anakin. Well then again they were surrounded by shadows so nobody wouldn't see it. May 16, 2019 01:52 pm


The ache in my chest grew to a throbbing beat as I stilled at Neeko's gesture. No? What did he mean no? How was I supposed to help Aurelia by just sitting here? Was he insane? It was then that I felt the tug. Soft like a thread at first then growing more insistent as it grew stronger. What was happening? Was this some magic Drost was using? May 16, 2019 03:18 pm

Xander Kuma

The look on his face, and the fact that he had barely seemed to hear me caught me offguard. Seeing Anakin like that was not something I was used to, so when he revealed the situation I understood fully how he felt. "Do you have any clues as to where she was last located?"

May 17, 2019 11:32 am


The manacles around my wrists were slick with blood and I bit down hard on the gag to keep from crying out in pain. I put my weight against them, slowly but surely my hands slipped free as my eyes filled with tears. The faint cluck of bones breaks and dislocating reaches my ears as finally my hands slipped free.

Carefully I rested the shackles before I stood and removed the gag before I approached Drost quietly from behind. I picked up a pipe as I passed it and brought it up over my head with both hands before swinging it down towards his head.
May 17, 2019 10:51 pm
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