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What's Dead Never Stays That Way


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My eyes glowed, happiness beaming from me even as I kept the gun trained. He was by my side again. Everything would be fine once more. It was as if time slowed as I watched Xander charging forward. My hand came up as I cried out. The idiot would get shredded if he wasn't careful. July 08, 2019 01:54 am


Arthur: Felt just like Xander but realized it wasn't Xander. This form was more destructive and hell bent on tearing everyone affiliated with Drost apart. Not risking it Arthur took off as well.

Drost: "Spend all your time trying to destroy them and you'll fail miserably. These items are beyond destruction and you should know it." His hands glowed yellow as he felt the power surge through him. Seeing the beast charging him he shot a beam that hit him square in his chest. His other hand shot out and destroyed the gun in her hand. He thrusted both hands at Arthur catching him and sent him crashing into a wall.
July 08, 2019 02:02 am


He thought I needed a gun? He taught me himself that a weapon was rarely needed. He taught me so much, but there was something he had never seen from me. The thing I had found I was unparalleled at. I stood slowly, the words pouring from my lips as I did so.

"Ward of the Mother, protect me. Ward of the all seeing, guide me. Ward of the loved, keep me calm. Ward of the warrior, lend me strength. Ward of the crone, lend me your wisdom."

Every invocation flashed around my like dancing lights as I started towards him. Each ward seeming to pulse and strengthen my defenses as my steps gained speed. Soon I was sprinting towards him. My invocations helping me either deflect his attacks or avoid them altogether. With a cry I leveled a bone crunching blow directly at his face.
July 09, 2019 06:11 am

Anakin Drake

Neeko: He held Lilly and Asherahs hands. Seeing Arthur appear all strong and masculine like saw him biting his lip. Once he took off he ran forward hauling the two females with him. Being the shortest of the bunch it was a bit awkward but Neeko was beyond fast when needs be. They soon entered the fray and Neeko pulled out his dual blades and stood before Asherah. Engaging a charging man and using his small size, sliced the back of his legs that saw him crumbling. A quick swipe saw his blade cut through his throat and he was soon choking on his blood while Neeko sprang back in front of Asherah. July 09, 2019 04:14 pm


I was confused for a moment, why was he defending me? I knew we were friends, but this was odd. Taking a deep, almost freakish breath I caught Neeko's shoulders and leaned over him to protect him from the attack as I let out a bellowing shriek that seemed to bend the very air it passed through. The group of men running towards us began to scream as blood spurted from their eyes, ears, and noses before collapsing dead. I grinned down at Neeko and giggled.

"I've got your back."
July 09, 2019 06:53 pm


Drost: The hit sent him back bit he caught himself as his jaw reset. "Cast all the incantations you like it will hardly do you any good compared to these relics. And once I do a way with you lot and find the helm of Fate thus world will crumble.

Arthur: He growled as he got to his feet and charged. But he didn't charge Drost instead he tackled Aurelia out of harms way as soldier shot a cannon at her. Hearing Drost speak he chuckled. "So you're all talk while you lack the full Trinity." Arthur said standing protectively over Aurelia. A glowing ankh appeared in gold and purple. Sticking his hand in it he pulled out a gold helmet. Snarling he pulled the helmet on as its powers coursed through his veins. As he did so his choice of clothing changes as well.
July 09, 2019 08:52 pm

Xander Kuma

The blast that hit me sent me flying into the wall of the building as a wave of minions rushed at me. Being down like this, they took the chance to began blasting me with their strongest attacks. But all that did was serve to make me angrier. And that was when it happened. The bright crimson glow of the crest that had been etched into my skin with invisible ink. The crest of the Hel'Gath Alliance. "And now, his Rage be unleashed."

Everything seemed to slow down for those who were my allies. This was due to the crest and the power of my Rage Demon taking full control. "Feed of my Rage. Feed of my Power." The maniacal giggle that was my voice was something none of them had every heard from me before. "Be...Come... One... With... My... RAGE!!!!!"

Soon everything was back to normal however, Anakin and the others now had a powerful crimson glow coming off of them. This was the true power of the Hel'Gath Alliance's Crimson Beast, the Rage Demon Xander Kuma. With a simple wave of my hand the minions were soon turning to dust one by one all around the battle field, leaving my attention to Drost. "Lady A, Arthur... End this now." The finality in my voice was one that showed my complete and utter commitment to giving them all my power, to end this jack@ss.

July 11, 2019 11:47 am


Drost: He blinked a few times as he watched the exchange. The Helmet of Fate he had searched for his entire life and now this mongrel seemed to have processed it? He snapped as he charged Arthur. Completely forgetting everyone else as he was going to rip that helmet off his head.

Arthur: Arthur stared at the golden spandex he wore. It was clearly not his style but didn't think much as he met Drost head on. The sounds of blasts and words being spoken rocked the fortress as the two basically fought at a standstill. True to Xanders words Arthur wanted this to end. But felt that Aurelia needed to hit the final blow. As he shielded himself from a powerful blast, a bronze clawed gauntlet fell at her feet. It was a blend of leather and metal and took up her entire left arm. "The Claw of Horus." Arthur spoke in her mind. It channels the power of the earth's core to near planet busting levels. Wait for the right moment as you harness it and hit this idiot so hard he explodes."
July 12, 2019 05:08 pm


I stepped over the gauntlet as I did something I have never done before. The carefully crafted glamour I used to keep my magic in check shattered, and the force of its release and the shockwave that followed was like a sledgehammer to the brain. 8 figures seemed to swirl behind me before diving into my form, and when I blinked my eyes were pure white.

Harnessing the power of eight past lives, eight powerful witches, I raised my hand slowly and smiled as our magical energy crackled into life and with a clench of my fist Drost found that he could no longer breathe. He was dragged violently towards me even as blood trickled from my ears and nose and I spoke. Eight voices seemingly layered rang in the air.

"I will make sure you do not hurt anyone ever again, Drost. Even your precious items can't protect you from the wrath that burns in my heart." First the necklace fell to the ground, shortly followed by the cloak as my second hand rose and I began the incantation.

"Apó ti skóni sti skóni, ti zoí kai to thánato. Trípste tin psychí kai diaskorpíste to sóma. Kamía morfí den tha xanagyrísete xaná." Old magics, powerful in their use as a black aura surrounded him. As the others watched his body began to disintegrate as I smiled serenely at him, the blood beginning to stain my clothing from the intensity of containing so much magic in a mortal body. It was a few moments before he was gone and my eyes returned to normal before I collapsed to my hands and knees gasping violenty before vomiting.
July 12, 2019 08:45 pm


Arthur walked over to even before the spell wasn't complete. He tried not to be too disappointed by the fact that she didn't use the gauntlet. He was hoping to avoid exactly something like this. He ran his hand through his hair as he knelt down before her. Kissing her forehead before pulling her into a desperate hug. "Took you long enough." He whispered as he shook slightly, he never wanted to be away from her again. July 13, 2019 12:53 am


Wiping my mouth clean before pressing kisses along his face. I couldn't stop the tears that were falling now. I had been so terrified. If something had happened and I had lost him forever. I didn't know what I would have done.

"I'm sorry I took so long. Anakin didn't want me to come until I was healed. Gods above I was so scared. I just kept picturing your face. You're all I thought about." I hugged him tighter as the words spilled out. "I'm sorry I didn't use the gauntlet. I just.. something took over. All the anger and the pain.." I couldn't tell him that something felt off with the spell, or what Drost had whispered before he died. I could only hope it was a lie. The words rattled in my brain. Your spell won't work, Little Pet..
July 13, 2019 01:01 am

Anakin Drake

Taz: He yanked his axe from the head he had split in two before watching things unfold. Watching Neeko protectively defend Asherah was something puzzling though he knew why. Swinging it over his shoulder he walked over to the trio and grabbed the smaller male by his shirt. Fisting his large fist into the material and yanking him off the ground. He found his lips smashed against the smaller males own. Once again showing who he belonged to. Before dropping Neeko on his ass. Neeko simply chuckled and crawled over to him before scrambling up his large frame and clinging to his chest. July 13, 2019 10:38 am


I was still in shock having seen Aurelia do what she did. I had only seen her do it once prior and it had nearly killed her. My feet slowly moved towards them as tears filled my eyes. Arthur found Aurelia torn from his grasp as I sound her to face me before my hand connected with her cheek with a resounding crack.

"You stupid idiot! Why would you use that? Do you not remember what it does to your body? You nearly died last time and it took you months to fully recover! How could you risk your life now?" I knew I was shouting, but I couldn't stop the words that kept spilling out until I was clinging to her as sobs wracked my form.
July 13, 2019 08:35 pm

Anakin Drake

Neeko still clung to Arcane who patted his head. The beast walked over to the group before slamming his Axe into the ground. His frame stiffened slightly as a growl left his lips. "Anakin I know you bloody felt that!" He snapped as he began pacing back and forth. Neeko had hopped off and headed over to Xander. He wasn't afraid of his form ad he pulled the larger male over to group. "Do not give me that crap brother! We must..." Taz grunted as he folded his arms and walked over to Asherah. The lady known as Lilly was beckoned over to the group as well. "You're mate has something to tell you and after you are rested and healed we must leave immediately." July 14, 2019 11:29 am


Arthur would have to thank and curse his friend later as he smiled at her kisses. Standing he eased her out at arms length to take in her disheveled form. But all he heard was the crack which saw him whirling around at the culprit. But sighed as it was Asherah. He stepped back allowing her to rip into his beloved before they were both a crying mess in each others arms. "Can we do that somewhere other than here? Its a bit too corpsey." July 14, 2019 06:05 pm
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