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What's Dead Never Stays That Way


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"I saved your wife and your child, despite your attempt to use me like bait.." The words were soft, but at this point I didn't care anymore. I silently collected the data up and spoke once more. "Watch the kids Arthur. I'm doing this alone. Like I should have in the first place." With that I disappeared. August 11, 2019 05:27 pm


Arthur growled in frustration as he paced the office. Things kept going south that he thought about doing something drastic. But it didn't seem drastic enough looking at the current situation. He took out his phone as he left the house. Calling someone he should have called from day one. Li. August 11, 2019 06:54 pm



Li say on a bench he created on a hill side looking out at sea. He had gotten the message from Arthur and it was quite evident he was pissed. If thunder storm above him said anything. His glowing electric blue cackled and hummed with power as the ground shook. "There's no way that prick is alive... No. Bloody way!" He snapped as the clouds broke and the rain poured out. He allowed himself to be soaked as he gritted his teeth.
August 12, 2019 09:53 pm


Arthur conjured up an umbrella to keep him dry as he appeared beside Li on the hill. He wasn't sure what to say to the man who had the weather under his control. "Take it you got my message." Arthur said matter of factly. August 12, 2019 10:16 pm

Xander Kuma

I had been walking up the path to the meeting spot with Arthur. The man had asked me to accompany him to a meeting with someone that he said may have been able to help us out. Though I had told him I was no longer involved, the curiosity of the name saw me go with him nonetheless.

The sudden appearance of the storm resulted in me using my magic to keep me dry even in this downpour. Looking the man over I noticed that he was a tall lanky man with black hair, styled into an undercut. From what I could see he had various tattoos covering his arms. The most striking feature about him was that the sclera in his eyes were purely black while the irises were blood red. Something that piqued my interest slightly. Staying silent I watched the interaction between the men waiting until they chose to acknowledge me.

August 19, 2019 02:12 pm


He ignored Arthur as he closed his eyes and growled. "Just go get your friend, don't know why he's just standing there waiting for an invitation." Like said as he had felt the presence the moment he got there. "I pray you're wrong about this kid, I really do." August 20, 2019 10:33 am


Arthur held up his free hand defensively with a chuckle. "Xander." He called as he beckoned him over. "This is my uncle Li, he has information we may find useful." August 20, 2019 10:47 pm

Xander Kuma

Hearing Li's comments followed by Arthur calling me over, I cleared my throat to removed the slight annoyance I felt from the older mans' words. "And just what information would I find useful Arthur? As I had said previously, I'm only here to listen. I will no longer be involved with the issues of the Hel'Gath or the matters of Anakin's family."

August 21, 2019 07:04 pm

Anakin Drake

"Not a problem either way seeing how you decided that in the most hypocritical way." I said appearing behind them with Aurelia, dropping a chained up Angel at their feet. I had heard about Xander dropping everyone. As if he didn't behave worse than us all when he flipped out. Yet everyone stayed, the same thing happen in front of him at a lessee scale and he drops us. "Li what do you know, and Angel here is under their control." August 21, 2019 10:27 pm

Angel Kravenoff

The scene of the duo wiping out the hordes coming towards them made him snarl. Those weaklings were not as advertised. Something that he'd have to take up with the reason he was controlling Angel's body. Closing his eyes, he focused on using his power to get him out of there. However, he felt more than saw when Anakin pick him up with relative ease and slung him over his shoulder.

The journey through the portal resulted in him hearing the last part of a statement made by a man he had grown familiar with. -Ah, Xander Kuma. It has been a long time young one. How's the family? I hear they're all pretty dead.- The boisterous laughter that followed saw him looking around at the others. -And young Arthur... Or would you prefer Diego? Or perhaps Barnabus Stinson? It's so hard to keep track of your transformations and escapes over the years....-

August 22, 2019 10:39 am

Xander Kuma

Rolling my eyes at what Anakin said I looked down at then man at our feet. Angel Kravenoff, or at least the body of, bound with magical chains and speaking in the voice of someone that sent my eyes wide with horror. I was about to strike with reckless abandon, but then thought better of it as I looked towards Li. "I know you can do something about this Mr. Kuroda. Once Angel is back to himself, I will tell you something that you all may wish to hear about who is really behind all of this."

August 25, 2019 09:01 pm

Angel Kravenoff

The only one to react to his taunting, was the one person he had hoped wouldn't notice what was happening. But when Xander mentioned Li doing something about the control over Angel, his face paled. It seemed that this Creation, was smarter than give credit for. -Fine, be a party pooper. I'll give Angel back, but its not like you can stop what is about to happen anyway.-

Turning his gaze to Anakin, he smirked knowing the one thing that would get him to react like the rash S.O.B he was now that he was a father. -I'll say hello to you sweet baby girl and Bo for you.- The maniacal laughter that exploded from his lips filled the air as Angel glared knowingly at the young Demon Gate Keeper.

August 25, 2019 10:41 pm


Li stood there listening to them as his anger boiled. The mention of a Bo set him off and all was heard was the sound of Angel being hauled to his feet. And fist connecting with his jaw that would have broken a simple man's own. The force knocked him flat as Li placed his foot in his chest. "I'm going to enjoy killing you again." He growled.

He kneeled down and pressed his thumb against his brother's forehead. "Awake you idiot." He said as his hand glowed and he twisted his thumb unlocking the spirit that resided on Angel. He stood up and extended his hand to Angel.
August 26, 2019 09:50 am

Angel Kravenoff

The sudden grab and punch from Li, sent him into slight shock. It wasn't the force of the punch, but the unbinding runic power that he put into it that made it hurt. Groaning softly, he was about to retort about the joy Li felt at killing him, but that choice of action was shortlived. Li had pressed his thumb against Angel's forehead and disappated the hold on the Kravenoff males soul.

A blinding flash of light left his eyes and mouth before consuming his body. Within moments the flash vanished and there laying on the ground still bound, and in his HellHound form no less, was a vissibly angered Angel. -What... Is THIS!?!?- He half asked, half growled the words glaring up at Li and the others.

August 27, 2019 09:38 am

Anakin Drake

My blades were already out and ready to slice him in two before Li reacted. It was calming because I remembered that Bo was a soft spot for Li as well. I retracted my weapons just as Li freed an angered Angel. "It's quite simple Kravenoff." I said walking over to him and releasing him. "We're going to war with the person who possessed you." August 27, 2019 02:02 pm
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