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What's Dead Never Stays That Way


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Anakin Drake

I narrowed my eyes at Asherah letting her know exactly how serious I was about tying her down. "Feeling the hand on my shoulder I nodded. " Lilly could you please make sure she stays here!"I asked as backed up and a portal appeared. Turning I ran through it with Xander. Not stopping nor caring in the least I kept running as the portal opened. Picking up speed as I crashed through the wall like a freight train. Homing in on the metal and running past shocked individuals. I growled as I rammed my shoulder into the next wall at full speed. It gave way but felt more denser than the others. Sliding to a stop I spotted Aurelia and Neeko hung up while the male before me had his hand stuck in Aurelias teeth. June 12, 2019 12:13 pm


I cracked a half smile as I rolled my eyes and laid back down. Of course I knew how serious he was. As he left he caught the soft scent of clean ocean water and see grasses as she reached out after him and spoke softly. "Go with my protection, Ani. Come back to me." June 12, 2019 05:14 pm

Xander Kuma

Smirking as I watched Anakin lose his cool, but in a controlled way, I followed through the portal. I was not going as fast as he was, so I was able to see the minions that he had passed. The dark grin that graced my lips saw me drape my arm across the shoulder of the one closest to me. "Hey, you guys happen to see a young African-American male run through here? I honestly think he listens to too much Miley Cyrus."

Punching the man in the face, I dragged him with me as I side-stepped a punch from one of his friends, causing the blow to hit him. I punched him in the face again before ducking a wild swing from another of his cohorts. This one was rewarded with me kicking the back of his knee before elbowing him in the back of the head.

June 13, 2019 12:37 am


Drost was just about to run her through with his blade again when the reinforced wall exploded and figure emerged. He yanked his hand from her mouth and jumped back. His whip extending as he eyed him. The look on his face was of confusion as he was in the form of Arthur. So he was obviously one of Arthur's friends. Knowing this Drost smirked but couldn't say anything because he didn't know the man's name. Not waiting for a response he cracked his whip and struck out at the man. June 13, 2019 09:52 am

Anakin Drake

Arthur seemed shocked to see me as if he didn't know who I was. That confused me as I stared at the bloodied form of Neeko and Aurelia. Killing him would have to wait as I needed to get them to safety. I shook my head free of all thoughts in time to lift my right hand as the whip wrapped around my right arm. The bladed tip slicing into my skin.

I ignored it as I realized tiny barbs decorated the length of the whip. Growling I gripped the whip and charged him at full speed. My left fist slamming into his stomach. The whip slacked enough and slid off my right arm as it was slammed into Arthur's face. My left knee met his stomach hunching him over before both fists crashed down onto his back. The force of my fists causing the floor to form a crator the moment Arthur hit it. Not giving him time to retaliate I picked him up and hurled him through the far wall.

I quickly ran to Neeko and freed him before turning my focus on Aurelia. "It's alright I'm here, we'll get you to safety."
June 13, 2019 01:01 pm


My eyes never left Drost, even as he was hurled through the wall. My face was a mess and blood covered my chin and neck even as I bleed from the wound in my abdomen. As Anakin spoke I answered in a hoarse voice.

"Take Neeko and go. Take this damned collar off me and walk away. He's got Arthur and I'm not leaving till he tells me where he is!" I strained against the chains once more, my eyes flashing red and triggering the collar again. Pain racked my body and forced my muscles to contract violently before turning them to what felt like jelly. Slumping against the chains, I tried to keep the tears weling in my eyes from falling. I had to save Arthur. This was all my fault after all.
June 13, 2019 01:36 pm


Everything happened too fast for Drost to comprehend. This person was quick enough to dodge him. And then everything was a blur as he slowly got to his feet. Coughing into his hand only to see it covered in blood. Compared to when Arthur hit him a while back this man was definitely stronger. His jaw was possibly broken, along with his back and a few ribs. But the ring and the blade he had was the reason he was on his feet. The combined metals had healed his back quick making movement doable.

He charged the man who was too busy with Aurelia. Striking him with his whip as it wrapped around the man's frame. He spun and slammed him through a nearby wall. Hauling him out sending him into the ceiling before slamming him into the ground. Pulling out his knife he rushed him ready to slice his heart out.
June 13, 2019 03:41 pm

Anakin Drake

Anakin: I simply shook my head at her insane request but was relieved to know that wasn't Arthur. But even so I didn't have time to end him. Aurelia and Neeko needed to be taken to safety. Just as I had freed her I felt the whip around my waist. Slammed from wall to ceiling to the floor. I sat up groggily just as a blade pierced my flesh. But I was quick enough to stop his hand from going deeper.

I felt the strange energy from the blade before realizing what it was. That's when my eyes took in his frame as we struggled. Brown eyes locked onto his hand that held a familiar ring. " *******!" I grunted as I opened my palm and the ring tore of his finger and into my open palm. The back hand I gave him had enough force to send him flying as I turned and grabbed Aurelia and Neeko.

I bolted off in the direction I came to see Xander cleaning house. "Xander we gotta go now." I yelled as Aurelia was in my arms bridal style and Neeko clinging to my back.
June 14, 2019 09:50 am

Xander Kuma

I had been busy taking out the lackeys when I heard Anakin. Jumping to kick the last man in the chest, I slipped in quickly to tackle the one that tried to stop Anakin.  "I'll cover you, GO!!"

Clapping my hands together, I channeled my magic to create a portal to the Lab. As I did, I sent out a wall of earth to block our retreat. Taking off I noticed the cracking of the wall, and as I looked back I saw the figure who hand made a section of it crumble and was confused, shocked and dumbfounded at the same time.

June 14, 2019 03:53 pm

Anakin Drake

I was grateful as I didn't stop running until I was back in the lad with Xander right behind me. I laid Aurelia down on a bed as Neeko shimmied off my back. But wisely crawled onto a nearby bed. I walked over to Asherah and slipped the ring back on her finger. Pressing a kiss to her forehead before looking at the others. "Safe to say we need to come up with a plan because once fit these two are going to be out for blood." I said pointing at Ash and Aurelia. June 14, 2019 04:02 pm

Xander Kuma

Following through the portal I closed it the moment I was throught. Hearing what Anakin said I nodded, but honestly I wanted to talk about the elephant in the room. I chose to wait until Lady A and Ash were up and running. "Ani, I'm gonna go check on Lil, Lia, and the others. If anything changes call me."

Opening a portal to the island I gave him a reassuring nod as I laid a hand on his shoulder. "We'll hand this my friend. Of that I promise you."

June 14, 2019 04:23 pm


I was already struggling to get up, the burn marks from the collar visible. I was an absolute mess, my eyes half vacant. I was running on rage and rage alone. The soft words that fell from my lips kept repeating.

"Find Arthur. Kill Drost." Blood spattered the ground as I struggled to my feet. I was already on the war path and I wasn't even fully conscious.
June 14, 2019 07:06 pm

Anakin Drake

I nodded at Xander as he took his leave. Id make sure to keep in touch. I went over to Needs and rested my hand on his head. Relaxing the little demon by carding my fingers through his hair. That's when I heard Aurelia and bit my cheek.

Before she could get any further I was in front of her. "You will do no such thing, you will rest and regain your strength. We need you at full strength." I commanded
June 14, 2019 09:45 pm


Energy crackled around me as I balled a fist into the front of his shirt. He found himself lifted off of his feet as I looked up at him with blazing crimson eyes. Tears slid down my cheeks even as I bared my teeth.

"He has Arthur. He is hurting him everytime he uses Arthur's magic. I have to sa- Augh!" Pain lanced through my head as I dropped Anakin and stumbled back the few steps against the bed. My hands clutched my head as I struggled to keep my conciousness. "It's all my fault.. Everyone is being hurt because if my weakness.." My vision narrowed and began to fade. "Please.." The lights went out completely in my eyes as I finally passed out fully.
June 14, 2019 10:13 pm

Anakin Drake

I was about to put her to sleep before everything worked out. Picking her up I placed her on the bed and covered up. "Fine." I said as I closed my eyes and my form shimmered. Arcane came into, well an astral projection of him. I watched as he floated over to Need with a frown on his face. I wasn't a fan of this type of separation because it took a toll on this body. I looked at Lilly as Arcane tended to Neeko. "Anything here to help speed up the healing process?" I asked June 14, 2019 10:22 pm
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