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What's Dead Never Stays That Way


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Xander Kuma

Offering a hand to Angel, I smiled at him then looked at Anakin as he mentioned the one who possessed the HellHound. "And for that I have an answer." Opening a small portal to my office I retrieved one of the files I had left on the desk. Opening it, I pulled out a picture of a man Li and Angel most likely knew. "While we were led to be that the Philosopher was the one pulling the strings, he is undoubtedly dead, Li and Angel saw to that."

Leaving the picture to float in the air, I looked at the second picture before pulling it out. "And this is Drost, the one that caused trouble for Anakin, Ash, and my family. He is the one we believed to be behind our plight, but to my dismay, we were wrong." The third picture to be retrieved was one of my creator.

The person in the picture was of a beautiful middle aged woman with light complexion with short auburn hair, meticulously styled to give her the look of a business woman but still have a hint of a temptress, red lipstick and the right amount of makeup to enhance her beauty. "However, after listening to the choice of words while we were being taunted just now... I know without a doubt that this is the person responsible for all our plight. Allow me to introduce, Natalia Romaskovic, also known as the Professor, younger sister of the Philosopher, and current leader of the newly revived Sector Black."

August 27, 2019 05:50 pm


Arthur wasn't overly happy about everything they went down. Hearing the taunting from his father to Li cracking him one to Xander explaining everything once his father was free. War definitely was on the horizon for this one. September 02, 2019 09:58 am


A bolt of lightening struck the ground and carved a wide arc behind him. His eyes hummed with power as he was now beyond pissed off. "Guess we know exactly what we are doing next. We find her and reunite her with her brother." September 02, 2019 04:13 pm

Angel Kravenoff

Being released then helped to his feet Angel cast his gaze around him at everyone. Taking in the faces he knew, he stopped on the ones he didn't. Then suddenly, like a violent wave crashing against a cliff side, the memories of what happened came back. Listening to Xander, he looked down at his hands as Li's reaction did little to make things go better in his mind.

Turning to the one he recalled as Anakin he bowed to the young man. -It seems that I had left myself to the control of another. And for that I cannot apologize enough. Until you have decided that my debt is paid, I will remain at your side as your protector. Giving my life to save yours should the occasion dictate as much.-

Returning to his full height, he looked at Li then the others. -Where do we start?-

September 02, 2019 09:30 pm

Anakin Drake

I wasn't particularly happy about this. I didn't need a protector but it seemed voicing such an issue wouldn't sit well with him. I pursed my lips wishing to store that fact at the back of my mind. "Not to butt in but we need to find a more secure location for such conversations." September 03, 2019 02:52 pm

Xander Kuma

"I'll help with that." With a few quick hand signs the ground beneath their feet turned black before they well individually enveloped in the black ooze. Within moments, they were released from the ooze only to find themselves in the lounge on his private island. "And I do apologize if anyone had any discomfort with that mode of transport. It was the only way to ensure there were no charms or hexes for anyone to use and listen or try to control any of us."

September 03, 2019 10:42 pm


Arthur shook once after they arrived at the house. "It's not a problem." Hes aid taking a seat in the corner. "So like Pops said, now what?" September 09, 2019 10:00 am


"Now we gather what we have starting with Xander here." Li said leaning on a wall and looking at the man. "You seem to know a bit about this Professor. Enlighten us so we know who we're dealing with and what to expect." September 09, 2019 10:09 am

Xander Kuma

Sighng when Li mentioned me starting this off I looked at then all before moving to stand behind the bar and began making myself a drink. "Well if we're gonna start with her, we gotta go back to a time before I was created. This will help put things into context for the reason she orchestrated all of this."

Mixing up a quick concoction of Appleton White Jamaica Rum, Cocomania Coconut Rum, and sprite. Something I had learned from Colton in the time spent with him and Angel. Pouring then each a glass on the rocks, I lit one of my cigs and took a deep pull before taking a sip of my drink. "Right, so here's the deal. The Philosopher's real name was Hamon De'es, more commonly know as Hades lord of the Greek Underworld. And with the help of his sister, Hege Ra'ad, or Hera for those not fluent in Olypian. I was created. My siblings and I were used as spies and assassins, as well as the... Staff, if you will, of Olympus."

September 11, 2019 07:44 pm


Li listened as he placed his full glass down. A bit far fetched but his expression was always unreadable. He of course could nullify all of this but kept quiet. Being in the shaman world and the Grim Reaper. He was close to all myths and religions. "Interesting." September 12, 2019 12:05 pm

Paige Jadu

Poofing up behind Uncle Xander she glared at everyone there with hands on hips she simply asked. "Okay so who's idea was it to leave the girls out of this battle anyways? Especially me? You ran me hard til you found out I was pregnate with the twins. You then took time to help me with other skills and I am now the last one to know that we aren't going to be allowed to do anything to help?"

Looking over at Anakin she just shook her head and waited for a answer. 

September 12, 2019 11:45 pm

Anakin Drake

I was leaning on a desk in the office as they spoke. Arms resting on the edge of it as I listened. Information was information but nothing told me about locating the Professor. "That's all good and well but..." I stopped as Paige appeared and began ranting about whatever. Turning her look on me which saw lifting an eyebrow. "If you have something to say to me then spit it out." September 13, 2019 03:51 pm

Paige Jadu

"Ugh! I need Taz or Neeko. Neither of them would have left me in the dark. I figured with all the training I would have been useful somewhere." Okay so she wasn't mad but this hurt her feelings. Not to mention she was already feeling lost since Jer and Derek were gone. September 13, 2019 07:08 pm

Xander Kuma

Seeing Paige suddenly appear and the interaction between her and Anakin, I sighed deeply before walking over to her and gently taking her arm. "Paige, I will speak with you later about all of this, but right now is not the time for this." My tone was calm but she knew that I was being serious with her right now. Leading her to the door I ushered her out before closing it.

"I do apologize about that gentlemen. Now back to the matter at hand. I believe you werre about to ask about the location of the Professor. Well, there in lies the problem. There are a total of seven hundred possible locations she could be at." Pressing a button on a remote nearby, the windows darkened as a holographic projection of a map and the spots marked off revealed the areas she could possibly be.

September 17, 2019 01:09 am


I had been gone too long. Far too long. A sense of cold dread seemed to creep along the halls of the building as I entered into the building. Beneath the dread was a slow bubbling rage that grew stronger the closer I got to the room. Even the air shimmered as I struggled to keep hold of my powers. These people had threatened my children. Threatened my family. Threatened the ones I had promised to protect and I was done playing nice.

"Paige. Are they inside?" My voice was soft as I walked up to her and smiled kindly. It was absolutely terrifying back by the aura I carried. "I know it's become a bit of a boys club since I left, but now the wicked witch is back. I want that bāstard's head on a pike and his blood for my rituals." Reaching past her, my hand touched the door and I paused before laughing softly. Moving back slightly, I simply knocked.
September 18, 2019 05:50 am
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