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What's Dead Never Stays That Way


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This is an rp designed to allow closure and exploration of the darker sides for the characters involved. If you would like to join, please feel free to send me a mail and we can see how you fit in. May 05, 2019 01:42 am


Drip. Drip. Drip. Slam!

The sudden boom of sound from behind me jerked me from unconsciousness. The glaring light that made me squint against it was nothing compared to the intense pain that rippled across the back of my skull as I did so. Where the hell am I? I remember being on the beach with Neeko, talking about planning a fundraiser and beach cleanup. There were some surfers that came up and asked if they could help. What happened next? Damn it all, I canít remember anything! There was another slam behind me, farther away. I could only assume that beyond my room there must be more.

Attempting to turn my head resulted in another blinding wave of pain and an intense sensation of dizziness. Well, that answers the question of how they got me here. My eyes closed against the glare of the light trained on my face. Probably to keep me awake. If the pain is any indication, I probably have a concussion. Well Iíve been in worse spots, letís just take stock for now. My fingers clenched and relaxed rhythmically before I repeated the process with my toes. It appeared that my only major injury was the blow I received to the back of my head. Now though, I needed to get a sense of my surroundings.

It took slow and gradual turnings of my head, but I was able to see around me. The room was probably about six feet by three feet. I could just barely see a large metal door as I strained me eyes to extend my periphery. A small intercom was posted beside it under a keypad. Well so much for the hope for just walking out of here.

I took a deep breath, wrinkling my nose slightly at the wet and mildew scent that surrounded me. Ugh. Seriously, do they not clean here? The chair I was in was some kind of metal with some light padding so I wasnít sitting on bare metal. How sweet of them. The though was sarcastic as I rolled my eyes and instantly regretted it as I had to fight the dizziness and the urge to vomit. My hands and ankles were secured by strong metal bands that didnít seem to have a visible seam to them. How interesting. Is it controlled be the key-!

My musings were interrupted by the sound of my door slamming open suddenly and the tread of heavy footsteps moving up behind me. I could hear the creaking of the figureís boots as they knelt behind me. I was resigning myself to death when gentle fingers probed the back of my head lightly, then there was warmth. The pain slowly began to recede and fade as I realized the person behind me was actually healing my wounds for me. My lips parted to speak when they stood abruptly and, with swift steps, made their way out of the cell. I sighed softly as the light in front of me went out once more to plunge me into darkness.

ďAt least Iím not dead right?Ē The comment was soft and more than a little sarcastic as I closed my eyes slowly and let the exhaustion take me.
May 05, 2019 01:44 am

Anakin Drake

I sat around the counter fiddling with my phone. I've been trying to get through to Ash for awhile now but no luck. This bothered me because she always responded. Unable to take it anymore I locked up and headed to the beach. The customers weren't happy with it but they understood once I had explained my reasons. Reaching the beach I waded out a bit and dipped my hand into the water. A crisp snap sent a shockwave throughout the water. Now all I could do was wait.

Neeko: A small groan left his lips, well it would have if it weren't for the fact that he was gagged. He was laying on a floor with his hands bound to his back. Whatever it was kept him from breaking free. Panic soon coursed through him as he wondered if Asherah was alright. He didn't recall what had happened but struggled for freedom. Thrashing about on the floor because Anakin would never forgive him if she got hurt.
May 05, 2019 08:32 am


It felt like seconds before three things happened in quick succession. The door to my cell thundered open, jolting me from sleep. I was distracted from my grogginess however as the latches holding my wrists popped open. My joy was short lived though, as I was yanked to my feet roughly before being hooded and having my hands bound together tightly behind my back. The figure that held my upper arm in an iron grip spoke just one word.


With that he was shoving me forward, well I thought it was a he, towards the stairs that of course I tripped over. He hauled me up and led me up the remaining steps before turning and moving us down the hall. A few more stumbles and muttered threats and I found myself being shoved to my knees quite suddenly before my kind escort spoke once more.

"Stay here. The boss wants to talk to you."

Almost as if it was an afterthought the man lifted my hood and placed a gag on my mouth before chuckling.

"Don't want you using those powers of yours now."
May 05, 2019 09:27 pm


Cold blue eyes stared at the monitors before him. Watching the events unfolding with a sly smirk on his lips. In his hand he held a small dagger. The handle carved out of an old sacred tree while the dagger was made from a metal so rare he was surprised he found another piece in this realm.. He watched the two figures before signalling his men bring them to him. This would be perfect and soon he'll finally have what he wants.

He stepped into the room but kept to the shadows as he twirled the blade in his hands. "Ah Asherah, you're quite a stubborn little mermaid." He said as he paced the room. Keeping to the shadows. "Killed you before but yet here you are alive and well. Only this time I've decide to keep you as my prisoner... For now that is." He finally stepped out of the shadows revealing himself to her.
May 05, 2019 10:36 pm

Anakin Drake

Neeko: He had list count of the time as he laid there on the floor. Taking the time to count the blocks that made up the cell he was in. His mind kept going out to Asherah, he had no idea where she was and if she was hurt. He sighed as that wasn't the route he wanted to go down. He soon heard the sound of footsteps and wiggled over to the door. His heart sank as he saw Asherah being lead away. He tried to make as much noise as he could but that was difficult as he was gagged. He needed to do something fast. May 06, 2019 01:09 am


It felt like I had been kneeling there for ages. My head dropping forward as exhaustion tugged at my senses once more. Since I had been here the darkness and the dry air had been affecting me negatively, draining my energy and making me feel sick. I was just considering my chances for escape when I heard the door being opened and then being closed once more. It was then that I heard the voice.

It was different and sounded off, but there was no mistaking the cadence and the coldness in it. I could feel the hair on the back of my neck beginning to stand up as a low growl rolled deep in my throat. My teeth were bared as I tracked his voice around the room as he moved through the shadows. A vicious remark died on my lips as he revealed himself though. The rage turned to confusion as I tried to understand the sight in front of me. It wasn't him it was Arthur. Aurelia's lover. Her protector. Why was he doing this?

The thoughts whirled in my head and came crashing to a halt as a sound called from the metal tray off to one side. The sound of tinkling music box notes rang from the cellphone on it. The screen lighting up to reveal a picture of myself and Anakin as his text popped up. In that moment I realized just how much danger I was in. The next sound that came from it was a cutesy kiss sound and the text that popped up was just barely visible to me. The words made my stomach drop and a soft cry left me. It was from Alice and simply read.

"I can't reach Mama. Do you know where she is?"
May 14, 2019 04:59 am


Arthur walked around her smirking as he noticed the phone. Grinning he dipped into his pocket and took out his own. Making a quick call and putting it on speaker. "Daddy?!" The small voice said over the phone. "I can't find Mama." Her voice sounded broken and on the verge of tears. Arthur chuckled as walked closely to Asherah. Extending his hand and pressing the blade on her back. Walking around her he dragged the blade along. Slicing through cloth and skin. "Oh princess don't worry, I'll find Mama and bring her back to you alright?" He said as the blade rested beneath Asherah's throat. The tip digging into her skin as crimson blood trickled down it. The point was clear, talk and die.

"Alright. I feel like something is wrong." Came the reply over the phone. "Want me to bring you something?" Arthur said as the two exchanged an innocent conversation. Once he was sure the little girl was calm he bid her later before hanging up. "Kids are so precious aren't they?" He asked as he removed the blade with a grin. Pausing to lick the blood of it.

The door soon opened and Neeko was thrown inside bound and gagged. Arthur walked over to him and with a swift kick the small male landed at her feet. Arthur just grinned as he stepped closer, slowly and like a predator prepared to strike. Resting his heel against Neeko's head he took out the ring he had taken from Asherah. "Where did you find this?"
May 14, 2019 11:24 am


The prick of the blade made me flinch and I barely caught the hiss of pain before it slipped out. I wanted nothing more than to sink my teeth into his wrist, but I was terrified of letting Alice know what was going on here. I couldn't afford her trying to find her mother. Especially if this bastŗrd getting his hands on her. As the blood trickled down the hollow of my throat I glared up at him. The message was quite obvious, when I got out I would kill him. Even if he was Aurelia's lover.

When he hung up and pulled the blade away I let out a ragged breath I hadn't realized I had been holding. The cuts stung and bled freely and I was confused. They shouldn't be doing that. My fingers shifted against each other as I tried to feel it, my ring. It was gone.

I was about to snarl at him once more when the door opened and a familiar form joined me. A cry left my gagged mouth as he tumbled before me and when Arthur put his heel against Neeko's head something in me snapped. I jammed my shoulder into his hip hard to shove him away from my friend before leaning over him protectively. I looked down at Neeko trying to apologize, but being muffled it came out as grunts. The insult hurled at Arthur though was almost clear. "-uck off. -shole."
May 14, 2019 08:57 pm

Anakin Drake

Neeko: As he was trying to figure out what to do he was dragged from behind. The next thing he knew he was tossed into a room. Spotting Asherah he was about to move before a well placed kick saw him crash land at her feet. He wanted to scream but couldn't as Ash tried to defend him. May 14, 2019 09:52 pm


Arthur's reply saw him backhanding her hard. Long fingers wrapping around her throat and squeezing ever so tightly. The growl that followed was quickly smothered before he had a sickening grin on his face. He released her throat and grabbed Neeko by his hair and hauled him back and out of her reach. Getting behind the small male Arthur dragged his nails against his flesh. With each drag his nails extended. Until red streaks came into view of his throat. The next drag saw blood running down Neeko's neck.

Arthur ran his tongue over the wound and smiled as he tasted the blood. "Let me ask you again... Where did you get this?" He asked holding up the ring. "Correct answers only are else." He said, snapping his fingertips he watched the gag vanish. "And don't even think about trying anything." He responded as he pressed his nails right near the jugular.
May 14, 2019 10:10 pm


Tears sprang to my eyes from the sheer force of the impact and I could already feel it beginning to swell slightly as he caught my throat. When he dragged Neeko back I started to follow after him until I saw the blood. He was hurting my friend and I couldn't do anything to help him. Without that ring I was as good as mortal. I bowed my head in defeat and after a moment he asked his question once more. Where did I get the ring?

With the gag removed I licked some of the blood from the corner of my mouth slightly before looking back up at him. "My lover gave it to me. To make me stronger." I cursed myself for being this weak, glowering at him darkly. If I could just get Neeko away from him. I was weighing the chances of me getting to him him before he killed my friend when I heard it. Shouting outside and a few men running by.
May 14, 2019 10:23 pm


The shops seemed to blur as I passed them. It felt amazing to be out running again and the music pulsing from my headphones had me grinning like a madwoman as I went. Speed metal accompanied this run and I picked up the pace and rounded a corner. Right into a pair of arms that felt like iron. It was almost like they had it all planned. As I opened my mouth to call forth an incantation I had a gag shoved into my mouth. Summoning my beast was thwarted as well as an odd metal collar was slammed around my throat. As I tried to summon my beast form electricity crashed through me drawing a muffled scream. I felt my muscles turn to rubber as the shock faded and I slumped into the arms of my captor.

The men shoved a rough hood over my head and I was herded into what must have been some kind of vehicle. Though the only thoughts going through my head were for my family and friends. It wasn't long before the vehicle stopped and I was pulled out. My strength has been returning and I grinned darkly under my hood as I jerked the man to my left forward to drive my knee into what I assumed was his stomach.

Even with my magic limited and beast form blocked I wasn't going to go along willingly. A sharp toss of my head tossed the hood off as I lunged at the second man with a vicious snarl. I could hear them shouting and more men coming to join. They would have to beat me into unconciousness before I stopped fighting.
May 14, 2019 10:45 pm


His ears perked up when he heard lover, a smile gracing his face. Pocketing knife and ring he hauled Neeko to a wall and chained him to it. The same being done to Asherah before he straightened himself. "Want something done right then do it yourself." He said as he turned and walked away grinning.

He saw the van rocking and headed over to it. 'Idiots' he thought as he approached her from behind. Pressing his hand over her eyes and hauling her out from the back. Kicking and putting up a fight as expected. "That's my good little witch. Fight!" He said laughing as he nipped her ear. Heading back inside he dropped her between Neeko and Asherah before jumping back and blending in with the shadows. His cold laughter bouncing off the walls.
May 14, 2019 11:18 pm


I yelped in surprise as I was hauled out of the van managing to kick one of the men in the face before my eyes were covered. "Geh off ucker!" The curse was clear enough as I twisted and bucked in his grip, snarling around the gag. The adrenaline coursing through me had my pulse drumming in my ears and distorted his voice. I jerked away though as I felt his teeth meet my ear. The familiarity of the sensation making something in my gut grow cold.

His pace was quick enough to make it nearly impossible to get a hit off on him, but still I struggled every step of the way before I was dragged into the room and dumped into the cold concrete. Blood dribbled from my nose and my lip was a bit bruised and swollen, but as I looked up to see them I forgot about my own injuries.

I struggled to my feet as the laughter started. Turning to put my friends behind me I snarled at the shadow's, the muffled words I was speaking didn't make sense it was obvious that I was livid. The air around me crackled with energy even as my eyes shimmered red and the collar sent electricity pulsing through me. I screamed my pain, locking my knees to keep myself on my fight as I struggled and fought my bindings viciously. I was Aurelia Wick, wife to the rightful king of Wulfhaven. A Kravenoff by marriage and a beast in blood. The pain ramped up as the collar tried to put me back down and I could feel my muscles straining and twitching as I tried to force them to do what I wanted. No one would keep me a prisoner.
May 14, 2019 11:47 pm
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