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Interview with - Mystic-husky!


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*Gave Mystic-husky a warm smile, sliding a tea over to her while also setting up her notepad and pen before asking her line of questioning*

1. You are a long standing personality in the Realm. Have you ever had to take a step back with a nice vacation to handle it all?


Okay awesome first question, Her eyes brighten as she thinks and a smirk forms at her mouth.  "Yes, I have. A couple months here and there at times to clear ones head through the years has been helpful.


*took a sip from her coffee and jotted things down. *

2. Are you currently a cover/sanctuary leader? How long, and is this your first? How many times have you been a leader?


Holding her cup in her hands then taking a sips from her tea she shakes her head softly. She glances up at the young women. "I have been a confidante a few times. And am now Leader at Carpe Noctem, a wonderful family.


*makes note to seek out these family members for interviews~

3. Have you ever been killed? How many times?


 An eye brow raises while her cup is at her lips and she can't help but laugh lightly while then placing it down. "Yes I have. And they have all been interesting to say the least. Number wise let's see. One or two murders by the hands of my first husband by bounty.  Two war kills as a confidante.  And Mackenzie, whom I do adore, was nice enough to dish out a dispensary act that sent me to the sod once. And Red Death and I have had a long standing affair through the years.


*Cringed at the mention of the Red Death*

4. Have you ever race chanced?


"No. I  have no reason to ever want to either. I have a thing against the religious sector. The burning times fixed that for me." Shows some very old burns hiding under her left hand glove. "And as much as puppies are cute, not fond of puppy breath either. And slayers are a bit to human for me." She grins then smiles showing a glint of fang.


*Gave a smile as she asked her next question. It was a favorite to all she interviewed*

5. Do you have a current love interest?


Hearing the next she smirks. "I am married yes. His name is Kenpai we have known each other many years."


6. Are you currently ‘shipping’ anyone else?


She honestly must be out of touch with the new age lingo. Hazel eyes glimmer. "Not sure I can answer that one Zoey. As I am not even sure what that means."


 *gives a wave of her hand. 'It's not an important question..let's move on…'*

7. If there was one person from your past that asked you to drop everything and join them, who would that be…and would you seriously consider that proposal?


"Okay that's a two way question really. If you mean romantically wise. No.  As for coven wise and such probable not either, unless Master Demon were to come back maybe then. He was awesome to work under."


8. Being a long standing member of the community, and witnessing first hand some of the changes that have come about in the Realm, do you think your Generation had an advantage, or a disadvantage over the newer Generations?


"The realm was still young when I arrived. Many and I do mean many things took place back then. The realm built its-self back then and as much fun that was had. We had many, many bursts of excitement that doesn't take place now the way they did back then. Race wars and proper fights that actually had reason and such. Interaction was higher.


But really This gen is a bit luckier than we were back then. Okay so maybe not luckier I rather enjoyed the plagues and plunder. This gen sees a premade home in which they live. Homes and toys we weld today, where worked for back in my day. Friendships between the races were a no no , which seems to have become just an old world thing now. So yes I do think this generation has quite the advantage."


*makes notes on all of this,scribbling away at Mystic-husky's well thought out answer*

9. What advice do you have to offer the new Generation?


Sitting up a bit more as the question was asked she holds her cup between two hands and thinks a moment. "Wake up every day, work hard, play harder. Look, Listen and learn. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer! "


10. Who is someone, old or new, that you admire greatly?


She sighs softly and thinks. "I have a couple in all honestly.  The first couple are off in the land of elders and haven't been seen in years. That would be Nicci and Fleta we were close in the ranks of witches in the beginning as we raced each other to make ,what back then was a great deal the infamous rank eight position. Next would be Tala, Benny and Charlene and the crazy dungeon parties that kept us all grounded even if they were on the light side of the realm. Now I give a shout out to Mackenzie and Sine Metu, yes I know she killed me once. But hey I had it coming. She is above all at this point in time probably the most trusted I can think of."


11. Who do you see as the next ‘rising star’?


"I'll be honest there. I don't get out much Zoey, tend to stick around the coven mostly these days."


*Made a small note on her last answer, sipping her coffee before proceeding*

12. What was one of the most shocking experiences you have had happen to you, or have witnessed?


"Ohh yes. Hmm Waking up to find myself as Claudia's Confident many years ago. And the other would be the year of the crazy list that created a bit of a stir. Many thought they were going to be killed. But it was solved very quickly. Red October? If I got the name right would also come to mind Now that was a fun time! All the running, screaming and bloodshed."


Zoey smiled to Mystic-husky. "Thank you for sitting down with me. This was a truly enlightening interview. I plan to pester your family now for their experiences." Laughed, putting her notepad and pen away. "Thank you again, and be safe in your travels!"

May 05, 2019 02:04 pm
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