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Spells, rituals, and the occult, oh my!


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*After months of saving up the cash I had finally purchased the house of Aleister Crowley. I was excited to see my new home and my hounds yipped happily. It would serve as my home on Earth whenever I'm not in Nekropolis; I unpacked my things. I looked to my hounds.*

Alright, my lovlies. Pick out which room would serve as the ritual room.

*They bolted off deciding which room to pick; they snarled and growled in disagreement until they picked the basement. Perfect, I thought. Hidden away from prying eyes.*

May 08, 2019 10:44 am


*I had unpacked my mp3 player and bluetooth speaker.*

Time to set the mood and energy.

*I set up my little music system and started to play, "Blackened Call" by Belzebubs. As the music slowly started I gathered my energy; once the lyrics came in I shot forth with it. Chaotic, Necromantic, and occultic energy spewed forth from my hands filling the house with it. The energy carved bizzare runes decorating the walls; these weren't of Nordic origin but something alien. The house rumbled and shook momentarily until the song ended and the energy quit pouring from my hands. I sighed with satisfaction.*

May 08, 2019 06:21 pm


*I pesnt the remaining day decorating the house with the furniture I wanted, definately gothic style and a large coffin bed. After I got what I wanted done I sat down on the large black, leather sofa resting my hooves on the coffee table. I look at one of the hounds.*

Be a dear and grab me a can of Mountain Dew.

*The hound didn't hesitate and brought me my soda. I take in the flavors as I relaxed.*

May 08, 2019 08:57 pm


*I waited till nightfall to conduct a ritual, I had the intention of conjuring Orobas. I could easily summon any Goetic entitiy with ease but I still respected the days they were most active. I placed out dragon's blood incense, candles, and a coin with Orobas' sigil on it. I chanted the Demonic Enn.*

Jedan tasa hoet naca Orobas. Jedan tasa hoet naca Orobas. Jedan tasa hoet naca Orobas.

*I repeated the Enn until Orobas emerged in the shadows as a horse. *

Greetings summoner.

*Orobas is described as a sweet, faithful demon who would not trick the summoner. I slightly bowed my head in respect.*

Orobas, I would like to have more information on his house.

*I needed more information about my new house, more than what Wikipedia says.*

May 09, 2019 12:20 pm


*Orobas went over the history of the house other than Aleister Crowley owning it. The land it was built on land that had strange supernatural occurences way before the house was built. Once I got the information needed I dismissed Orobas and mulled over the information. I thought to myself of what would happen if I can interact with the land but for now something more important came up. I cleared my throat.*

Alright, darlings. It's time to bring in the other altar.

*I had 2 altars; one to act as a personal church and space to meditate, pray, and conjure spirits. The other one for ritual sacrifices. The personal altar was a small table containing only what I needed such as summoning tools and divination devices.  The sacrificial altar was a large, decorative stone block with various chains to hold down the sacrifices. The Hounds yipped excitedly as they carried the heavy altar to the basement; upon releasing it the altar made an ominous thunk as it hit the floor. Silver and wrought iron gothic designs decorated gray stone's side while blood had stained the top.*

May 09, 2019 09:21 pm


*In my eyes this dwelling will place of nightmares to those who are evil. I turned to look at my hounds.*

It's time to hunt. Look for those who are wicked in their ways and bring them here.

*The Hounds rushed out of the house and scattered off into the night. Meanwhile, I was finishing of decorating the basement including on building a brazier in the center of the room. I lit the flame and will be a place where most hearts of my victims will be thrown in. Hours passed as I waited for my Hounds to return and hopefully with new sacrifices.*

May 12, 2019 10:33 pm


*I hear frantic scratching at my front and as I opened it was hounds that were dragging a few people. 2 were men and one was a woman; all were unconscious. Very few of my hounds had the ability to talk, one speaks in a very raspy voice.* red.. shirt... junkie... saw him... kill a lady.. take her purse... Man in black... child bound in.. chains.. in basement.. bloody and beaten.. we take child out... and place by..a hospital.. Woman in yellow... attempting to poison... her mate...

*I nodded at this.*

Take them to the basement and bind them.

*Not long after one of the soldier variants of my hounds drops a knocked-out priest onto the floor. I did my best not to assume the worst with their stereotype. I took a deep breath.*

Did his crime involve a minor?

*And as I feared, the soldier hound nodded.*

Basement and tie him to the altar.

*My hounds then hauled the victims away to be killed.*

May 15, 2019 10:50 am


*I descended the stairs to find the priest was bound and gagged on the altar. The other people were hung on the wall by chains as I walked over by a small lockbox and pulled out a wavy bladed dagger. The handle was made from onyx and wrapped in dark gray leather. The pommel and cross guard were decorated in ruby and silver filigree designs, while the blade bore a bluish tinge. The blade however was as sharp as obisidian, strong and hard like a diamond. One of the priestly hounds was eye-ballin the priest; tail wagging excitedly, his multiple eyes filled with hunger. I approached the hound and placed a hand on his head.*

You seem excited for tonight. For the first sacrifice...

*He looks at me, tail still wagging as I smiled.*

Do you want to be the one to perform the ritual?

*He barks, tail wagging wildly. I nodded.*

Get the ceremonial robe then.

*The priestly hound bolts off while I get the ritual prepared, the other hounds knowing this helped me set up black and white candles as well as lighting them up. I created an orb and placed it on the basement ceiling and another ord  in the lobby so that the other hounds who couldn't fit into the basement can witness the sacrifice. The chosen hound returns wearing a deep crimson and black shredded robe. The priest and the man wearing black start to come to, both looked around at their current situation as fear started to grip them. The man in black grumbled in surprise.*

F-Father Macleod???

*MacLeod knowing where he was at closed his eyes and started to pray. I shook my head.*

Father MacLeod is it? This place is where those who are wicked come to die. You call yourself follower of God and spread the good word....

*My expresion turned dark.*

Yet.... you violate a child of God... for your sick pleasure! I know what you did to that child, MacLeod...he didn't deserve it and now he'll be scarred!

*MacLeod stops praying and glares at me while the man in black stared in disbelief. The ritual chosen Hound starts to get on his hind legs and I handed him the dagger. The hounds start to yip and bark as my Hound raises the dagger above his head. He then plunges the dagger into MacLeod's chest and began to carve out his still beating heart. The Hounds screamed and howled in unison creating unholy sounds which woke up the junkie and the woman in yellow. The priestly hound holds MacLeod's heart in his paw, places it on his jagged maw, and sips on a few drops of blood. The beating heart continued to spill blood on the altar and the robe before it was tossed into the brazier causing the flame to roar. Blood overflowed on the altar and began to decorate the sides with crimson tendrils.*

May 21, 2019 08:51 am


*The next morning I hear a knock at the door. I put on a black robe, glamoured myself to appear human, and my hounds hid themselves. I open the door to find myself facing a policeman. He appears to be a well built, red-head with a five'o clock shadow as he clears his throat.*

Excuse me, lass. I'm Officer MacBrannan and I'm investiagting the disappearance of a Catholic Priest named Aaron MacLeod. Did ye notice happen to notice anything?

*I shook my head and replied, putting my Southern charm.*

No, I'm afraid not, Officer. I just recently moved in here. Is this the first disappearance?

*He was kinda surprised by my Texas accent.*

Yer definitely not from around here but aye. This is the first it's happened.

*He tries to get a look inside of the house.*

May I come in? I've heard stories about this house.

*I stepped aside and allowed MacBrannan in but, with a small wave of my hand I locked the door to the basement. My hounds escaped through the windows. He looks around almost fixated on the walls and furniture.*

Ye got some... unique taste. But where did these.. symbols come from?

*He traces his fingers on the alien runes on the walls. I took a deep breath and sighed.*

My uncle wanted to renovate the place before I got here. His taste and mine are similar so I told him to surprise me. Which he successfully did. We're both fans of Lovecraft and Giger.

*MacBrannan replies.*

And the occult apparently. I never got yer name.

*I smiled softly still remembering my other name.*

It's Shelly Colton.

*He turns to look at me, his green eyes looking into my violet ones.*

Well, miss Colton. If ye happen upon anything unusual. Please let me know.

*I nodded.*

Of course, Officer. that's a given.

*MacBrannan returns to his squad car and drives off. My hounds return as the officer car vanishes off into the hills. I turn to look at them. *

We're gonna need to renovate the basement a bit so y'all can fit in.

May 22, 2019 09:17 am


I shapeshift into a business woman and order my clones to shapeshift into female cops before heading to find a certain house that belonged to Aleister Crowly, I take a walk down the street to find a certain house as I am Louis lane the owner of the government in the province, I see the the officers head their own way and the recognize me as their boss, after they gone I go to the house that belonged to Aleister Crowly as I wear a business suit....

I get to the house and I sense occult things going on which please me, though I'm gonna pretend to be a business woman that owns the province and authorities, but in truth something different...

I have also heard stories about the house which I love, me and the female cops stop at the house, I knock on the door real loud "Hello!, Open the door!, I run the entire province, so open up!" I say even though down inside...
May 23, 2019 01:02 pm


*I respond to the another knock at the door while my hounds were renovating the basement, expanding it. I open the door and smirked.*

Oh really? The entire province?

*Shape-shifters couldn't fool me, I may not be able to see their true form but they give off an aura.*

Perhaps another officer or maybe a cult leader may have fooled me, shape-shifter. But I will give ya an A for effort as well as for your friends. How about you truly reveal yourself and come inside.

May 23, 2019 02:12 pm


The woman came inside and closed the door as she went to the basement before whispering in Kain's ear something softly "Shhh, you know who I am." she said giggling softly before going back to her Louis lane mode "Okay ma'am" as she grabbed out the book "Hmm lets see." as she looked at the basement "Were there some cops here a minute ago?" she asked Kain as if she was fixing to investigate...

But in truth, something else though, as the cops were fools! Being ordered by her as she runs the province....

In truth she was pleased with what she saw in the basement.
May 23, 2019 02:23 pm


*I smiled as my glamour disappeared.*

Didn't expect ya to be here. But yeah, there was a cop here. He was kinda good lookin.

*The other 3 victims were still alive and chained to the wall. The Junkie was going through a withdrawal but was too terrified to even speak, the woman in yellow was sobbing. The man in black was just silent almost awaiting his fate. I turned to Mileena.*

Tell me, can you be evil yet have compassion? The deeds I'm willing to do that many would is diabolical but for the best. As you already killing those who are evil is what fuels me.

May 23, 2019 02:31 pm


For a moment she switched to her real self Mileena

"Did that cop give ya trouble?" she asked her friend Kain.

She then saw the three victims and then had an Idea grinning evilly.

"These 3, how about we clone them using both my DNA and your DNA?" she asked...

Then she listens to Kain about her diabolical schemes evil laughter "I am the definition of Diabolical my dear! Even I know we have to do some good (as much as I hate it) to accomplish our evil goals!" she said.

"How about we make that cop work for you here?" she said grinning evilly.

"You see i actually swallowed the real province owner when I caught him, then I tricked them all, I turned into a business woman named Louis lane, then bought the province using the dead province owners money and bought all the authority and security to do our bidding in the long run." she said laughing evilly

"It will be to our gain as this towns guards fell for one of the oldest tricks hehehe."

Then Mileena shapeshifted back to Louis Lane...

Louis Lane began to take a survey of what the cops told her and what she saw "Okay Miss I just did an investigation and I have found that there was no wrong doing, no suspicious activity and that you and this house are following the guidelines which are written in the articles" she said before giving a nod and a grin of approval

She whispered to Kain "I'm the one who rewrote all these rules hehehe" She said via Mileenas voice.

Louis lane awaited Kain,etc.

May 23, 2019 06:43 pm


*I just smiled.*

You'd give the leviathans from Supernatural a run for their money, though eating them might make you sick.

*I pondered Mileena's advice and smirked.*

I'd like that.

*I looked over at the 3 victims and looked back.*

Now ya get to choose who want. Thought the junkie is having problems, the woman who is bawling her little eyes out might be tasty. I heard that fear gives the meat flavor. The man in black obviously has been working out. There is another priest out there I saw, very fat. And if he proves to be just as bad as Father MacLeod.

*I glance over at the corpse, my hounds started feast upon it.*

He'll be another feast for my hounds unless you want a piece of him.

*Ascended the stairs and looked out the window.*

I think it's time to stir some sh*t up here.

May 23, 2019 08:06 pm
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