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Summer Bloodies Campaigning starts now


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Cersei Lannister

The Summer Bloodies are here, and now is the time to prepare.

It is time to start campaigning!

Make your fliers, post them up for the Realm to see, leave them on every doorstep, lamppost, gulag, and inhabited stocks you can find.

Most of all - post them here

This year's awards will include:

Best Coven
Best Sanctuary
Most Missed Crew
Best Angel
Best Slayer
Best Werewolf
Best Vampire
Best Witch
Best Demon
Best Overall Character
Best New Character (0-3 months old)
Most Promising Character (3-6 months old)
Most Missed Character
Most Original Character
Most Terrifying Character
Most Friendly Character
Most Original Name
Most Helpful
Saddest Death
Best Baddie
Best Writer
Most Improved Writer
Best Origin Story
Best Bio Graphics
Best Graphic Artist (The creator your favorite bio)
Best Roleplay
Most Adored
Best Smile
Best Moment
Best WTF Moment
Saddest Moment
Best Couple
Most Shipped Couple
Most Dedicated Player
Best 70s Pornstache
Realm Robin Hood
Realm Batman
Realm Lush
Best Elder

Nominations begin in June

NEW: This season, campaigning will be completely IC. Walk your character in, RP their efforts as they hang their posters and step atop their soapboxes. There is no minimum word count required - so long as we get to see your character enact their will.
May 18, 2019 11:16 am


Mileena starts her quest and campaign for all possible awards as she is flanked by an army of Mileenas going throughout the realm posting campaign adds "Vote Mileena or else!" as they walked and marched whilst shouting as the Mileenas spread all over the realm posting posters and campaign adds throughout...

Meanwhile Mileena was at the center of the realm shouting and appearing everywhere "I am Mileena and there are many of us, vote me for all awards or else face the consequences!" she said as the other Mileenas struck fear into the hearts of citizens everywhere to force them to vote..

"Together, we will make this realm a better place than it has ever been, vote me for every award and you will not regret it, refuse and..." she said as Mileenas had patrolled every single street corner and replaced the police and guards on the campaigning trail. (It was obvious she was planning to replace all guards with mileena clones)

"I am not of this realm but I offer boundless opportunities by you voting for me in all categories!" she said striking fear using scare tactics along with the Mileenas to win votes along the campaign trail with sheer terror.

"I will not do you as my homeland did me!, Mileena is the ONLY choice!" she said throwing her Sais down beginning her bloody campaign in terror and ending the segment by revealing her Tarkatan fangs grinning!
May 21, 2019 06:56 pm

Averly Amoret

A saccharine smile curved Averly's bright red lips upward as she posted fliers for all to sea. It was strange to see herself dressed up, and it was even stranger to have pulled out all the bells and whistles. These days she often opted for comfortable attire and greasy hair coated in blood. She had cleaned herself up nicely for the special occasion.

Averly had heard through the grapevine of the many Mileena's charging their way through the Realm to kick start their campaign, but unfortunately she didn't have an army at her disposal. Yet.

"I've still got a lot to learn, but I've gained a new sense of confidence that wouldn't have been possible without working with other talented members of the Realm. I may not be one of the greats, but I feel as though I've grown a lot in my stay here." She exclaimed with a sigh, posting the last flier from her bag.

June 03, 2019 09:56 pm


Author arrived in an Uber and made his way through the papparazzi.  They weren't here for him, they were waiting for the celebrities, but they took his picture quite a few times anyway since he was the only candidate entering the arena.  He had to wait in line behind several Mileena clones and that felt awkward; he grudgingly accepted a brochure about her (their?) campaign.  Finally it was his turn and he stepped up to the mic.  "Hello friends.  I'd like to be considered for best new character.  I'm versatile!  In the short time since I arrived from hell, I've worked alongside a goddess, a super-hero and regular folks.  I know how to research; I also know how to use a semi-colon.  I'm open to new story lines and I'm not afraid to push boundaries. Oh, and I wanted to say air conditioning is an awesome invention. Nice job humans" He gave a thumbs up.

He stepped away from the mic, then leaned back, "Oh and I nominate Jacob Morningstar for best porn stache."

He headed offstage and caught up with Averly to chat about their latest job.


June 05, 2019 09:46 pm


Drifting along the street still reeling from finding the Most Shipped Couple poster for her and Janus, Flahme came across a notice board. Posted in no particular order where a range of categories, regarding a realm wide competition. Her brow furrowed as she looked over the different types fixating on one in particular.

Most Promising Character (3-6 months old). Flahme felt she fit the bill for the time frame as she had only been in the real, and hence back on earth, since January. Excited to have a category to campaign for she made up some posters, badly, let’s face it this wasn’t her forte and started hanging them around the place.

Of course, she absolutely wanted people to nominate her and Janus as Most Shipped Couple because he had stolen her heart even if she hadn’t actually told him that, yet. But this was something just for her.

Her journey so far, having found four of the thirteen items, had been at times easy and others life-threatening. Either way, she had enjoyed it to date, and she continued to keep her heart filled with the hope that she would make it through all thirteen and get to stay on earth. It was going to be a difficult road, but she was up to the task with all the amazing friends she had around her.

So, if she were to voice a plea to her fellow realmsters, yes she just made up a new word, it would be this. “Please consider nominating Flahme for Most Promising Character (3-6 months). I promise there is so much more of my story to come. I wouldn’t want you to miss a second of it!”

June 07, 2019 10:31 pm

Jameson Orlav

Jameson Orlav: Best Everything 


June 08, 2019 12:38 pm

Criss Angel_

+Walking out of the shadows, Criss look's around for abit. Hello I'd like to vote for best sanctuary the attic thanks drop's a king of hearts on the ground and walk's away ....+

June 09, 2019 03:02 am

Criss Angel_

+Walking back inside the door to cast another vote+ I'd also like to vote for 

best witch, Marah Whitmore thank you+

June 09, 2019 03:06 am

Manannán mac Lir

Manannán found the notice board that contained all the categories for this Summer Bloodies contest. Looking over the options, he frowned not finding Sexiest Couple because he knew he and Harlie would take that for sure if such a category were on offer.

"Fine, we'll try this instead. Please nominate Harlie and me for Best Couple! Even though it should read Sexiest Couple."

With a bow and a flourish, he sauntered off to find his wife and kiss her till she couldn't speak.
June 10, 2019 07:15 pm


Cersei Lannister can I please get the link to the best witch catgory please thanks, Marcus

June 12, 2019 05:30 pm
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