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Masked and cowled, dressed in a finely suited robe and hands wrapped in exquisitely finished naturally colored leather, Ceangal arrived at the agreed upon location, a bit early. “Thanks for having me, Zoey... and may I say it is encouraging to see the traditions of the Dark Chronicle have continued by some means.” Offering a gentle bow of his head. The faceless figure smiles with his voice and, eager to enjoy the interview, he takes a seat. With him comes the scent of old forests, of a slow stream, of blooming mushrooms and wildflowers.


Zoey smiles warmly, taking up her own seat across from the old one. His scent is strange, but lovely in its earthy tones. "I'm so pleased you accepted my offer. I will try to make this as painless as possible." She smiled sheepishly.

"For starters, you are an old soul returned to the Realm - what drew you back?"


“Nostalgia, for the people with whom I practiced magick so many years ago...” It was the most asked question amongst the many the old witch received. “The Realm holds a special sort of malleable existence - space and time - quite amiably arranged, with primary forces such a gravity, blood, and passion... what’s not the love?”


Jotting down some notes, she gave a smile and nod. It was true, what was not to love in the Realm. "I have to agree with you there. So how are you adjusting to the changes within the Realm since your return?"


“Only as quickly as they are adjusting to me...” He chuckles, beginning to tap the fingers of his right hand upon his knee in alternating patterns, an absently seeming gesture to occupy the relative stillness of his body. “... I find the additions a boon in returning to my former body’s capacities. Nifty features... I’m sure there are more I am still unaware... but I’m looking forward to hatching a dragon soon!”


"Oh my, a dragon! I have not yet attempted to obtain and hatch one. Knowing my luck I am sure it would burn me at every turn." She chuckled before continuing her questions. "I am sure there are many that have moved on since your initial departure - who would you like to see returned?"


“...I have come to miss many while I was away being magickal in my own dimension. A few of them are here now, either still or again. They know who they are because no force in the Realms could stop me from running up like a child a squealing ‘Hello!’... Yet there are those I miss dearly, who I’ve yet to see. From a collection times outside of time, friends and foes…” He laughs, somehow just now taking another breath. “To name drop a bit; the dark queen Dannica, a fellow hunter Minou, Jack Horton the jerkface psycho, my onetime apprentice Taika, the ever-cautious Tala Hemming and her husband feather-haired Stalker... and I am attempted to track down Livia Vlcek, the only slayer I knew who wasn’t crazy... and I even miss Demon if you can believe it!”


He shoulders settle back into the change, his tone lowering some as the shift of expression changes without uses of a face. His fingers still playing upon his knee.


“And then, there are others I miss quiet dearly... Bennie Noah is one of whom I miss deeper than my roots in this place, with thousands of words passed and lost to time... and data corruption.  Of course, I’ll get nowhere without mentioning the person I hoped to have a special reunion with... my former wife Fleta, if she would not simply smite me upon sight. I even miss those sadistic Elders of the old-days, Nicci and Bat Kitty... ”


Zoey wrote down the names, hoping one day to meet these people. She took a sip of her iced coffee before chewing lightly on her pens cap. "What are you putting more time and energy into - making social bonds or training?"


“Yes …” The mask nods soundly, and only after a pause he started up again. “Wait? What is the difference?” He tilts the mask to punctuate the question, but the hinting of a smile as if it might just appear across the blank white surface, reveals it was rhetorical.


She gave another sheepish smile and a small snicker. "Touche. Have you reunited with bonds from the past? Have you received warm welcomes?


“Yes and Yes… ooooooh my, yes! One of those whose memory brought me back here was Belinda Arch, the sweetest angel I’ve ever known... and to my delight, she is.” The warmth of his voice filling the area, like the passing of a summer’s breeze.


It was nice to hear the warn tone in his voice. She knew of Belinda, and would certainly seek her out. Zoey took another small sip of her drink, continuing. "What keeps you motivated?"


“A seriously sever sycophantically suffering, caused of a contentious cacophonous clashing of conflicting connections and conscious co-creation. Which We willing wander into with wettened wonderings.” He nods three times, fingers a rattle upon his knee. “Word Addition.”


"I have to pause here just to tell you what a delight you are to talk to. Now, Have you started reaching out to new people and creating new friendships?"


Nodding more enthusiastically now. “I have, but it is a bit slow going these days... it seems the Realm has grown quiet in my absence. I hope to collect enough moments to sustain this form and honestly, I cannot do that alone. Sowing Spaces is one thing, but in the maelstrom of the entropic forces, only passion can sustain the Unknowns to places of relevance.”


Zoey tried to shift the questions to more serious tones. She once again chewed her pen cap before speaking again. "Has anything surprised you yet?"


A long drawn out sigh passes and the mask lowers watching his own finger tap about, the voice groaning into existence until it had returned to his relative coherence. “When navigating the winds of chaos, I’m only surprised by the stagnation.”


To his answer, she gave a nod. "The stagnation seems to come and go, however. Very much like the tides of the ocean." She said, giving her next question some thought. "Will you be joining a coven?"


“I like being around others, yes. And tend to be offered residence easily. For the time being, I believe I’ve found a subtle group of weirdoes to blend, the Menagerie, by kind invitation of another Old Soul.”


Zoey then gave a cheeky grin. "Are there any enemies from the past still lurking about?"


“I imagine it is possible! Haters gonna hate, am I right?” Chuckling to himself. “But in all seriousness... probably not. Rivals, certainly, warriors whose stance opposes my own, perhaps they remain... but none with true enmity... I’m usually the bridge between, not the rock at either end.”


She gave a nod, chewing her bottom lip a bit before asking her next question. It was rather personal, but at the heart of it all, it was her job to ask certain things. "You seem very…unique…What kind of witch are you? Is 'witch' an appropriate term?"


The mask trembles as he chuckles to himself again, thinking the Elder to have obviously meant ‘which kind of witch’. “Yes! And thank you for noticing, miss Zoey. Banality is the enemy of Magick, after all... Which Witch would not will those words without wrizzling or writhing, Wabbly perhaps, warping whimsy I’ll wane once a week, or otherwise a winse in water...” The tapping of his hand stops, the mask visibly twitching, and Kyon breaks his stillness to readjust himself in the chair. Reengaging the question. ”... I do prefer Witch. To answer your question, however, we must examine the context. Categorization is all well and fine, but titles are not keys to access but the result of one’s actions in the realm... as it stands, however, I find my old moniker of ‘the Spring Witch’ to be the most descriptive of my character, my influence with magick... and still the most pleasant to my ears.”


She smiled happily. She jotted these things down. He was quite an eloquent man with words. She made a note call upon him again just to chat. "What are your plans for your future, now that you’re back in the Realm?"


“I long to see a Realm filled with mischievous pranks, violent delights, illusory indulgences, and consistent transient encounters…” The thumping of his fingers stops, and the blank face leaned forward, perching his form at the edge of the chair. ”... I want to fill the space with noise... joyful, painful, awkward, maddening, and even inspiring. Our Words are the formation of the world around us. I hope everyone will join me in this re-creation.”


Zoey smiled softly, quite pleased with how the afternoon had went. "Thank you so much sir, for sitting with me and indulging my questions. It has been a true pleasure."


“Ah, yes! Thank you for the opportunity to reach so many with this act of spelling. It’s been a pleasure. Miss Zoey.” He stands and steps away before turning to give farewell, his exaggerated bow gestured with a fold of his arms, one in front and one behind.

May 19, 2019 12:44 pm
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