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Game of Thrones: Damnation


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Ronan Boru

*  Ronan    shifts   back in  to  his  human  form   when   he  heard  who  was  there. the less  some of  the  Bannermen and  allies  knew  the  better. Ronan  had  grown  fond of a  lad  named  Gendry  as  well  that was  in  winterfell. He   knew w ho  his father was and  Ronan  was  good  with it.*

May 25, 2019 11:19 pm


*Harric clad in the dark teal robe, armed with his flamberge, and carrying the meteorite made his way to the town square but was stopped by his drinking buddy, Jaris. The bald man looked at Harric with a strange look. *

What's with the get-up?

*Jaris furrowed his brow.*

Wait a minute... the way you walk it's different like before the injury..

*Harric nodded.*

It's been healed and so has this...

*He opens his robe and Jaris notices as his eyes grew. Jaris stammered.*

Y-y-your scar.......

*Harric smiled.*

All gone.

*Other people noticed and murmered amongst themselves. Harric holds the meteorite.*

All thanks to her.... a humble goddess...

*People started to look at my prophet as if he was crazy. He pleads with the surrounding crowd.*

Touch the stone and hear her voice! Without knee would never heal and my war wound would still be on my stomach.

*He looks at Jaris with despair.*

Please, Jaris.... Perhaps she can help you....please...

*Jaris hesitates and slowly places his hand on the meteorite. The nanites quickly scampered onto his skin and held on. My voice within Jaris' mind.*

Hello there, Jaris.

*Jaris recoils in shock and backs while a soft smile appears on Harric's face.*

You heard her.. Didn't you?

*Jaris is panting and points at the stone.*

How? How is it that I heard a voice! How does it know my name!

*People started to clamor and wondering what the stone said. A little girl who is obviously a leper approaches Harric. She looks up at him nervously.*

Did she make your knee and stomach better?

*Harric nods.*

Yes, she did.

*A sparkle of hope appeared in her eyes.*

Can she make my pain go away?

*My prophet kneels down for the girl to touch.*

Let's find out.

*The young leper touches the stone and immediately my nanites scurried into her open sores, working to cure her. My voiced again.*

Hello, child.

*She recoils but then places her hand on the meteorite.*

C-c-can you make me feel better?

*I smiled.*

Of course and it shall happen soon..

*The girl whimpers.*

How soon?

*I replied in a soft tone.*

You will see...

May 25, 2019 11:45 pm


On Dragonstone, more and more people were being converted as they reshape the island which is floating and building a sky castle in the way up high, the island now a living island is shaping into focus, everything going to plan, but still works in progress...

Dark Priestesses are summoned to the Temples to serve Mileena and her causes...

The old government buildings are being torn down by the Nanite infected servants so new things can be built as they labor away to build this island into something new...
May 26, 2019 04:39 pm


*The day was over and Harric was done spreading his word about me. He returns home to the sapling are literally bearing fruits and flowers. The Prophet stares at the plants in wonder, they were something he has never seen. Cyan colored leaves and a mix of large, bright colored berries. Harric touches the meteorite and I answer before he asks.*

Yes, the berries can be eaten and leaves hold strong medicinal properties. The leaves can be used as bandages, dried then added to food or strained and used as tea. 

*The tree would be used for medical purposes if my nanites haven't gotten to the patients. harric eats a handful of berries and he moans in pleasure.*


*I nodded.*

And make sure the plants have plenty of space to grow. They tend to grow quickly.

*He then places the plants in his backyard. Meanwhile the little leper girl is resting on her bed, the nanites within her tend to her sores and heals them. Then they quickly work to cure her of her disease. The next morning her caretakers have taken notice as they examined her. They are unsure of what happens and closely monitored her. Harric wakes to find the trees have grown extremely large almost threatening to overtake his house and the limbs were literally covered in berries. Some bystanders staring in wonder, Harric comes back to the stone to communicate with me.*

The trees are bearing so many fruits!

*I chuckled.*

I know. Let your people have them. The tree will grow so many you won't know what to do with them.

*Harric goes outside and informs the people about what the tree can do and they are allowed to take the berries. Some people used long sticks to knock them, others have used the lower limbs to climb the tree. Alas, King Joffery still resides in King's Landing.*

May 26, 2019 05:14 pm


Meanwhile back on Dragonstone inside the crater inside the giant ruby, Mileena telepathically reaches her minions and shapes the island in ways unseen causing natural disasters to those who oppose to firmly establish the island under her banner of evil...

Meanwhile he workers multiply and continue advanced construction while employees work under her banner and spread her banner on the island of Dragonstone, though it won't be Dragonstone much longer though...
May 26, 2019 06:44 pm


*It wasn't long before my prophet started to gain followers. I instructed that a simple temple be built underground by Harric's house and told that I would change it once it's done. It took them a few days and then I told Harric to leave the meteorite in the temple. He did as he was told, my magic flowed changing the temple to my desire. Non-Euclidean, gothic, and biomechanical designs began to appear, along with floating candles, and a sacrifical altar emerges from the ground. Harric tilts his head.*

An altar? Perhaps for offerings.

*He touches the stone.*

Is the Altar for offerings?

*I took a deep breath.*

Technically yes. I accept fruits but most of all.... I prefer blood...

*Harric and his followers are somewhat shocked.*


*I smirked.*

Yes, but not just any blood.... The blood of the wicked.... The blood of thieves, murders, and rapists. In order for peace and prosperity to flourish... evil must be rooted out.

*The followers muttered amongst themselves. Harric sighed.*

Very well. I'll bring them to you.

*I smiled.*

Worry not... You'll won't be alone in this endeavor....

*I transported quite a few hounds down to the temple under the cover of the temple flames. Harric and followers see them and they're awe-strucked. I continued on.*

They will be under your command. And it is best to send them after dark. I know you won't fail me, Harric.

*A drone approaches Harric and it allows the prophet to pet him. My prophet nodded.*

Yes goddess. Your will be done.....

May 26, 2019 09:04 pm


Back on Dragonstone...

Oh wait a minute, it's no longer Dragonstone...

But now...


All over Mileenastone there were singing songs to honor and worship mileena while building living statues that look like mileena and act like mileena in her image and pay a tribute as they work and spread all over Mileenastone!

Everything that said "Dragonstone" was removed and replaced with "Mileenastone!"

A sign reads...


May 27, 2019 02:21 pm


*Days have passed and my altar has been flowing with the blood of the wicked. Harric garnered more and more followers each with my miracles. King Joffery took notice and wasn't very pleased with them. His soldiers had made an attempt to cut down the tree in Harric's backyard but to no avail. The bark of the tree was hard as titanium, burning it also proved futile as the flames were absorbed by the tree. Alas, my prophet and followers were dragged away to be executed. The soldiers made an attempt to destroy my temple but I was able to make a barrier, preventing their entry.  I wasn't concern about this as my nanites infected majority of the population and I was about to arrive.*

May 27, 2019 10:47 pm
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