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It was a normal quiet day in the realm like most days doing the usual stuff, enjoying their happy selves, having a good time, unfortunately for them that was about to change....for the worse!

It was one normal day in the realm, everybody was out and about on their own business as they usually do, in fact it was celebration day here in the realm all over all day, having feasts, eating, dancing, playing, recording and the like, and they were having a great day, all races and species alike in their own way, united once in a rarity! It seemed to be one of the best times in this realm's history, but there is such a thing as too good to be true....

it had gotten dark at night with the parties and peace going on, but however, it would not last long after that, something was about to happen, something very bad as a matter of fact

A portal had opened and it seemed like a purple clad female ninja had been thrown here after being exiled from another place. After she got up, she was furious "Throw me out of Outworld will you?, I'll have my revenge!" she said. Then she looked at the new realm and then summoned her army of clones of herself, she can read their thoughts and they hers....

The army was here, they were all female and dressed in the same purple ninja outfit.

These were not an army of normal ninjas, but in fact, an army of Mileenas, summoned by Mileena. They had marched to the nearest town area as they sensed activity, looking to cause trouble. The people were still having fun, but were unsuspecting citizens, ignorant of the imminent danger that is fixing to come their way!

Mileena gave the order "Attack!, Command!, Conquer!" she shouted to the other Mileenas in unison as they launched their attack on the citizens, killing them, revealing their Tarkatan fangs and swallowing them whole while burning villages on their conquest to snuff out the town and take it over.

Screams could be heard from all over, but any guards or cops that came were overmatched by the Mileena clones and became victims of this undeserved assault, even though Mileena thinks otherwise. She shouted "Kotal Kahn, Elder Gods damn you!, I will have my revenge and take back what is rightfully mine!" she said as the destruction continued in the horror....

What seemed like one of the greatest days in the realms history ended up being worse than a nightmare as an infamous villain and her clones wreck havoc on citizens for what?

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May 20, 2019 11:07 pm


It was still a chaotic scene in the town the next morning as seemingly endless destruction was going on at the hands of the Mileenas with no resistance, no change and no end in sight....

The citizens were running scared all over the town, trying to get away from The Mileenas that were causing the destruction and chaos in the town, but were blocked by the Mileenas and were either eaten or taken to the flesh pits or enslaved by the Mileenas under the will of this terrible monster and her clones as they were pillaging the town!

A Barbarian Warrior challenged Mileena and fought very valiantly and Brave, but in the end it was the end of his life as Mileena was too fast and too powerful for him as she devoured him and stood raining victorious shouting "We are not of here!, All Gods are False Gods!, We shall conquer this town and rule it!, I will have my revenge!, and eventually I will destroy my father Shao Kahn!" she shouted in celebration with the other Mileenas in unison.

The news had even hit the police station nearby as the got the terrible news, they knew they could die as they never seen anything like this, but all the guards, police and cops went out to the scene of the chaos!

Police Cars and Guards had arrived in the chaos riddled town as they were ready to battle the Mileenas...

They had their usual batons, sprays and guns as they went out to battle the Mileenas!

But the Mileenas were more than ready with their Deadly Sai blades and tricks...

The battle was on, but as hours raged on, there was brutality and war, but in the end it was a one-sided affair as the cops stood no chance agains these evil ninjas and were completely wiped out and eaten!

"Weak!, Cops?, Is that the best you can do?"

So far the Mileenas have conquered this town unchallenged and unopposed, any resistances were mowed down, and so far, no good-doer has stepped up to the plate to even challenge the Mileenas, will any hero step up to these evil ninjas?

To Be Continued!

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May 21, 2019 06:09 pm


It was the next day with the Mileenas having a tight reign on the town as they took control by conquering it with really no do-Gooder brave enough to even challenge them, so these purple clad ninjas made their mark on the newly conquered town under their banner, and they began to shape and mold the town in their image!

Mileena took command with her mileena clones flanking all over the town, they marched toward the center of this town "Erect A Tower here and Build a Flesh Pits at the bottom!" she ordered the slaves and the Mileenas. Brick by Brick and Clay by Clay it took days and days but it was finally finished.

"You know what we can do with these slaves?, we will clone them using our Tarkatan DNA!" Mileena said as she ordered the slaves to be taken down to the flesh pits to be cloned merged with Mileena Tarkatan DNA "Then we will have an Army in our likeness mwahahaha!" she said laughing...

It was a dreadful day for the survivors of this town, the tower/flesh pits were being erected in the center, Then Mileenas enslaved and took the Survivors into the flesh pits to clone them merging with their own DNA! What kind of madness is this? What next? Can anybody step up and oppose them?


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May 22, 2019 06:54 pm


*I noticed a lot of chaos going on and decided to gaze down up from my star ship, Nekropolis through the main screen. My jaw slacked in surprise.*

You've got to be kidding me.......

*An army of the half-Tarkatan ninja called Mileena. I took a deep breath and chuckled I have been waiting for this moment. I made my way to the transporter room.*

One to beam down.

*I was in the middle of the chaos, but I had the chaos on my side as well as many things. The ship being bigger than the Borg cube entered the Stratosphere and started to play Techno Syndrome (Mortal Kombat). I pulled my weapon a strange and alien melee weapon that can shifted between a sickle and a sword. I laughed darkly.*

Causing trouble I see... That's my job.

*To the enemy I was no longer human. My upper body was human; I had dark brown, curly, flowing tresses. Violet colored eyes and pale skin to which many said I looked like a china doll. But my lower body was something else; shaggy legs of a goat including the hooves and a long, split tail almost made up of black fungal tendrils. Above my head was a otherworldy colored flame causing most people to confuse me with Baphomet. I was ready and I smirked, these were biters. My blood was no longer liquid but of plasma that melt just about anything.*

May 22, 2019 08:41 pm


Mileena smiled as the chaotic scene continued before a shadow appeared above the town, she looked up "A ship?" she asked herself hearing mortal kombat music being played. Then the army of Mileenas looked up at this massive ship...

A mileena clone asked "Should we attack that yet?" Before Mileena answered "Let's wait and see!" she said awaiting and ready for any scenario just in case.

"Friend?, Foe?, Or Neither? This will be very interesting either way!" Mileena said awaiting and ready just in case of any scenario.

Then they saw a female satyr with flames come down from that ship "Any satyr or centaur is better than Motaro!" she said awaiting this creature to see what would happen next but were ready just in case...

Well looks like we have another party on the scene, is this centaur the good guy hero the town needs?, or an ally?, or enemy?, or neither?, or does this creature have their own motives?, if this indeed is not a good guy hero, then the citizens are in even more trouble and might be dragged into a possible war?, we will find out next time!

Then the Narrator replied "God I hope whoever this invader is, is a hero to drive these villains out, if this person is not good, well be in more trouble" 
May 22, 2019 09:35 pm


*I held up my left hand in the air and summon a gargantuan 3-headed hound. The massive rose from the earth as if clawing his way from the Nether Realm, his faces were more like a T-Rex, hell fire covered his body, and he started to spew forth lava from his mouths at the army. Another creature who more horrifying than the cereberus was simply a mass of writhing tentacles, teeth, and eyes. It floated above the battlefield and started to shoot out energy beams. I started to raise the dead to fight for me. I shouted out.*

Let this game begin.

May 22, 2019 09:46 pm


Mileena smiled as the humongous creatures were summoned by this satyr heading toward her way "Two can play that game!" she said as she also summoned some hideous creatures. She summoned 7-headed hydras, four armed giants, flying megalodons shooting out tornadoes, apparitions covered in frost, gigantic two headed lava bears, polar krakens to fight for her as the two sides began to battle and she shouted "Show us how strong and powerful you are Satyr!" as if it were an invitation or something as they charged toward each other...

Game On!

Of course the narrator frowned with displeasure "Oh no, here we go, either way this town loses, nobody wins!, we need a hero to intervene"
May 22, 2019 09:54 pm


*I had to carve my way to find the leader while my creatures took on the other monsters. I smiled.*

Chaos is one of my main games.

*With a grin I started to fracture reality around me.*

Let's how well ya do.

*As I tore a piece of fabric from reality my tail entered through and to stab the other Tarkatan ninjas. There was one thing I still kept from a previous life. The nanites.. they would make their to the brain and inject it with their serum, creating a hive mind under my control. My tail then pulled out from the reality hole.*

May 22, 2019 10:03 pm


While the chaos was going on I smiled before making my way to the satyr while the armies fought each other and cause more destruction.

"I am Chaos." I replied to her laughing before scanning her.

I then saw the others Nanites before teleporting all over swallowing her allies and saw all reality bend as I was pleased before summoning my sais spinning in circles making their way surrounding her, but the intentions were unknown as things began between these two...

The Narrator shook his head "Nooooooooo! Stooooop!" as he was displeased with both parties and chaos going on with a frown.
May 22, 2019 10:11 pm


Well, I hope you have Pepto Bismo cuz swallowin my pets tend to cause heartburn among other things.

*I was still smirking as my tail extented and knocked the spinning sais away.*

I hope you know more parlour tricks.

*I twirled my weapon in my hand. This was gonna be fun as I smiled to myself jumping through reality to close in on my oppenent and watched my bladed close on her throat. I had be hoping her reflexes were quick otherwise this would've ended to quickly.*

By the way is he with you?

*I glanced to the pale man behind her. It was Quan Chi holding his own head, clearly he was decapitated.*

May 22, 2019 10:21 pm


I grinned back at the satyr even as my sais were blocked, but then the fell to the ground piercing the land as earthquakes and volcanoes began to erupt all over the landscape.

"Pepto Bismol ain't got nothing on me you see!" I say even in pain laughing.

As she moves I teleport to avoid the blade and spin my fan blades.

"Quan Chi is nothing more than a failed abject." I say as I sacrificed him and then natural disasters started to form around our battle as I enjoyed this and could have use for this satyr and her use for me even in the lively battle.

Again the narrator looked on in disbelief and horror and decided he had enough "Time to step in!" he said summoning his holy forces, then one of his angels said "Since no hero is going to step in and stop these two maniac women, then well have to, well teach them both a lesson in humility and behavior!" as forces of good left the heavens to make their way towards the scene!

May 22, 2019 10:35 pm


*I look up at the sky.*

Uh oh. And here I thought Raiden was gonna come by. I could be nice and transport us elsewhere so we don't end up destroying the planet. Damn party poopers....

*I look back at my opponent and pondered, she's definitly entertaining. I sighed.*

Nekropolis, 2 to transport. Take us to Nibiru.

*The transports us to the alien world. From what it seems to be a desert landscape.*

May 22, 2019 10:46 pm


For the first time Mileena was in agreement with the satyr and decided to declare this as a draw and stalemate as she realized they could benefit each other as they set for Nibiru...

Then in the new world both women appear, mileena saw it as another new realm and then walked with the satyr facing the desert landscape....

She also wondered if the two armies merging could beat that holy army down the road....

Meanwhile back on the other planet, everything lay in ruins with nobody left, The holy army was displeased "Damn they got away!"
May 22, 2019 11:10 pm


*I chuckled as the cool air swept over us. *

Before we get cozy, I am Kain. And you are Mileena, correct?
May 22, 2019 11:20 pm


She smiled back to Kain "Yes I am Mileena, Empress of Outworld, I was exiled from the planet and thrown her lady Kain." she said "Pleasure to meet you!" she said grinning in greeting, knowing they had to work together to accomplish their goals. May 22, 2019 11:24 pm
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