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Eyes sparkling and with one eyebrow raised Flahme answered his cheeky question in the affirmative. “Yes,” she said simply. “I mean, think about it, my blood has some sort of c*cktail in it that lets me do the things I do. Not to mention how quickly I heal, a couple of drops, or even a bit more than that, would hardly be missed.” Though she teased him, she was serious at the same time. “Anyway,” she shrugged. “It’s something to think about.” She was so playing with fire here, Janus licking the blood from her finger might make her combust.

“Besides, if we’re going to be around each other more, then you ought to be stronger than me. Otherwise, it could be embarrassing for you.” She rubbed her lips together to stop from laughing again. She was on a roll and having fun, though her smile and body shaking with mirth probably gave her away.

When Janus explained how different he would be around his demon cronies, Flahme nodded, understanding the need to keep hold of what you have already gained. His palm was warm against her shoulder, and she had to stop herself from rubbing against him like a cat. She breathed deeply. “No problem, I know how tricky demons can be. Did I ever tell you my father is a demon? He tends the furnaces of Hell. He is a fire demon, and my mother was a fire witch, somehow I got a double dose, which is why it is so strong. At least I think that’s why. I’m telling you this because I’m not sure if it will play against us or not, but maybe we keep it to ourselves unless it comes up. Don’t worry, I will play along with however you need this to go down, and I can’t imagine there’s anything you could do to make me think differently of you. I am not the delicate flower you think me to be.”

Janus excused himself for a moment and returned with a long black box which he set before then opened. Flahme was momentarily speechless, an odd occurrence in itself. Her fingertips brushed lightly over the ruby stone, and she felt it pulsing and buzzing under her touch. She smiled wide and picked up the necklace to look at it more closely. Janus just gave her jewellery! Standing up, she hugged him tight then stood back and looked up at him, her eyes brighter than usual. “Thank you, it’s beautiful,” she said quietly. No one had ever given her anything like this before. The gesture overwhelmed her. “Put it on me?” she asked, handing it to him and turning her back, flicking her red hair out of the way to bare her long neck.

Once secured around her neck, she looked down as it perched above her cleavage. “Protects from enchantments, I like that. Alright, I am all in. I’m going to go home and get a good night’s sleep.” This was so similar to how they ended in Paris, her saying she would go home, but wanting to stay with him. Though now she had all the facts vis-à-vis his marriage, it was the best idea that she go to her place.

Before she left, there was one thing further she had to say because she hadn’t reacted well when he told her. “Janus, I was so overcome with the news of your marriage that I didn’t say what I should have, and that was selfish of me. Truth is,” she paused, licking her suddenly dry lips, wondering if she should say the next part. After all, they didn’t know what tomorrow would bring. “The truth is, if you wanted someone in your life, I hoped it would be me, but if Elisa gives you what you need, then I’m happy for you. You have to take the good where you find it, especially with lives like ours. So, congratulations to you both.” With that said, and her heart not quite in the place it should be, she turned to leave.
June 06, 2019 09:07 am


The once saccharine grin on his face turned wicked when she mentioned her blood being a ****tail, and that it wouldn’t be missed. Janus wouldn’t hide the glide of his tongue against his lips as she spoke, and locked eyes with her so that he wouldn’t miss a second of the mischief he found in Flahme’s emerald hues. “Perhaps we’ll test your theory tomorrow morning. I’d be more than happy to lap you up along with my morning cup of coffee.” 

Her next comment, and argument backing up her reasoning on drinking her blood, left his mouth hanging open wide. But the quake of her lips and small shake of her shoulders indicated to him that she was purposely trying to get under his skin. A sly fox trying to rile him up, and it had worked of course. “My masculinity isn’t so fragile that I’m bothered by it. You’re much stronger than I am.” A cruel, playful smile twisted his lips upward once more as he slowly ran his eyes up and down her form. “It’s a shame you may never know just how comfortable I am in my weak male form.” 

The stiffness of her shoulder underneath his grasp surprised him, but he held back the smirk he was dying to give over his affect on her. However, the mention of her family had him setting all his playfulness on the back burner for the time being. “No, you never told me.” In fact, Janus could only recall her bringing up her mother on one occasion, it had been a brief conversation at best. “Being half demon would provide you with extra strength and power being a witch, to have inherited any magic from a fire demon is incredible. I didn’t realize I was in the presence of such a formidable woman.” 

A smile returned to his features, a genuine and pure expression compared to the flirty smiles he had flashed her moments earlier. “I appreciate your cooperation. I know you’re not a delicate flower, it’s one of my many favorite things about you. You’re strong, and strong willed. However, what kind of gentleman would I be if I threw you to the wolves all of the time?”

Her exuberant expression delighted him, and he held her close the moment her arms wrapped around his waist. The familiar scent of her hair overwhelmed him with fond memories. In the weeks prior to this meeting, he had been worried he may never have the chance to for the smell to wash over him again. Once she had stepped back, he happily obliged her in fulfilling her request to place it around her slender neck. The motion of her red curls twisting around to expose her slender, pale neck had that ice filling his veins once more.


Swallowing hard, he picked up the clasp of the necklace and brought it around to either side of her face. The pendant fell on her chest, the ruby contrasting with her alabaster skin. Once he had secured the clasp he slowly backed away and gave her a fond smile. Her decision to go home was probably for the best, as he would have tossed and turned all night had she opted to stay here with him. He would have forfeited the comfort of his bed of course, and though the couch in the living room was comfortable, the heat that Flahme set to his very being was sweltering. 

Flahme’s sudden admission of her feelings towards his marriage was unexpected to say the least, her acceptance was heartwarming, albeit shocking. As she turned to leave, instinct took over and he reached out a hand to capture her wrist. He had forgotten how enormous his hands looked compared to her petite wrists. Though he knew she had calluses on her hands just like he did, and he knew he was playing with literal fire as he said “There’s no need to congratulate me. Or us. There’s something I want to tell you, I desperately want to tell you the truth behind the truth that I’ve already admitted.” Janus grimaced at this, his tongue had become heavy and stiff as he fought to speak. “I want to gain my freedom back, yes. I hate what I do sometimes, but it’s so much deeper than I’ve led you on to believe. I can’t say anything. Just know…” 

“I would have chosen you in a heartbeat if I thought you would have me.” 
June 08, 2019 08:32 am


Licking her lips, Flahme stared at Janus, speechless yet again. Janus was flirting with her. Not a little, but a whole lot that was making her feel hot all over. From the way he dragged his tongue over his lips to his words about lapping her up, she whimpered quietly hoping he hadn’t heard. Then her breath hitched at the statement about his male form because she found she really did want to know just how comfortable he was. Her eyes ran over him from head to toe, and she knew he was no weakling at all. In those moments he had held her, his grip was always strong and comforting. Looking at him right now, Janus took her breath away, and she had to go back to her place because if she didn’t, she was going to drag him back to his bed and trace every single one of his tattoos with her tongue. Now he knew she was as affected by him as he was by her.

Touching him was out of the question though since he still had that ring on his finger. Consequently, her brow furrowed at his words regarding his marriage. His words were cryptic as if he desperately wanted to tell her something more, and she couldn't fathom what that might be. “I don’t understand, Janus. You said you can’t say anything, but will you be able to at some point?” There was something much deeper here; she sighed and knew he would tell her if he could.

At his next statement, though, Flahme’s heart soared, and a slow smile lifted her lips until it was a full-blown grin. “With you, my answer will always be yes.” She held his warm gaze a moment so he could see what she felt for him but was yet to articulate.

Still smiling, she had to get moving so they both could get enough sleep to be fresh for whatever they faced the next day. “Okay, let me know where to meet you, and I will be back in the morning.”
June 09, 2019 10:31 am


Will you be able to at some point? 

Heaving a great sigh, he released her wrist from his grasp and rubbed at his tense neck muscles. “I can only hope. I’ve already said too much as it is.” In fact, Janus was surprised by how much he had been able to say on the matter. When he had taken the oath securing both his rebirth and his position, he had been told all secrets would be kept under lock and key whether he liked it or not. The following day he had found himself physically unable to speak of things he had seen, even though he had been talking to himself. 

It seemed he would always be the most untrustworthy person he knew. 

The warmth he found in Flahme’s eyes was devastating, and Janus desperately wished he could steal some of that warmth for himself. Even if it was only for a night, he would have cherished it forever. His feelings for her ran deep, and were foreign to him. Janus had a small inkling on what it was he felt, but he feared for himself in admitting them aloud. 

“I look forward to talking more tomorrow then. Meet me at the Romeo and Juliet sculpture at the entrance to the Delacorte Theater in Central Park. I know it might be more of a drive than just coming to my house, but I do have a flare for the dramatics. It will also be be a closer ride to the entrance.” Providing a soft smile, he walked past her and opened the door. 

As always his doorstep, although tidy, smelled faintly of tobacco and the light above his door flickered every so often. His apartment was entirely too expensive for what it was he received, but location was everything. Janus knew in his heart that Flahme didn’t mind, and would probably find a way to explain to him how charming it was. He had the distinct notion that she would probably be able to find something nice to say if he lived in a brothel. 

“I’ll see you in the morning. 10AM. We’ll both be needing our beauty sleep.” 

After their goodbyes, he closed the door and let his friendly expression fall. The grimace already tugging down the corners of his tired mouth complimented the headache that came on at the thought of making the call to acquire transportation. Despite this distinct weariness, he pulled out his cellphone from his pocket and made the call. The deep voice at the other end of the phone growled their acknowledgment and accepted the request. 

It wasn’t long before Janus then dragged his heavy feet to his bedroom and flopped down onto the mattress. He was no stranger to falling asleep fully clothed, and it happened more often than not. Without his wife there to chastise him, or say something wicked with her silver tongue, he feared no retribution other than what he would find for him in Central Park. 

June 09, 2019 11:46 am
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