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From Vampire kindred to Demon kindred


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Ophir Jadu

-  Ophir  wasnt   sure   why  Luna's   boy toy  wanted  to  be  changed   to  a d emon  from the  vampire  he was   but  he   would   see  if  this  kid  could  stand  it.  All  it took  for   Ophir  to  make  that  happen  is   a taining  session  and    for   him  to   scratch  the   boy deep enough   with   one of  his    demon   weapons .  The  Gargoyle  stands  in  the  middle  of  the  clearing  in  the   forest and   waits to  see  if   the  boy  even  shows  up . He  was  pertty  sure   that   Luna  would  show with him. She   would be  told  to  stay  back  of  course.-

June 03, 2019 12:01 pm

Ophir Jadu

-   Luna's BF   wanted  to  see  the   real  gargoyle   Ophir  would  make  it happen .He  wanted  to  be  a  demon  well  the  Gargoyle  would  give  him  the  chance  to  try and   stand  toe  to  toe  with him in a fight with  no one  getting involved and  go  from  there  .  He  waited   for  him  to  show.-

June 03, 2019 08:24 pm

Cody Mars

Coming into the room Cody  saw the strange creature and laughed}

Looking him dead in his face Not blinking abit scared yes but Having courage yes} Reaching into his pocket Cody  grabs his magik Marbles out of his pocket and squeezes then tightly into his hand}

Gargyle He said In his mind yeah loks pretty tough but I think I can take it or him on.}

Jumping at the creature grabing a knife of his own Cody leaps into the air hoping the knife with his black magik powers sytrike this big beast}

June 03, 2019 08:30 pm

Cody Mars

I come alone to fight my own battles leave Luna out of it} Cody Smirked.}

watching the huge creature and awaits.

June 03, 2019 08:35 pm

Ophir Jadu

-Ophir    grunts and     uses  his wings  as a   shield  and   swipes  at   the  boy with a   claw. For  now  he  how  him  the   gargoyle then  switch  to   his human side. This  was  just  the start of   what  was  to  come. He  wanted  to  date  Luna  then   he   need  to  see w hat   that  would   mean  really.-

"Oh  this is  all  about  Luna.  If  you  cant  hold  your own  toe  to  toe  with  the  likes of  me  in  both  this and   human  form  in a fight   my  anwer is No  to  you  dating and anything  else and  you  dont   get to  be a  demon  from  me."

June 03, 2019 08:37 pm

Cody Mars

Waching Ophir turn into his huge frame as human form he giggled softly under his breath} Cody then ran towards this huge man Not caring if he was attackled or not } Boy you call me? I'll show this human Whos a boy}

 Rolling underneith Ophir  legs then stands face to face with him watching him come towards Cody in Full attack mode} I fighht hard for the one in my life not caring hif I live or Die I fight For my gf honer} 

June 03, 2019 08:42 pm

Ophir Jadu

-Ophir   as  the  gargoyle  laughs. He  had  to  admit  kid  had   spunk  and  that  wasnt a  bad  thing in  the  end. He  wasnt    going to  go  easy o n  him   jut  becasue  he  had  the hots   for   Luna. The  gargoyle   grabs  his  weapons and  shifts  back  to  his   human  form  and  looks a t  Cody.- 

"you  got  spunk  boy but   that  will   only  get  you  so  far. "

June 03, 2019 08:49 pm

Cody Mars

I say bring whatever and everrything you Got ophir come with it all Boy}

I'm ready to face ALL of your puny weapons  Laughed with evil in his voice two can play this game Ophir}

 Running towards the beast head on full swing  Cody Attacks Ophir Cody thinks he got him with his own blade causee he saw some blood on his shirt Codys Shirt He smiled.}  Waiting to see this guys next move} Cody stands face to face in fighting stance.

June 03, 2019 08:57 pm

Ophir Jadu

-  Ophir   smiles  . This  kid  had   some posible  potential .  -

"let  see  what  you got   for  speed  then  shall  we there   vampy"

-  Ophir   had  him  draw   first  blood a nd   that  was  rare  that   would   happen but  it has happened.-

June 03, 2019 09:01 pm

Cody Mars

Speed huh ok grabing his marbles again with tiny spikes in them Cody Trust them onto the ground A Huge Fire ball explodeed in front Of Ophir}

He wanted speed he got speed  Cody flashes red and two shadows appear of Cody in Front Of Ophir Hearing Voices in Codys head from his Sire calling out to him from his past  when Cody was younger.}

Cody runs towards Ophir with both shadows attacking him}

Sliding against the floor Cody  Jumps up again seeying Ophir at his feet Cody looking up OMG! Noo He screamed."

June 03, 2019 09:10 pm

Ophir Jadu

-Ophir   is   back  to  his  feet. he  grabs   the  match  to  his  weapon and     all   one  can  see  is   a   black   blur with   silver streaks.- 

"Not  bad   but  you   will    run  out of  the  marbles  sooner  or  later you  know."

June 03, 2019 09:22 pm

Cody Mars

There infinity kind  Cody laughed  to Ophir And I thought this was going to be a fight? Come on Ophir Bring it Stop Being A Wimp Cody Yelled to him}

You talk a dam god game but hasn't showed me anything as of yet}

Putting his marbles back into his pockets Cody Grabs His Magik Pocket Knife and Grinnes with Glee on his face"}

Pushing the button on the knife handle a huge sword comes flying out looking sorta like a lite savor from starwars he smirked} Cody Leaps into the Air Again Doing a 360 summerr sault over Ophir Landing in back of him Facing his Back Laughhing Come on Ophir  Show me your pokerface he laughed}

Cody swings his sword at  Ophir hoping he will fight Like he claims to be soo good at } Cody aawaits his next move}

June 03, 2019 09:33 pm

Ophir Jadu

-Ophir   dodges  and     kicks   Cody's   legs  out    from  under  him . his  two    blades a t  the   boys   neck. -

"So  why  the  need  to  want to  be a  demon There is  n othing  wrong  with  being  a   vampire. Luna  is a  vampire and   so  is  Cassandra. They a re  not  weak  creatures."

-The  Gargoyle    lets  his  blade make  him   bleed a  bit.-

June 03, 2019 09:37 pm

Cody Mars

Cause I want to be I have too be to get away from my past life}

 I don't care about others here in game only for my Gf Luna and Only Luna! Shes my Soul Mate and there is nothing your or Cassie can say or do to stop Me from changing races You hear me Ophir} Cassie} I Fight For Us Both here in game You Got Beef with an innocent Why? Cause Love is A Powerful thing No One Controls Me Or Luna I know shes young minded but The fact is I don't care Anymore You might be big and bad in and out of the coven But this is getting personal Cody Yells You want me To rip your throat out I'll try But You beter dam will kill me Or Make me suffer herre in game} Just cause I love Cassies And Your Daughter Oh hell nmo I don't see anything wrong with being in love in a game where 2 peopple love each otherr and want to spend therre life in a holy union in game} Cody snapped at the man Not caring if he lived or died enough is enough Cody Turns Brighht Red closes his eyes to face whaterreverr Ophir wanted to deal him} I'll die if it means saving us from this hell hole}  Cody closes his eyes and crys tears shoot up into the air and fall down landing inches away from Ophirs Head Come on Turn me already Ophir}

June 03, 2019 09:51 pm

Ophir Jadu

-  Ophir     drops  the  kid  again.- 

"Actually   there is . I  can  refuse  and   that  leaves  you  to  find another to do  it. "

-Ophir  Cuts  the  kids   arm  and   puts a  gash on  his  neck. -

"Hell  hole  is  it  then  you lied  to  Cassandra  .You  never intended on  keeping to her   conditions.  She  isnt  going to  like  that. "

- Ophir   goes   Gargoyle  again  and      his  Gauntlet    blades    pop  out. He  pins  the  kid  to a   near  by  tree.   the   gauntlet blades  digging  in  to  the  boys   neck.  -


June 03, 2019 09:58 pm
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