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From Vampire kindred to Demon kindred


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Cody Mars

I never lied about anything I wont be  treated this way ic our out I dont care what you do to me its a rp Not real life Seems you both cant deal with it  bleed out slowly but looking up to Ophir I'll still date luna in or out of  the coven  I'll have another leaer watch me there so I'm Not treated like garbage anymore Respect This is Not Respect i Did Nothing top either of you but come and ask in game for lunas hand in marrige and you both said 6 months waiting time thats crazy } Slowly fading away all cody could think about was Luna and how she will survive when Cody is in a Diffrent home Cody Begains to fall deep into a sleep hoping to become his new race.}

June 03, 2019 10:07 pm

Ophir Jadu

"You  wanted  to  be  a d emon  this is  how   it is  done   for   my  people .  I  have never  treated you like  garbage and  you  can  find  another t o   turn  you  then  if  you   want to  be   a demon .  We  are  done  here. If I  were  you  I  would  go  talk  to  cassandra and   get  her  persmision  to  leave  the  coven  iff you are  that  unhappy  with   the  way  it is.  Have  a  good  night."

-  Ophir   walks  away. He  wasnt   changing  any one to   anything  if  they  were  going to  be  rude a nd   want to   leave  the  coven  let  him  go  was  how  he  felt. He  was  done   he  was  going to let  things  play out   how ever  they   did  at  this  point.-

June 03, 2019 10:11 pm

Cody Mars

Fine bye.

June 03, 2019 10:13 pm
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