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After the Wolf and the Crow


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     Dwelling the graveyard on a midnight shift, a bipedal werebeast lumbered from headstone to crypt. Snout to dirt, claws digging expectantly at unsettled graves. A nose for treasure and a hunger for wealth, petty thievery held no preference for target. The dead may hold riches in their pockets, that doesn't deserve to be lost in cold ground. Tonight was a bare hunt. The graves left in wake of her search were now defiled and profaned, coated with dirt and uprooted scum. Despite a strong nose with determination rivaling that of old tale heros, this mangey whelp was left empty-handed, taunted by the bounty of profit she arrived late for. 

     Enervated by her most recent shortcomings, the fiend trudged her worn-down pads to the edge of the graveyard, bordering the forest with a cool breeze. A rest here, she of course believed, would bring her success further in her search. Folding herself neatly into a comfortable curl, her eyes rested for just a moment.

June 05, 2019 04:44 pm


   Nearby, the sound of stone sliding against stone started as a crypt was being slowly opened, someone else was surely in the graveyard. A small light shone as the person opening the tomb had shone a lantern upon the over-sized grave.

   Starting to walk down the steps, Ripley couldn't see far down as his light permitted a limited amount of vision. There wouldn't be much keeping him from taking one wrong step and tumbling down in darkness. He had to concentrate to make sure he didn't fall and lose his lantern.

June 05, 2019 05:36 pm


     Dim, muddled light rivaling the darkness of both eyelids and night sky prompted Fritz to snap into alertness. Raising her head, a brief scan of her surroundings tuned her in on the glow of a lantern. Her ears swiveled to match the direction as she slowly rose from her comfortable curl. She thought she was alone prior, yet someone or something seems to have been overlooked. Rising up to her two paws, Fritz looked to the figure holding such light, watching it's movements silently and cautiously.

     Two reflective eyes of a beast around 4ft stared from the edge of the woods, definitely within Ripley's field of view. No sounds, no movements, just a silent observer clouded in the night.

June 05, 2019 05:46 pm


   Ripley, just before he descended further, looked back outside the crypt. He had no clue as to why, but he felt as if he was being watched. Lifting his lantarn up, he looked outside and thought he saw something near the trees. He cautiously took a step back up to get a better look and spotted two eyes. Thinking it was a relatively large animal, Ripley slowly got out of the crypt, pondering whether or not to persue the creature. If it was a beast, he could possibly gain something out of hunting it down.

   He didn't think it would hurt to see what he could get out of it, Ripley started making his way to the trees.

June 05, 2019 05:57 pm


     For a few moments longer, she stared. Stared at what was so blatantly approaching her. She straightened her posture, although it wasn't much help as she was still quite short. As the figure approached she let a guttural growl escape from her lips, baring small dagger-like canines. She puffed up her neck fur, like a cornered cat, leaning towards the figure drawing near. The scent of his humanity filled her nostrils, instilling her with a lick of confidence.

     She brought herself towards the figure as well, stepping into the lantern's light, her snarl twitching as she continued trying to make herself appear larger. Well, as large as 4'5" can look on a werewolf...

June 05, 2019 06:49 pm


   As soon as it stood into the light, Ripley had his mind set. It looked small enough to take on alone, he could definitely get something out of taking it down. He slowly brought his hand to his side as if reaching for something, slightly moving forward. Ripley kept his eyes on the werewolf, staring back at it as he started to move farther towards the beast.

   If he took the werewolf down he could probably get something out of it. He'd have to show the rest, most definitely.

June 05, 2019 07:37 pm


     Fritz' eyes snapped to watch the man's hand move, knowing he was most likely heading for a weapon.  Intimidation didn't seem to work, damn her shortness! Flattening her ears with a frusterated huff, she let out a short, harsh squall as a warning before hunching over. She watched his slow draw for a few more seconds, locking in a stare of revilement, before eventually turning tail quite cowardly and sprinting towards the woods. She left nothing of importance, those graves probably weren't filled with much but mincemeat anyways. Definitely considering dumpster diving tomorrow instead...

     In her wake she left a trampled trail of branches and briar, obviosly not too elegant on four feet, let alone two honestly. She'll work on her footwork later, right now it's time to run like a coward!

June 06, 2019 07:54 pm


Watching the werewolf scramble away, Ripley ran to catch the beast, noticing that the creature had left a trail of disturbed twigs and dirt. His bag bounced on his back as he attempted to keep up with the werewolf. Ripley nearly lost his footing, sliding a bit and unintentionally creating distance between him and the beast. Cursing, he decided to catch his breath and slowly walk whilst following the trail of trampled nature.

As he lost sight of the werewolf, Ripley slowed down and followed the trail left behind from the chase. He made his way through the foliage huffing as he kept himself focused on the trail. With all this work, he was sure it had to be worth something.

(Written on a phone,, itíll be edited later)
June 06, 2019 08:20 pm


     As her legs carried her deeper into the forest, she stumbled across a peaceful clearing, faerie ring and all. She stood still, eyes darting and ears swiveling as she scanned her surroundings. She rose to her feet, staring down the trail she had made through her escape.

     For a few moments, staring into the pitch black sky she wondered. Why would somebody chase her? Why would somebody try to hunt her? SHE was the hunter, the predator, the apex at the top of the food chain. Shaking her head, she impatiently watched the trees, awaiting the arrival of this strange exception. Why had she run when she could prove herself as the beast she prided herself in being.

June 12, 2019 06:47 am
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