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Janus remained still and silent throughout their exchange, cutting his superior a look when he wasn’t glaring at Flahme with adoration. True to her fiery nature she stood up to the very being who had wronged her, wronged them. Under any other circumstance he was afraid it might have cost her life, he was grateful for whatever protection his presence offered her. 

He watched on as her crimson eyes met his, and faded into the emerald hues that he adored. Her confession had goosebumps running down his highly decorated arms, and he felt his heart swell with admiration as she explained her feelings for him in depth. He still had no recollection of time they had spent with one another. His only memories of her were of the surface, but Janus knew in his heart his love for her was more than what was waiting for them on the surface. 

He realized as he kneeled before the throne, that he had spent so much time trying to convince her that he wasn’t good, that he never considered her idea of good and evil might have been just as skewed as his own. She saw underneath the various faces he put on for others, saw beneath the curtain of despair he so often hid behind, and loved him all the more for the struggles he faced. In that moment he wished they had been in the position to share a kiss with one another, along with whisper their confessions to one another instead of the vindictive god Janus. 

Who, despite his frustration with them both, was listening to Flahme intently. Janus found himself surprised that their feelings were even being considered. The gods were many things, understanding they were not. He rose to his feet and returned to his rightful place by Flahme’s side, watching the god’s every move. 

“I can’t free you of your position, Landon.” He said with a cruel smile. “Which is your real name, by the way. I thought you’d like to know since you’re wanting to go off on your own.” With a heavy sigh, the amusement in his eyes vanished. “I will not, and cannot free you of your obligation to me. However, I can free you of your marriage vows. Then, you and your anam cara will be free to live with one another in peace. Though I must warn you, there are those above and below that would find pleasure in ending that union.” 

Landon took in a deep breath, wrapping an arm around Flahme’s waist and holding her close. They could be free to live in peace, but at what cost? With these malevolent beings there was always a cost. “What is the price for this small freedom you would bestow upon me? Upon us? I know you wouldn’t be doing it out of the kindness of your heart, as there is no good or kindness that can be found there.” 

He watched on as Janus’ eyebrows furrowed and he quipped, “Watch it, boy. I can still smite you.” The room grumbled as he stretched out the hand that rest on his throne. “When you are as ancient as I am, you grow tired of your duties. I need an heir, and a successor one day. I will do this for you, and promise to help the girl with her items should you agree to be made my heir.” 

Anger rose within him, and he snarled at the ancient being as he said, “No.” 
July 07, 2019 02:29 pm


They loved each other, and it took going to Hell to confess it. Flahme wanted the time to revel in that together, but the god had more to say. The Roman deity had yet to make a ruling on whether to release Janus of his obligations, and she found herself holding her breath. As he began to speak her breath rushed out for two reasons. They got to know Janus’s real name was Landon, and second, the god was not going to release Janus at all.

Anger began to thread through her body, only cooling a little when mention of releasing Janus form his marriage vows came up. Flahme was surprised the god had any sway over that, but this whole situation was unusual. At the warning that there are those who don’t want them to be together, she knew she would happily end any being that got between her and Janus. What concerned her more was why anyone would want to mess with them at all. She decided to quiz the god about it, but then Janus pulled her close, so she kept her thoughts to herself for now. Flahme still thought of him as Janus and wondered if he would take up his old name once again after they left this place.

“What is the price…”

Janus’s strong body went rigid beside her when the god said he needed an heir and who he would like to fill the role. The vehemence in Janus’s voice as he disagreed with the request made her smile. She took perverse pleasure in seeing the god pissed off, and stood firm next to the man she already considered hers. A part of her wanted to yell ‘Yes’ because then they could be together for as long as they desired, but she would say nothing save to ask a few questions. They both knew how it felt not having all the information, and they were both a product of having decisions thrust upon them. The small amount of freedom won in making your own choices was not something she would take from him – regardless of the outcome.

“If Janus doesn’t agree to this, what happens? Conversely, if he does agree, what will it mean to be your heir - the responsibilities etc, and when would that take effect?” Flahme asked. Janus needed as much information as he could get, then another thought hit her. “What did we do that was so bad that others found the need to control us or tear us apart?”

The gruff god ignored her and stared at Janus. “Is she always this inquisitive?” then he cut his stare to Flahme and leaned forward on his throne. “What did you do? You fell in love. You feel it now. It is not some passing fancy, but something that fills your souls. That’s not a usual thing to find in Hell, it made some creatures jealous of what you had, and for others – it gave them hope. Down here, for many reasons, hope can be a dangerous thing.”

Sitting back with an audible sigh, the god nodded his head as if to say that’s all he would give her and returned his regard to Janus. “I’m feeling magnanimous, so I’ll give you the night to think over your response,” he quickly held his hand up to silence another ‘No’. “One night. You still have your quarters here. I suggest sticking to them during your stay. I hope that you make the right decision.” He then sat back, turned his face away and made a gesture with his hand that clearly said leave. Janus, the god, was done with them for today.
July 10, 2019 09:14 am


Hope can be a dangerous thing. 

Landon, formerly known as Janus, frowned at the words the ancient being before them muttered and he slid a hand up to his neck where he knew ‘Hope’ was etched into his skin. Only in Hell would falling in love be considered a crime. Only with the life he had led would he be punished for finally caring about someone other than himself. He was angry, hurt, and even felt a little betrayed. He should have known better than to trust creatures who would slit his throat given the chance, but he had done so all the same. 

He bit his tongue and simply nodded at Janus, gripping Flahme’s hand and looking at her with pleading eyes to follow. Never would he have insisted Flahme do as she was told, as he had always offered a choice to her, as was her right. Now, in this moment, he wanted nothing more than to whisk her away to his living quarters so they could make sense of their ordeal. However, despite this desire to rush her away to safety, he longed to always be a witness to the fire in her heart. Doing so would not make her thrive, so he took a step back. Thoroughly checking himself.

The choice was not his choice to make, as she may have something more to say. He would not deny the chance to speak her mind, so Landon dropped her hand and walked towards the exit. Though he hesitated at the door, and it was only once he was sure she was following that he pushed open the door and sharply inhaled, loosening the breath in his lungs in a ragged quiver. Anger exuded from his very pore and he wanted nothing more than to break free to the surface, run and hide from the wrath of the gods the best he could. For her sake, he would not cower. 

“I’ll show you to my quarters, though I would much rather turn back and give him an earful.” Landon allowed himself the small pleasure in meeting her gaze before returning his eyes to the cobblestone path set before them. Unlike some buildings the higher beings resided in, Janus’ residence was old fashioned. Flaming hearth’s were plentiful, warming the ancient stone halls and rooms. His room was similar, though he had smuggled a few human comforts to keep himself at peace during his visits.

He could only hope that it was properly clean enough to have guests. 
July 13, 2019 02:30 pm


The anger rolling of Janus was palpable, and she half expected him to vent at the god further. When she looked towards him, his eyes unusually dark asked her to let go of any questions she had so they could leave. He dropped her hand and moved away, and she suddenly felt cold as if he had set her adrift. Sparing one last glare at the god, Flahme followed Janus through the doors and out into the street. They walked along the cobblestones, not speaking until a short time later they were at his quarters. She took a moment to walk around his room, memories of being here with him slammed into her mind, then she turned to him.

“I know you’re angry; you have a right to be. We both do. This didn’t exactly work out how we planned, but we only have twenty-four hours to make sense of it all. Maybe we start with the basics? What name do you want to be known by? I know it seems silly, but taking control over even that may help to ground you enough to make bigger decisions.”

The god’s final request appeared to have shaken Janus. He had always been relatively calm around her, and now he was a ticking bomb set to explode any second. The question was, should she force him to explode to relieve the pressure, let him find his own way, or wrap him up in her love. The problem was she was uncertain all of a sudden. She also suspected they would get no more answers than they already had, so Janus was going to have to make a relatively uninformed decision or force the god to give them more information. The latter didn’t seem like a viable option.

Flahme stepped close to him and took his hands in hers, smoothing her thumbs over the back of them as she spoke. “You’re not alone any more. No matter what you choose tomorrow, I’ll be right beside you. If you choose to one day become his heir, I will find a way to be here with you, for as long as you want me to be,” then she moved one hand to cup the side of his face. “We can’t get lost in what happened to break us apart, we found each other, that’s what’s important. Once this is over, we can find out who’s really behind this, because those lesser demons barely know what day it is. It wasn’t their idea.”

Feeling a little unsure of herself due to Janus’s quiet demeanour, Flahme released his hands but didn’t step back. She placed hers on her hips and held his gaze. “Right now, we have to work the problem, figure out our options, and then get what rest we can. If you decide to be chivalrous and offer to sleep on the couch, I’m going to have to hurt you!” the last part was said a slight tilt to her lips in her attempt to lift his spirits. However, she also had no intention of sleeping alone after what they declared to each other, not even an hour ago.

“So, what do we know?”
July 13, 2019 08:49 pm


Having entered his quarters, Landon leaned against the nearest stone wall and gritted his teeth closely together. The pressure nearly made him wince, but the frustration and anger still coursing through his veins dulled his senses. He watched, unmoving, unfeeling as Flahme drank in the measly decorated room and devoured him with her emerald eyes. Only she could help him make sense of this all, and calm the turmoil he felt under pressure. 

“Damn him, and damn them all.” He spat the words out, venom dripping from his acid tongue as he pounded a fist against the wall in frustration. Arms suddenly heavy, the all too familiar icy sensation coursed through his veins and he watched wide-eyed as frost covered his forearms. He bit down on his lip and eyed Flahme carefully before casually scrubbing at it with his shirt. “The basics are good. It doesn’t seem silly at all.” 

Pushing himself off the wall he drew closer to her, leaving but a foot of space between them as he studied her, from the curve of her lips to the way her tendrils of hair fell over her slender shoulders. The soft curves of her frame, to the way she studied him just as intently as he did her. “I’d like to be called by my real name, but only by you. It seems too...intimate for anyone else to refer to me as such.” 

The feel of her warm touch cradling his ice-cold and calloused hands had him stepping closer to her, until he moved one hand to cradle her elbow as her other continued a gentle caress. 

You’re not alone any more.

Landon felt his breath hitch in his throat as he let the words resonate deep inside of him. Flahme, a woman of wonderment. He had loved her before, and felt as though he would love her again in the next thousand lifetimes. He had never had much faith that the universe is magic, but their shared story was hard to explain. In that moment, he knew he would do anything to keep them together. Even if it meant accepting the proposition before them. If she could speak up and spill her heart, he would do the same. The little pride he had left, he would bite back and accept becoming the heir to the gates if it meant he had even one more night with her. 

He couldn’t fight back the frown that turned the corners of his lips down as her hand released him, but admired how they hugged her hips in lieu of his hands. Smirking, he listened to her intently as he moved closer to her still. Slipping his arms through her own to wrap themselves around her waist, he smiled down at her and watched as she teased him. A ridiculous insinuation, really. Now that their love had been announced, he would do everything in his power to make sure she never had to be alone, unless that was what she needed. 

“What do we know? Well, we know we love one another. I know that you are the most beautiful woman both below, and on earth, even the heavens above are jealous of your beauty.” A sly smile stretched his lips thin as he moved one hand underneath her chin to cradle it gently, his thumb gripping her chin softly as he tilted her head up. “I know that you give me something to lose. I think I’m terrified to lose this, and I’m afraid to change. My biggest fear in accepting, is that I will change just when I’ve found myself.” 

Pressing a soft kiss to her forehead, Landon released his grip on her face to return his hands to the small of her back and hold her close to him. Unlike his tight hugs, this was one was soft, as if he was afraid of breaking whatever small amount of peace they had for the moment. “Even if the rest of the world sees me in a different light, knows me by a different name, I will love you with every part of me. I will do whatever it takes to ensure we are never separated again.” 
July 14, 2019 09:45 am


“Landon it is,” she smiled up at him, acknowledging the name he only allowed her to use. It eased the fear building in her heart that this was all a dream. Then he moved in closer and wrapped her up in his arms, and every doubt fell away. His beautiful words as he shed his ego and stood before her emotionally naked, declaring not only his love for her but all he would do to keep it, was her undoing. Humbled beyond words, with unshed tears in her eyes, this was one of the most profound moments of Flahme’s life.

When he finished speaking, she went to her toes, wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. He fired her blood like no one else ever had. With him, it was as if everything in the universe were possible, and yet the only thing she needed in that vast space was him. Who they were in their other lives meant nothing compared to who they were together in this one. Releasing his lips but staying close, looking into his warm regard, she whispered, “I never thought I would find love, then I saw you. You swaggered into Hell, giving attitude to everyone around you. I couldn't stay away. You were, spectacular, and now, the future stolen from us can truly begin. As to your fears, the only way you will lose me is if you ask me to leave.”

Remaining within his embrace, Flahme began reciting their situation. “So, Landon, here’s what we know so far. The obvious, Janus, the god, is a d*ck! If you choose not to become the heir apparent, then assignments will last forever unless we find a loophole, but we do get to live together in peace. Well, relative peace with creatures trying to mess with us on occasion. We get to live on earth, freely in between our assignments, but it seems unlikely we’ll get that island getaway we dreamed of.”

Kissing him again quickly, Flahme moved away to wander the room as she spoke. “If you do take the ‘job’, then you take it on faith since you have no real knowledge of what it entails. What do you know of Janus’s job right now, the interactions you have with him, how does it work?”

Moving to the bed, she hopped up on it and crossed her legs. “Now, let’s look at some positives. You will be immortal like me, which means we can be together for as long as we choose. You will have god powers, so when we find out who’s been messing with us all these years, you can ‘smite’ them,” Flahme did air quotes and added a cheeky grin. “And, I get to tell people my boyfriend is a god,” she nodded at that last one as if it was the only one that mattered, bit her lip then patted the bed beside her, simply because she wanted him near.

Sobering for a moment, she looked at him, drinking in the sight of the man she adored. His lean body that she already knew the strength of, the tattoos that covered most of him only currently visible at his arms, hands and neck, his white-blonde hair and warm russet-coloured eyes. She felt she would never tire of looking at her handsome beau. “So many unknowns on which to make a life-altering decision,” she looked at her hands a moment, and a realisation struck her. Flahme raised one of her small hands, igniting a fire within her palm as she had done the night they first met on earth. “Landon, was I seeing things, or did you create ice at will when we first entered this room?”
July 16, 2019 05:48 am
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