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Fascinated, Flahme watched as Landon ingested her blood, but was unable to tell if it made any difference to him. She noted that his eyes were unusually bright, and her eyes honed in on his lips as he licked them clean then pressed them to hers. His breathy affirmation told her much, and the taste of him lingered on her mouth as he went to take a shower.

Taking his advice, Flahme polished off the rest of the bread and cheese and had a couple of pieces of fruit. Feeling replete, she sat on the bed and pulled her shoes on, then glanced at the paper he had spent some of the night writing. She didn’t read it but spent the time making the bed and putting the place to rights because she knew he was a tidy soul and would prefer it.

Exiting the bathroom, Landon looked to her with relief. She tilted her head, wondering if he thought she would leave him or was he worried demons might have stolen her away. She would ask him about it later.

“Yes, I’m ready,” Flahme grabbed her jacket and put it on, stepped up to him and took his hand a moment to gain his attention. “Everything’s going to be okay, and if not, we fight our way out. I’ve refuelled, and you have my blood, nothing can stop us.” Of course, any number of things could stop them, but they wouldn’t go down easily.

Going to her toes, she placed a soft kiss on his lips and left the room ahead of him. They began walking back towards the throne room, the cobblestones feeling more familiar this time around. Flame didn’t want anything in Hell to feel familiar.

As before, the god Janus ordered every other creature from the room once she and Landon entered. She ended up a little ahead of her beau, so couldn’t see if he knelt before the god, she did not. “You could at least pretend you respect me, girl!” Janus admonished, with a very slight tilt to his lips only noticeable by the very observant.

Licking her suddenly dry lips, Flahme wrinkled her nose, thinking on her answer. “I do respect you, but before Landon gives his answer, I want to petition something for myself.” Taking a breath to calm her racing heart, she took another step forward. “If Landon is to take your place, I want the ability to be able to come and go as I please. So, I may be with him as often as I choose. It’s not much to ask, all things considered.”

The Roman deities eyebrows flew up as she made her request. Janus stood from his throne and came towards her slowly, then shook his head sadly. “Child, you already have that ability; I do not need to bestow it on you. Your father is a powerful demon, and many of his abilities belong to you, why has he not told you this?”

A shake of her head was all Flahme could manage, her emotions ran wild, and she felt incalculably angry and hurt at the same time. Another betrayal. Why did she continually have to find things out piecemeal? “Thank you,” was all she got out before she moved back to stand at Landon’s side.

Janus nodded and returned to his throne. He lounged on the thing, then looked to Landon. “Well, my boy, what decision have you come to?”
July 27, 2019 03:32 am


Nothing can stop us. 

A smile curling his lips back, he nodded in silent agreement. “I’ll never let anything get in our way. I promise you.” The chaste kiss on his lips heightened his senses, awakening his strength once more, and he followed close behind her down the corridors. His eyes were peeled this time around, his anxiety only soothed by the fact they knew more of what to expect this time around. 

Though he was shocked as Flahme walked in front of him, he stopped just before the dais and knelt as per usual, making sure to hide his smirk as she openly challenged the ancient god. Despite his booming voice filling the chamber, Landon knew that playful lilt in his voice almost as well as he knew his own mannerisms. Janus was amused, and it would seem he had more than one reason to be. 

Quickly returning to his feet, Landon watched on as Flahme made her request, and kept his eyes peeled as Janus inched towards her. His every muscle tensing up, putting him more on the edge as he observed Flahme with his ancient eyes and informed her of her father’s real value in hell. It seemed as though she was as shocked as he was in that moment. He made a mental note to review that with her at a later time. Perhaps they would seek out her father and question him before they returned to the surface. 

Placing a hand on the small of Flahme’s back, Landon used his other to fish the scrap of paper he had jotted his own conditions on. Clearing his throat, he gathered every ounce of confidence in his body to list his thoughts with the same authoritative tone Janus used when conducting business. 

“If I am to be your heir, and take your place I feel like it is only right that I pose conditions to ensure my freedom.” Biting his tongue, he slid his eyes up to Janus slowly. The god’s facial expression was dark, and his cloudy eyes seemed to peer into his very soul. Much to his relief, Janus motioned for him to continue. 

“When the time comes, I, Landon will not be faced with the decision to live anywhere that myself and my consort do not approve of. We will settle where we like, and never feel pressure from any outside beings.” A flick of his eyes to Flahme’s side, would made it clear as to who this ‘we’ was referring to. “Upon accepting, my marriage with Elisa Stratten will be dissolved and my memories from my time spent in Hell with Flahme restored. I do not wish to have all my memories restored, you can keep the unpleasant human ones as my gift to you.” Landon muttered the last words with a bite to them, the venom nearly dripping off of his tongue in disdain. The memories of his life before Flahme were of no use to him. 

“I request that wiith the power invested in you, you will not let anyone come after us again. I don’t care what it takes, who you have to kill, you will let me have this. I will continue to go by your name on the surface and there is nothing you can do about it.” Clearing his throat, Landon quickly added. “Also, help Flahme whenever she needs it. That’s it, I’m done.” 

With a deep inhale, Landon crumpled the piece of paper and dropped it on the ground before meeting the gaze of the malevolent being before them.
July 27, 2019 09:27 am


Still overcome with emotions, Flahme attempted to calm herself so she could concentrate on the petition Landon would make. Stepping close to him, his hand found the small of her back. The simple gesture soothed her ragged feelings like nothing else could.

Beside her, Landon stood tall, full of confidence, and she took a moment to admire her man, proud to stand at his side. It was a marvel to her that he was always able to calm her so quickly. He was her anchor in this world or any other. Then he began to speak.

The conditions Landon laid out were not unreasonable, considering he would be giving up his life to take this position. What his terms were attempting to do was give them a way to experience their lives regardless of the imposition of being a god. The ancient being listened, a smirk tilting his lips as he let Landon finish his list. He leaned back in his throne and took a deep breath, then exhaled slowly before he ruled on the conditions requested.

“Agreed you do not have to live here, but you do need to oversee this place, and that will require you being in residence sometimes. I would suggest once a week, but you can figure that once you take on the role.”

“To your second point, yes, the marriage dissolution and memory restoration, specifics noted, will happen immediately upon receipt of your final agreement to take this office. In addition, I already agreed to assist Flahme, so that will also stand,” he looked directly at Flahme. “We will work out rules around that at a later date. I can’t just find the things for you.”

The god looked down, his jaw clenching as he studied something only he could see. He slowly raised his gaze to Landon. “As you know, part of my role is to ensure the future unfolds as it should. The events that were set in motion by your separation must play out. I cannot, and will not, stand in the way of that.”

Flahme felt Landon’s reaction next to her. She was shocked that the god would not help them in this and went to protest at the same time as Landon. Janus held up his hand for silence.

“What I will do, is ensure no one new comes after you unless it seriously subverts the future, in which case, you’re on your own. As to the final part of you maintaining my name, I have no issue with that, though I would insist on Janus Jnr if I didn’t think it would end in a fight,” a hearty laugh rumbled out of the ancient being’s chest at this last part. A flick of his hand and the paper crumpled at Landon’s feet burst into flames, gone forever.

Janus looked at Flahme and then to Landon. “So, with our new agreement, do we have an accord? Will you be my heir, and at a time of my choosing, become Janus?”
July 28, 2019 06:13 am


With one agreement made, Landon’s thumb began stroking Flahme’s back in slow, but anxious motions as Janus worked out his conditions. For both himself, and the room Landon suspected. He and Flahme could work out the specifics at a later date to find what worked best for them, and their relationship, but he could sacrifice one week in hell for an eternity by her side. He would sacrifice much more for that. 

As expected, Janus agreed to both of his next conditions. More importantly, his marriage with Elisa would be broken. Finding a way to tell her the truth of the events from that night would be heart wrenching. More so for her than him, but he still hurt her. That in turn hurt him. However, he was ecstatic that he and Flahme would finally be able to start their relationship. Guilt free, with their love already having been declared. 

Had he known he would have fallen in love with her from the start, Janus may very well have steered clear of the fiery woman from the start. Though, it seemed their fates were dangerously intertwined. There was no escaping her, and there was no where else he would rather be. Eyeing her out of the corner of his eye, he brought her closer to him. Completely ignoring Janus as he brought his face down to place a kiss atop her head. 

Reluctantly, he slid his russet gaze back to the god and listened as he continued. His main concerns had been touched on, and Landon was anxious to whisk her, his girlfriend, partner in crime, love of his life; away from it all. 

“Janus Jr? You’re f-cking with me, right? There’s no way I would ever go by that. You’re right that I would have a fight picked with me just for that. If you insisted, I would have to decline.” Though his tone was stern, one corner of his full mouth traitorously turned upward in a smirk. “I accept. Conditions and all. We can work on the specifics of you helping Flahme at a later date, along with a few other details.” 

With a smile, Janus brought his hands together and clapped once. “Then it is done. You’re free to get the hell out.” 
July 28, 2019 04:11 pm


As Landon pulled her in close and kissed the top of her head, Flahme slid an arm around his waist and stayed close to his side. She almost choked with laughter at the outrage Landon expressed over the possibility of being named Janus Jr. Then Janus, the ancient god, finalised the meeting with a flourish and clap of his hands.

Tugging at Landon, Flahme wanted to get back to earth as quickly as they could. She made a sort of curtsey bow to the god, who laughed at the attempt and waved her away. Once outside the throne room, Flahme inhaled a deep breath of fresh air and was about to speak to Landon when her name was called out.

“Little Flahme. How nice to see you here, in my domain.” She turned to see Phenex approaching her, flanked by a couple of the ugliest creatures she’d ever seen. The demon for whom she completed assignment four, the demon she tricked out of a pure soul. She noted he was not looking at her but looking at Landon. Eyes flashed red as she stepped up and stared Phenex down.

“This is also my domain,” she snarled at him. Phenex rounded on her as another voice interceded, loud and clear.

“Phenex, you should have no quarrel with my daughter. She made you a fair trade. Now, f-ck off and leave her and her man alone,” Xaphan, her father, spoke with authority from the doorway of a room not far from Janus’s throne room. What he was doing here, Flahme didn’t know.

Ignoring Phenex, she marched over to Xaphan, determined to introduce him to Landon. Her father had just acknowledged him as her man regardless of his misgivings. When she stood before him, she noted he had two large scars she hadn’t seen when he brought her to Hell. One was on the side of his face from his ear to his neck and the other across his throat. She wondered how he attained them.

“Father, this is La...Janus. Janus, this is my father, Xaphan,” she made the introductions and glanced behind her to see Phenex slinking off with his minions a murderous glare trained on her. Returning her gaze to her father, Flahme thought about the information she had received. “We’ve just come from Janus’s throne room. He told me I could come and go from this place at will. Why didn’t you tell me that?”

Xaphan had been appraising Landon, a calculating look in his eye when his attention swung back to Flahme. “Tell you? Why would I? I never wanted you here!”

Flahme’s breath caught, pain lanced through her chest. “I can’t…” She had to get away right now. She refused to let her father see her pain or her tears. Releasing Landon's hand, she turned and walked away quickly, moving back to the place where the carriage had dropped them off initially. They would still need it. She may be able to come and go at will, something she was yet to practice, but Landon couldn’t, and she wouldn’t travel back to earth alone.

From her vantage point, with tears pricking her eyes, she could see Landon speaking with her father and wondered at what they discussed.
July 30, 2019 02:49 am


Following her tug, Landon happily followed Flahme out of the room without so much as a farewell wave to his superior. The quicker they could escape from Hell, the better. It was all too soon that her name was called out, a cold shiver running down the length of his body. His muscles tensed as he turned to lock eyes with the demon who was approaching them. 

Though he hadn’t the slightest inkling of who it was, he at least recognized the vile creatures following close behind him. If he was their master, it was obvious he wasn’t a friend. Landon shifted as Flahme stepped up in offensive stance, puffing up his chest to the being in response. 

This is also my domain. 

The snarl that ripped from the depths of her throat had a smile tugging his lips. Her ferocity was admirable, and only attracted him to her further. A short memory of her face through the bars of a cell flashed in the forefront of his mind, leaving him dumbstruck and speechless. It was just as he thought the demon, apparently named Phenex, would lash back at her another voice interrupted what should have been a peaceful exit for their small party of two. 

Xaphan wasn’t what he expected. Though he hadn’t known what he expected from Flahme’s estranged father, he was still shocked by the demon he saw before him. Janus had eluded to his importance, but Landon was still unable to look past the scars and the irritated expression he still bore from seeing his daughter’s interaction with a demon. That, or he was just disgusted to have to meet his child’s boyfriend. 

Upon being introduced, Landon offered him a nod and was about to stretch out his hand before Flahme interjected. Interrogating her father without batting an eye. In a silent attempt to soothe her, he switched the hand holding hers for his opposite. His now free hand slid underneath her crimson curls and caressed the nape of her neck with his cool finger tips.

Hearing his words, Landon froze, only for Flahme to slip out from under his hand to flee the confrontation. But what Flahme wouldn’t see as she stormed away, was the flicker of pain he saw in her father’s eyes. Or, what he thought could have been interpreted as pain. The emotion was gone in the blink of an eye when he turned to him, a deep scowl on his already troubled face. 

“Listen, I’m not going to even try and figure out what that was about. Frankly I don’t give a damn.” His russet gaze met the demon before him, taking in the being who had fathered the woman he loved. Landon could feel his brows furrowed, and knew to keep his shoulders squared as he stepped closer to Xaphan, who in turn held his ground. “All I know is that she is crying. I don’t expect you to be able to fix it, but I fully intend to…” Hiis voice trailed off as he spoke under his breath to the older demon. 

The rest of their brief conversation was held in low, hushed voices so that passerby and eavesdroppers would be none the wiser to the sensitive matter he spoke about. It was only when he received a firm handshake and a curt nod that he backed away, gravitating towards Flahme’s side without being prompted. He gave her the space he imagined she required, but stopped an arms length between them and gave her a small smile. 

“Are you ready to go home?” 
August 03, 2019 11:42 am


When Flahme had been speaking to her father, Landon’s icy cold fingers on her neck had started to cool her ire. That is until her father cruelly told her he didn’t want her there. She wondered why he disliked her being around him so much or was it that he disliked her in general. What had she done to make him feel that way?

A heavy sigh escaped her as she watched Landon speaking with her father. As he finished, he turned to head towards her when she felt fingers once again at the nape of her neck. She spun around quickly to see one of the creatures that had been with Phenex stood behind her.

“Sorry miss, such a pretty necklace I just want to look at it for a while,” the little creature seemed transfixed by her jewellery, and her father’s words came back to her to never take it off.

“Get away from me!”

“But I have stones, yes, diamonds. You can have them, look,” he took a pouch from a pocket and poured diamonds into his clawed hand. “For you, if you give me the necklace.”

“No! Now leave me alone you horrid little sh-t.”

“Not my fault I look like this,” the creature sniffed. “We don’t all get the pretty red hair or the ruby necklace. We don’t get to have good masters. Could you be my master? Free me from Phenex?”

Flahme shook her head sadly. “No, I don’t think I can do that.” So, Phenex wasn’t through messing with her. He clearly didn’t like to honour deals where he didn’t get what he wanted.

Before she could utter another word, the creature huffed, and went on its way. Flahme thought it was an odd exchange and turned back just as Landon approached her.

He stood an arm’s length away from her, and she moved into him and wrapped her arms around his waist and hid her face in his shirt. Breathing in his scent, Flahme took time to get her emotions in order. After a moment of his comfort, she looked up and nodded at his words. “Yes. I can’t get out of here fast enough, even though it will always be the place where we truly found each other. Now, I’m tired and want to be home. Maybe we could have a couple of days of quiet? Just you and me.”

The carriage arrived behind her and reluctantly she released him, stepped into the transport and settled herself against the seats. As Landon followed suit, she wanted to ask him what he had spoken to her father about but decided to let him tell her when he was ready. Instead, she curled into his side and as the vehicle lurched into motion. Relief filtered through her body as they began their journey home.

August 03, 2019 09:50 pm
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