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*Summer heat was encroaching and it was something I didn't look forward to. I groaned as got out of bed and stretched before inputing commands on my ship.*

Nekropolis: Tea, green, hot.

*There a slight beeping sound before my hot cup of green tea arrived in a large mug. I blow on it to cool it down briefly; I do enjoy my time on the ship but sometimes I'm needed down on the planet and being a space hermit doesn't help. Besides there was a project I wanted to do but couldn't figure out where to start. I take a sip of my tea and thought to myself, there's on Earth I could look for inspiration. I began to recall the fairy rings in the woods of Ireland and the Drombeg Stone Circle. I nodded in silence as I drank my tea and packed a few small things such as note pads, pencil, snacks, and drinks. I threw on a black and silver short-sleeved shirt with the North Star on it *

Nekropolis, beam down to Ireland, Drombeg Stone Circle.

*The ship beamed me down to my destination, I looked around and smiled softly. I walked around and drew stetches of the stones before sitting down.*

June 14, 2019 04:42 pm

Ronan Boru

" Of  all the  Magic  circles  druid or  other  wise   you  find one  in  Ireland. Stone  hedge  is more  fun  for  most. More to  see. "

*  ROnan  looks at  her*

"  What  chao  are  you  spreding  now"

June 14, 2019 05:33 pm


*I see Ronan and smirked.*

None at the moment. Doing a project, looking for inspiration.

*I held my hand up holding a pencil.*

I solemnly swear I am behaving. Besides this is a nice ring of stone. But I also that the temple of Deen is also very nice. Stonehenge is lovely as well but I'll go there for a later time.

June 14, 2019 06:09 pm


*After I was done sketching I levitated and placed the glamour of a small owl on me. I floated off towards the direction for Temple of Deen. I called out to Ronan.*

You coming?

June 18, 2019 12:18 pm
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