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You Can Go West But You'll Never Be West Coast...


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Esper Valari

Licking the fine line of the brown paper as he folded it over with his thumb the sweet herb that was rolled inside as it laid in the mouth of the man who would lay a single strand of flame to it from his lighter that was strapped into in his pocket of his holed grey faded denim pants. Taking a huff of smoke as he let herb do it's magic. Esper found the strength to role out of JFK and on to the streets.

Central Station... It had been about 2 months since he'd even sat foot back in New York, yet he knew this was the destination he would have to travel first, Jewel could wait she'd survived this long without him he had to make things right. He had left, sure he had said something but it was the way he left and reason I guess that made him look weak that or the lack of giving a reason. He took another drag of the Herb as he crossed the sidewalks of Queens roaming at this point as he was still not familiar with all the channels of this damn city.

He was pretty much broke until he got back into the work of things, crime that is the only thing Esper seemed to be good. Crossing the little white lines on the pavement with the rest of the sheep of this town Esper quickly made himself disappear from the morning gaze of sunlight by heading down to the depths of the tunnels below. The Herb burned in between his lips as he pole vaulted over the entrance of the station he had no money to pay.

With his feet hitting the ground he took another hit and looked up to the sky to release his fiery dragon breath that rolled out from the sweet herb. Flicking the roach to the ground he would keep on his way to the train cart that rolled by. Next stop. Central Station, Home. The cart took off faster than he was expecting maybe because he was nervous for words he would say or maybe because he was afraid they would do some mafia s**t and cut him into little pieces.

The likes of being eaten by pigs didn't sound the slightest bit of fun. The train ride was alot longer than he had remembered but it always would when your mind is stuck on something. Esper's arrival was short notice for any on in the depths of the Coven, Esper quickly exited off the train and looked between platforms to see if anyone was following him and dug down deep in his chest to beat the cold sweats that would emit from his pores.

He would want to be high for this. His fist balled up, his emotions on his sleeve he would try to hide them, he was like a kid from the 70's running away from mom and dad, but then ran out of money to fast chasing a dream that only became a nightmare. Would he still be Esper or would he be a victim on a cold white night. The Bartender seemed not to care, as the normal still was slid his way. A shot of 1800 with a chase of salt and lime to get the head spinning. He knew what was around the corner. Or did he what if Mack wasn't even here?

Was it too late to turn back around and just Leave?

Esper thought to himself as he rimmed the drink in his hand as he brought it to his lips to satisfy the thirst for liquor. Down his throat it rolled as he reclined back in the bar chair a tri-fold of fingers to his head. Parting his hair he would lean back into the chair towards the bar and let out a soft sigh. Looking over to the left where he normally spotted Athena she was no where to be seen this time. The one time he actually could use some company other than Jewel he thought to himself. If Jewel heard that she'd kill him.
June 22, 2019 10:46 pm


Mackenzie had been traveling far too much lately, and being home feels almost foreign. From London to Siberia and back again, random stops in various cities as they changed planes, ever since that damned disease swept across the globe.. there had been no rest. Now, her attentions are split between her Coven, and her husband. Her husband's attention is split even further, and all she can truly do is be his rock. Thankfully, she had received word of Esper's return while home.

She had never known quite what to make of the man. He'd been sociably quiet, and never really seemed to be deterred by any sickening sight within the depths of the tunnels. Faces would appear and disappear, serving their purposes before being wiped from memory as they learned of their place on the food chain. He had never bat an eyelash, or asked a single question. Mackenzie merely assumed he understood as all others do.

It is unclear if she would care if he didn't, to be honest.

The bar in question is manned with a new face every night, the same bartender never making multiple appearances. No questions asked, Mackenzie merely courted them into the depths of Sine Metu and promised handsome payment for their service only to see them killed. No chances could be taken, not after some of the things she has witnessed over the course of her years in the Realm. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, she'd been told. By God, nothing rings truer than that.

That is why the humans who came never left. Cellular service in the tunnels jammed, and cameras in every public space. The entrance to their home was well hidden within the belly of the New York subway system, and precautions were taken to ensure it's location would never be discovered. All this, and she still did her regular checks. It is precisely her task before heading to the bar and finding the man in question.

Mackenzie wastes no time in sidling up at the bar beside Esper, cool blues fixating upon him. Not a word is said to beckon forth the neat rye whiskey that lands upon the bar before her. "When I took you in, it wasn't so that you could go off and live like a hobo."

For a demure woman, she is truly formidable - especially when the lilt of her voice runs quiet as the grave.
June 28, 2019 12:02 pm

Esper Valari

Esper read about the disease, he was fortunate enough to sweep past it wasn't sure how though seeing how the news said most people in the area were effected immediately it was almost as if Esper was a superhuman or something like the sort. Almost everyone he knew seemed to be ok so the disease couldn't have been as bad as one might have thought. Right?

Esper was glad to be home just nervous of the message that would be sent from his time of leave, it was more of AWOL to be fair. Esper was the quiet type not knowing or at least not remembering much of his past would reflect this to his normal life. He was unfamiliar if anyone almost in the Coven. What ever that meant... Coven... Even Esper noticed the coming and goings of the faces who would enter these halls of course no one who had ever been in would say the remembered it once they left for good.

Which is probably what ales Esper to feeling so worried or bothered of the sort. His disappearance to him meant his demise. But surely Jewel wouldn't let that happen, not that she could do much if it was to happen. Jewel he felt would have a closer bond to the coven as a family more so than Esper.. It was a very Cult like inhabitable place. But with that being said he would not know a thing about the monsters that lurked in theses halls as they all appeared to be human and human was all Esper knew.

Perhaps Esper mistaken the bartender for someone else, it could be he knew him from a time when he served at a local bar in the city. Esper didn't yet have vast knowledge of the depths of the halls. His visits were always brief, drop off dues, get a drink, hit a few things and back to the grind. Esper was a simple man, with big goals in mind. Just needed the right person to set up everything for him. He thought he had that with Jewel and Sine Metu.

In mid of his sigh and parting his hair to the left as he enjoyed a nice brew of liquor, a chilling sensation came over the back of his neck that cringed his spine going downwards to the cold depths of hell ringing to the devil himself that the true lord of Hell had entered the room. When Espers heard the crack of a voice began to fill the room.

When I took you in, it wasn't so that you could go off and live like a hobo.

He replayed those words all while sweating the liquor he had already smuggled down his throat. What was he waiting for Reply with something. He thought. For a moment he sat in fear of what might happen next, like a mouse caught in the claw of the cat. Her voice like an angered mother but maybe that's just how he was imagining it.

Hey.... Mackenzie, been awhile...

He said aloud like an idiot not knowing how to responded to her words, what did they mean to Esper, what did it mean for Esper. Would he be cast aside, killed, punished? He wasn't sure what would come of this, so long as it didn't effect Jewel in any way he would move on from it for sure.
June 28, 2019 09:48 pm


There is no stopping the quirk of her brow. Mackenzie is watching him, studying his posture as if reading some bizarre novel. She truly cannot get a good feel for what this is, but she certainly can get to the bottom of it. It is in her best interest, and Sine Metu's, as well as Esper's.


Lifting her glass, she takes a sip of the fiery liquid. It always amuses her, how different it tastes depending on her appetite. If she is starved, it is especially burning. Well fed, like now, and it is a pleasant warming sensation. A much more human experience that she enjoys, though it hardly serves her any purpose. Esper is not a meal to be had, and this is hardly a situation that appears to be very gleeful.

The glass would come down to the bar once more, two hands toying with it in her hands as she considers the man beside her. He isn't like the rest. Nervous, out of sorts, uncomfortable.

One hand moves from her drink, finger tapping idly at the bar's surface.

"Long absences are hardly an issue," her sights cut sideways, cast upon him. "I've barely been home in the past several months. One thing or another, you know."

Make him comfortable. Level with him.

Get him to talk.

"But yours is different. You seem anxious."
July 05, 2019 09:54 am

Esper Valari

Bizarre yet fascinating novel that is harder to crack open then a nutshell without the right tools. How would she manage to get to the bottom of someone so deep it would take a whole lifetime of digging to find out who Esper Valari truly was. But this novel had a lot of missing chapters, and it's cover was covered in dust. It was almost unreadable.

Liquor to Esper never expired in the taste department, it was foul bitter. But it put a name to a faceless man. It fit the bill of his lifestyle. It was everything and nothing all at once. Now cocaine and heroin? That was the burning or satisfying feel of life for him. A burning rush. That transfer of power from man to a substance was such a powerful thing that Esper never knew how to over come. Even with being married and the coven, he was still lost in old ways. California did nothing for the man.

His nervousness was not like him he was normally direct blunt quick to the kill, his hand too crossed at the same time as Mack's not for his glass but the tracks that were well covered by his tattoos.

He gave a simple scratch to them as he pulled his sleeve down to cover his arms. One thing or another, Esper was a wreck always had been, Mack had brought in a stray dog who had nothing only to earn to become more of nothing he spent the last few months trying to find out who he was and when he failed to do that he did the only thing he knew he was good at for cash.

He coughed, as he covered his sleeve as to draw attention to something else with her being so close, he turned his head the other way as to not make eye contact with the woman he was speaking to, was he hiding something? Was he ashamed? What was inside the cash box what was he hiding?

"Anxious, is not good enough a word....not to describe be honest I felt like I was coming home to my grave."
July 21, 2019 01:01 am
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