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Burning light, the roar of the soul


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Zaxton Vermillion

Cheers, cries of excitement.. the rattling of the chainlink walls that surrounds the fight ring the sound of fists landing on each combatant. The brilliant glow of red hair as it looked like burning flames. Zax glared at his opponent as the man charged towards him. Swiftly moving his footing upon the concrete floor. A punch landed against Zax’s open side as he tried to block with his arm. A grin played along his face as he heard cheers of his name. Tightening up his stomach he swung with his shoulder. He threw out a wide right hook, seeing that he wanted the man to be close. As he went for the man’s side then feinted. Straightening out his arm he caught the man by the jaw sending him into a backflip. “Your in my zone now.” He snarled now swinging his left side as a left hook to the stomach sent the man into the chainlink walls. June 24, 2019 05:58 pm

Zaxton Vermillion

The sound of voices, as people filled the underground fighting grounds. There were no rules and no referees everything goes. Zax watched as the man slammed into the chain links then fell to his feet. Smiling the man staggered to stand then brought up his fists. As he looked he could go another round. Zax then shot forward, the man saw him get close and brought his arms to defense Zax then ducked then shot upward in a heavy upper cut. His right upper then caught the man in the gut. The man’s breath was knocked out of him as it felt as if a cannon shot at him point blank. Zax then saw the man’s arms fall from covering his face then took it. “Time to end this..” As he then slammed his fist into the man’s face. Taking him off his feet then slamming him to the ground. “Volcanic slam!!” For the man hit the ground hard as Zax's fist glowed orange and red searing into the man’s face. The ground shook as the man landed pulling back his hand he left a burn mark right into the man’s skull. June 24, 2019 07:13 pm


Author had paid $100 to get a front row seat where he could see the sweat knocked off the contestants.  He cheered on his friend Zax "watch left! watch left!  ... ok body blow, that's money in the bank, baby!... stay on him, don't let him breathe... oh yeah! Volcanic Slam! ha ha ha ha."    The crowd erupted as the man went down hard, those close by smelled burning flesh.  Author gave high fives to those around him and then started harassing the fat man behind him to pay off their side bet.  

June 24, 2019 09:12 pm

Zaxton Vermillion

He smiled then raised his fist as the crowd uproared with excitement. Over a intercom speaker the announcers voice boomed. “That’s for the records! I was on the edge of my seat as Zax took him down in record time!” Zax watched as a pair of men came and dragged the other man out of the ring. “Now for our main event! The fight you’ve all been waiting for!!” The crowd cheered, Zax rubbed his shoulders as he cracked his neck. “Now here it is Zax versus!!” For then a man walked up to the ring and stepped inside. Looking at the man Zax was having a hard time reading him. Furrowing his brow, he snapped himself out of it. Bouncing on his feet, he then threw up his fists taking a fighting stance. The man stood there with a calm look to himself, as he just stared at Zax. “Zax versus.. Cesaro!!!” Zax then stared back, as he heard of that name before but vaguely never knew him. As the bell rung for the match to start. Zax watched as he just vanished, then felt a sharp jab. His eyes widened, as the man moved so quick he didn’t see Zax skid backwards from the blow then cringed. “Dang... I didn’t even see him...” Feeling the spot that Cesaro hit he saw the slight indention that he left. Closing his eyes he then flexed as his muscles and pushed out the indention. Taking a breather Zax then looked to the man. Zax watched as still he held a calm look to himself then cesaro threw a couple punches and he felt the air around him shift. June 24, 2019 10:38 pm


"Alright, alright, double or nothing!" Author said testily to the fat man.  He was ambivalent about carrying the bet, on the one hand he was getting even odds this way, whereas on the prelim he'd had to give 10-1 odds, though he still felt he got the better bargain.  On the other hand, the man might try to slip away without paying, so just to make sure, Author nicked his wallet after the fight started as insurance.

The demon shook his head as Cesaro landed the first shot.  "Keep your g--d--- left up Zax, focus!"  He watched, amazed at Cesaro's speed but still confident in Zax."C'mon brother, don't try to hit him where he is, if you do its because he lets you!  Hit him where he's gonna be! He won't like that at all!"

June 25, 2019 07:22 am

Zaxton Vermillion

He then shifted his stance, as he brought up his hands and slowly he moved them in a circular motion. He then began to watch, as Cesaro vanished once again Zax then closed his eyes. The voices the cheers began to fade. Feeling the air, he waited as he felt the air shift then shooting out a hand he blocked Cesaro’s fist that was about to hit his side. Zax smiled, as he vanished again then coming from the other side he blocked another punch to his other side. “Heheh..” He then gripped onto the man’s fist and pulled him in. “Your mine now...” Zax then shot out a kick to the man’s ribs Cesaro blocked the brunt of the kick but it still rocked him a bit as he skid backwards due to the kick. June 25, 2019 12:11 pm


the crowd was a little confused by the invisibility and sort of mumbled, but they understood when there was solid contact and roared, though surely the blow looked worse than it was. 

"Stay connected if you can Zax," Author shouted, "and be alert, he's probably not a one trick pony."

June 25, 2019 01:01 pm

Zaxton Vermillion

He chuckled, then frowned as cesaro vanished once again. Looking around he then crouched, as he spun around swinging out his leg. Kicking up dust around him he revealed where Cesaro was. As he saw a punch coming, Zax rose to his feet and knocked it to the side swinging his own punch back he caught. Him on the side Zax saw another punch coming as he threw back one of his own. As they connected, he then noticed something attached to the man’s body. He then swiftly attached it and crushed it in his hand. “Well this is what made you vanish... well not anymore..” Dropping the broken pieces to the ground, he then closed in for a one two punch. June 25, 2019 09:44 pm


'Hey! What just happened?"  a young fellow with a mohawk asked, perhaps as a general question but since Author was nearby and knew the answer he piped in.

"Zax broke the guy's invisible machine.  Now we'll see if the guy can fight or if he was all tricks."

"You can have an invisible machine?" the guy asked incredulously.

"Oh yeah," Author said as if it was a common, everyday thing, "there's no rules in these fights so you can bring whatever you want.  Last week a guy had a bazooka."

"What? No way!"  

Author's eyes bulged as he nodded in the affirmative.  The young man's mouth opened slightly and his brow furrowed.  The demon felt he could actually see the wheels turning in the guy's brain.The one-two punch landed and Author cheered, pumping his fist.  This ended the conversation, although Author continued to smirk that the fellow might believe him about the bazooka.

June 26, 2019 08:07 am

Zaxton Vermillion

Taking a swift breath, Zax shot out two punches in rapid session one to Cesaro’s stomach and another to his chest. Bouncing on the balls of his toes, he bounced back then tapping his feet to the ground. Zax then grew lighter, as he scooped at the ground with his feet then shot forward. Like a lightning strike he threw out a palm slamming it into Cesaro’s chest. “Exploding palm!” An explosion rocked the arena, as Cesaro shot backwards then dashing towards him Zax made a kick at the air. Moving himself around the man, he then got behind him as he brought both fists up then drove them down upon him. “Brimstone Driver!!” Bringing down both fists he drove Cesaro down into the ground. June 26, 2019 08:46 pm


Author summoned the beer vendor.  Turning towards him and away from the fat man, he took the occasion to count out his presumed winnings from the purloined wallet and put them in a separate pocket, while also purchasing two beers at a cost of $20.  Hemissed seeing some of the action, but he could hear it.  The transaction finished, he took a big gulp of beer, and swallowed it while witnessing the brimstone driver.

"Finish him!!!" he screamed

June 27, 2019 05:56 am

Zaxton Vermillion

Dust kicked up due to Zax’s attack as he then saw a gleam of eyes glaring back. As Cesaro stood there as if he was unfazed and threw up a hard uppercut. As it connected with Zax’s jaw he used the momentum and flipped back onto his feet. “What the hell..” He sneered rubbing his jaw for if it hit much harder he would of been knocked out. The man now stood, as the dust settled his muscles were rippling his body bigger and stronger. Though he didn’t look human anymore, he looked more like a demon. As Cesaro then growled and then out protruded four more arms. “Well...” Zax thought, “since this was the main event something was gonna happen.” He then looked to his watch and grinned. “It’s almost noon..” He then knelt down and slammed a fist to the ground, as from where he hit lava began to bubble out and cover his upper half of his body. Then it hardened to an magma armor. Slamming his fists together he roared out to the man. “Bring it on!!” June 27, 2019 11:10 am


"Oooh!" Author cringed at the brutal uppercut and spilled a little of the full beer.  The other one he had drunk 1/3 of by now.  "That's gonna make Zax mad," he told the fellow in the Mohawk, "he shouldn't have done that."  

"What's he gonna.... oh" the young man's question was interrupted by the spectacle of magma armor.

"Stay back from the fence," Author advised it could get hot.

June 27, 2019 05:37 pm

Zaxton Vermillion

Zax then charged as Cesaro did too, then what came next was just a flurry of punches six against two though as people watched. He kept connecting back each punch that Cesaro threw out with his own. “Well even if you grew more arms.” He chuckled, as fists connected each of them sounding like a sonic boom. “I’ll always stand on top.. for i’ll go beyond my limits and force you to quit!!” Then they both knocked each other back as with a snarl from him and a growl from Zax. They went into a grapple hold then both head butted each other as a shockwave flowed through the arena. Cesaro then threw up a knee and Zax knocked it down with his foot. Then the man began to push Zax back, as another flurry of punches came and rained down on him. Trapped against the wall Zax tried to block as a few got through. Cesaro then roared as he held up all of his fists, “your dead!!” He roared as they came down upon Zax he smiled. As it was time, he then brought up his arms and blocked them all as the time it was now was high noon. “Perfect...” Zax whispered, as the sunlight shone in from the roof and bathed him in its light. Zax’s body then exploded with energy and power as he shoved back Cesaro. Zax then stood there as if he was the embodiment of the sun itself. Steam emitted from his muscles as the arena began to grow in heat then he let out a roar which was inhuman as it echoed through out the place. As it sounded like a demon that had risen from the volcanic earth with a force to be reckoned with. June 27, 2019 06:14 pm


"Here buddy, drink up," Author said handing the nearly full beer to the mohawk bearing man, "It'll put hair on... the sides of your head." 

"Huh?  Uh thanks man."  Mohawk was pretty sure he'd been insulted, but he wasn't one to look a gift beer in the mouth.

The demon dropped the wallet at his feet and kicked it, unnoticed, under the fat man's chair.  He had noticed the gate breaking on the fighting pit and things were definitely serious.  He started edging his way through the crowd towards the open gate still cheering and drinking his mostly empty beer.  He was not at all sure he could do anything to help, but he had to be ready in case.

June 27, 2019 07:52 pm
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