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Burning light, the roar of the soul


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Zaxton Vermillion

Zax growled as he was now at his peak of his power as rage began to set in. He dug in his feet then took a stance Cesaro then charged as all six arms reeled back then shot out a punch. With a smile Zax didn’t block nor tried to as he took all the hits but stood there unfazed. Cesaro stood there in shock as Zax didn’t move or even flinch and barely moved an inch. Zax then reeled back a fist and threw it as it connected with his jaw as the man flew backwards as if he was shot out of a volcano. As he slammed into the arena wall then bounced back towards Zax as he threw another and another. Using the man as a bouncing punching bag. June 29, 2019 08:21 pm


Author worked his way around to the entrance of the arena itself, The hasp was broken, he would just have to get past one guard who was mostly paying attention to the fight.  One rabbit punch and a shove was what the demon thought would do the trick.  Zax was back on top now though so he decided to do nothing.  The wall of the arena was showing signs of buckling, what a mess it would be if Cesaro wound up ejected into the crowd.  The thought amused Author terribly and he laughed as he cheered on Zax.

June 30, 2019 08:52 am

Zaxton Vermillion

Once he bounced back towards Zax for the last time Zax then reeled back his fist. Gaining power in his right fist it then began to vibrate as flames began to burst all around his fist. “It’s over!!” Throwing his fist hard upwards he connected with Cesaro's jaw. The ground began to shake as the ground cracked under his feet. Then the flames around his fist began to surge like a jet engine ready to take off. “Sun... demon...!! Volcanic!!!!” Zax then began to push Cesaro slowly upwards. “Eruption!!!!” He then followed through as the man now shot upwards as flames enveloped his body. Cesaro roared in agony as he burned through the chain link wall and through the roof of the arena and towards the sun shining above them. “May you burn away with the sins of your misdeeds...” As Zax stood there as if he had won a year long war with his fist raised high above him and the flames around his fist burning as fierce as the sun itself. July 02, 2019 09:38 pm


The crowd was awestruck by this spectacle.  Author started cheering and clapping and the crowd followed suit, there was really nothing else to do; they had certainly got their money's worth.

July 03, 2019 02:32 pm
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