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2019 Summer Bloodies Winners


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Cersei Lannister

Best Coven
The Menagerie
Runner Up: Sine Metu

Best Sanctuary
Azhi Dahaka
Runner Up: The Attic

Most Missed Crew
After Dark
Runner Up: Saints and Sinners

Best Angel
Belinda Arch
Runner Up: Cristina Scabbia

Best Slayer
El Orlav
Runner Up: Livia Vlcek

Best Werewolf
Runner Up: Blood Maw

Best Vampire
Dessa Chambers
Runner Up: Mackenzie

Best Witch
Marah Whitmoore
Runner Up: Kyla Brollachan

Best Demon
Dita Morgenstern
Runner Up: Flahme

Best Overall Character
Runner Up: Livia Vlcek, Gavin McGrath

Best New Character
Kira Garrett
Runner Up: Cody Mars, Averly Amoret

Most Promising Character
Runner Up: Averly Amoret

Most Missed Character
Runner Up: Autumn

Most Original Character
Runner Up: Zaynah Mubarak, Crimson Belladonna Jones, Flahme, Kyla Brollachan

Most Terrifying Character
Runner Up: Edward Brollachan

Most Friendly Character
Marah Whitmoore
Runner Up: Luna Carnivale

Most Original Name
Tasteless Coffee
Runner Up: Flahme

Most Helpful
Mackenzie, Livia Vlcek
Runner Up: Dessa Chambers

Saddest Death
Quinn Abernathy
Runner Up: Autumn

Best Baddie
Edward Brollachan
Runner Up: Mackenzie

Best Writer
Runner Up: Gray Taylor, Flahme

Most Improved Writer
Kira Garrett
Runner Up: Flahme

Best Origin Story
Dita Morgenstern
Runner Up: Flahme, Kyla Brollachan

Best Bio Graphics
Kyla Brollachan
Runner Up: Kira Garrett

Best Graphic Artist
Dessa Chambers
Runner Up: Camille

Best Roleplay
Item #4 - The Trouble With Fire and Ice [Flahme, Marah Whitmoore]
Runner Up: Item #3 - The Mandrake, The Witch, and the Big Apple [Flahme, Kyon-gel]

Most Adored
Runner Up: Livia Vlcek

Best Smile
Runner Up: Mackenzie

Best Moment
Mackenzie and Jasper getting married
Runner Up: Surviving the Red Death

Best WTF Moment
The Red Death
Runner Up: The return of Danny Ocean

Saddest Moment
Mackenzie didn't get Elouise's head as a trophy
Runner Up: The end of Shepherd's Grove/Gideon and Quinn's Death

Best Couple
Jasper Thompson and Mackenzie
Runner Up: Marah and Rafe Whitmoore

Most Shipped Couple
Flahme and Janus
Runner Up: Gray Taylor and Jasper Thompson

Most Dedicated Player
Runner Up: Maeve

Best 70s Pornstache
Runner Up: Dessa Chambers

Realm Robin Hood
Jameson Orlav
Runner Up: Dessa Chambers

Realm Batman
Runner Up: Marius Tournier

Realm Lush
Livia Vlcek
Runner Up: Mackenzie, Marah Whitmoore

Best Elder
Runner Up: Cersei Lannister
June 27, 2019 07:27 pm

Cassandra Carnivale Jadu

Congrats to all the winners and runner ups.

June 27, 2019 08:08 pm


Congrats every one June 27, 2019 08:30 pm

Marah Whitmoore

Congrats everyone. And thank you. June 27, 2019 09:28 pm


Congrats Winners and Runner ups!

You effing rock!  YES! 

June 27, 2019 10:44 pm


Congrats to the winners and runner ups, and thanks Cersei for organising.

June 28, 2019 04:50 am

Esper Valari

Two seasons in a row!!?!? I'm coming for you HINGLE!!! (Grats) June 28, 2019 10:12 pm


Congratulations to all winners and runner ups. June 29, 2019 01:57 pm


Congrats to the winners and runner ups July 01, 2019 01:22 pm

Belinda Arch

I want to thank everyone who voted Belinda as best angel. I am so very honored.

Congratulations to everyone, not only those who placed, being nominated is a big thing! Keep up the great work going forward. I am eager to see what you all have in store. *hearts*
July 04, 2019 12:05 pm

Averly Amoret

Congratulations to all those who won, came runner up, and were nominated. It was a joy seeing so many great players have their characters be recognized for their hard work. Much love to all. 

July 10, 2019 11:25 pm
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