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Knocking on Knockaine


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*After spending a good time in Cancun and the Maldives I needed to get back to work but I needed inspiration. In my ship was a floating earth globe and I had a dart. I spin the globe hard and as it spun I threw my dart. Fortunately it didn't bounce off and land elsewhere in the ship. I stopped the globe from spinning any further to see where the dart landed. It landed on Ireland and I nodded.*

Alrighty then what can I get out of it?

*I Googled up celtic designs on my laptop and a few more tree based designs. But I decided to visit the Emerald Isle for a better experience. My pack was filled with food, drinks, a drawing pad, and a few pencils.*

Nekroplis, one to beam to Ireland. Cork County.

*The ship transported me and I was greeted by rolling hills dotted by quant houses and some castle ruins all in the sun's light. I placed a glamour on me with the appearance of an owl as not draw attention to me as I flew off to Drombeg stone circle. I removed my glamour and started to sketch the stone circle as I walked around it. I placed my hand on it and softly smiled.*

Hmm, I wonder it was like during those times?

*Satisfied with my sketches my glamour reappeared and I took off for Temple of Deen.*

July 12, 2019 11:16 pm


*The flight to the Temple of Deen took than I thought but I made it there. I was in the process of sketching the table when I noticed some petite, and small faery folk nearby. A smirk appeared on my face as my mischievous nature surfaced as I used my chaotic energy to play tricks on them. The chaos energy took the form a of a exotically colored butterfly and I watched it fly near the fairies. The small fae tried to interact with the butterfly but my little bug splattered the fairy with phantasmagorical colored dust. The fairies didn't know what to think as I held my laughter back and hoped they wouldn't run off to tattle.*

July 15, 2019 10:10 pm


*I hear a voice, melodic and sweet echo behind me.*

Teasing my people, are we?

*I turn to see who it was and it was a very beautiful redhead with long tresses barely touching the ground, emerald green gown, and a pair of vibrant butterfly wings on her. I tilted my head in curiosity, the woman just smiled.*

You most likely don't remember me, my dear. I'm Aine.

*I just blinked.*

Probably not. Where I was reborn does that, sadly.

July 16, 2019 10:37 pm
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