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Chaos Series: The Blashemous Inquisition


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*It was warm muggy day as I tinkered with the ship's portal before taking a pause to work out the kinks. I had one of the hounds pass me what tools I needed trying to improve the portal. A portal? Why, though when the ship can transport you as if you were in Star Trek? The portal I am working on will allow me to travel whatever world I desire whereas the transporter can only take me to worlds I am close with. *

*I wiped the sweat from my brow as I took a step back to examine my work. I turned it on and all seemed to go well until a bright light blinded me briefly. My vision was slowly becoming back my nose was greeted by a metallic scent and death, as my eyes adjusted themselves I found myself upon a sea of corpses.*

July 16, 2019 11:42 am


There is no moon in hell; consequently, there is no tide in its various seas.

Author sat alone on the top floor of the sentinel's tower reading a book.  It was about the new Orthodoxy.  It was remarkably different from the old new orthodox religion of only a century ago.  Even in hell, some things change to meet the times.  The new challenge was a movement amongst daemons and some aliens that now resided in hell that proposed that only the guilty should be attacked by the legions of Hell and that the innocent should be preserved.  Author could see the sense of it from a philosophic point of view, but in practical terms, wars are not won this way.  Whenever victory is sacrificed over a moral quibble defeat is more likely and morale suffers. War is hell, and hell is war, it had always been this way and hell's leaders and minions were good at it.  So this new heresy had to be stopped at least in Author's opinion and he had accepted a position in an old friend's administration, General Razran was quite the zealot for the new new Orthodoxy and while Author did not entirely agree with his methods, he did agree with the goal.

Still, he had to laugh at this religion.  He knew that all religions ultimately depended on all adherents agreeing to a set of truths, most of which were not true at all.  But seeing Satan looking benevolent and ensconced on a throne before the beginning of creation was preposterous.  Author had been there, there was no dualism, no competing gods.  There was a creator and this creator had left a fatal flaw in his design, it was as simple as that.  Creation might have hummed along nicely like a well-oiled machine except for this free will thing which allowed creatures to choose whether or not to do the creator's bidding.  Satan had been the first to discover this potential, and also the first to use it in a way other than that intended by the creator.  Satan had brought this fire, of using free will, to the angels and some, like Author, had followed.  Satan had brought this gift to the humans and they had likewise followed.  Author had been there, those were the facts.

But the truth he was bound to adhere to was in this book of drivel.  That Satan and the creator had made different parts of the universe, that they were brothers and that Satan would ultimately prevail.  Anyone who disagreed with any of that, and any of the consequences that evolved from that were heretics and they would suffer death or the Inquisition.  

Author heard the footsteps on the spiral staircase and set the book down.  The door burst open and an imp appeared, "Masssster! Masssster! an intruuuuuder!"


"In the ssssea.  Come qvickly!"

Author followed and they came to the edge of the sea and examined the detection device.  Something had disturbed the sea, its ripples had washed over the device and the time stamp showed less than three minutes had passed.  "Excellent work to have found it so quickkly."  The imp had feared punishment for his report and did not even know how to receive praise and fell to gibbering which Author ignored.  "Assemble the guard and prepare the torture chamber." 

The imp nodded and Author spread his great wings and flew to the next detection station.  He was prepared to berate them for not reporting the intrusion but upon getting there he saw that they were in fact examining the signal and would probably soon have reported in.  He pushed past them and read the time stamp himself, where the foul water from the sea had rippled and washed over the device.  He made a quick mental calculation and then set off in the right direction.  The more refined calculation, the one that triangulated the position of the intruder from the time difference of the arrival of the ripples, he did on the way.  It would give him a position in the sea no more than a few hundred yards square in which something had splashed down.  He knew from how large the ripple was that he was dealing with only a single creature approximately human size.  In fact he knew more than that as he made his way there as he recalled a wormhole that went into that area.  It was the same wormhole that had been used to bring the corpses of innocents into the sea in the first place.  They would eventually be reanimated as part of General Razran's plan but for now they were stored very nicely in this sea.  Someone must have discovered the wormhole and that was difficult to do, it could be sorcery or science, which he didn't know. 

If the intruder could fly, it might already have escaped and he would have to give chase.  He also thought it possible that the intruder would be dead when he got there from the terrible fumes or from drowning but he saw as he got on scene that this was not the case.  There was what appeared to be a female human at a higher level than the corpses.  Author spoke, "Will you come peacefully? As the sentinel I must ask you some questions."

July 17, 2019 01:49 pm


*I tilted my head in curiosity at the voice and smiled.*

That depends....

*The light of the sun shone me revealing what I am. I was somewhat human for the head and upper torso. The Eldrith Flame flickered above my head and I wore a gray wrap-around top. My legs were that of a goat, covered in dark hair and cloven. My fungal-like tail twitch with anticipation and within my tail were nanities; primed and ready to invade another host. I began to slowly float towards the voice. Meanwhile back at Nekropolis the hounds were working with urgency to get me back. I look down briefly.*

I don't ever recall seeing this many bodies. Are ya starting a collection?

*I chuckled softly, my Southern accent dripped in the air.*

Not a pleasant smell, I'll add though, darling.

*My hounds successfully tracked me down but the portal became unstable and it opened elsewhere. Around 75 hounds were able to come through with devices and machines to create a base. And they ended up in a abandoned cathedral.*

July 17, 2019 02:29 pm


Author was quite startled when the creature floated above the surface.  He recognized her as Kain; they had met on a remote planet in the Milky Way galaxy and then spent time aboard her magnificent ship.  author had taken a human shape at that time and so he had the advantage here, recognizing Kain while she did not recognize him.  At the time they had been working on a plan to dominate all the dimensions including heaven and hell.  Author had not liked the direction that was going, particularly after they were well on their way to the capture of an entire world with essentially no opposition.  He had abandoned the two and did not know how that had ended.  Clearly they were not in possession of the multiverse, but Kain's was incredibly dangerous and could certainly make a bid for hell if she wanted to.  

"Are ya starting a collection?"

"Not me, but someone yes. There's a process for reanimation of corpses for use as foot soldiers.  You'd have to talk to a necromancer about it, I can't say as I understand.  Mostly the ones who reach us are souls, the bodies remain behind.  I can't help noticing that you aren't a demon and that you have a corporal body, so unless you've got written permission, you'll have to come with me to answer some routine questions.  I'll answer some of your questions too, as you see I already have answered one as a sign of good faith."

The demon recognized how difficult this situation was. Under no circumstances would Author threaten Kain.  However, if she didn't comply, he was going to have to use force.  Absolutely nothing about his current demeanor signalled that, in fact quite the opposite.

July 17, 2019 04:09 pm


*I looked around, this place almost resembled Earth in a way if it wasn't for all the corpses. I held out my hand and necromantic energy flowed forth reanimating a corpse, The corpse still lying on its stomach gingerly reach out to touch me briefly before going back into Death's fold. I smiled softly.*

Not a bad idea. And you're right, technically I am not a demon, to be honest I'm not sure what I am.

*I continued to float towards the figure until I was face to face with him.*

Alrighty then, I'll go with you....

*Some of the imps were staring at me, unsure of what I was. I noticed Razran keeping an eye on me; he almost human with long dark hair. But he was 10 feet tall and had dark feathery wings. My hounds were at work in the cathedral and turning into a base, they even so far to decorate it. It's once white pillars and walls were now black and charred looking. I gave Razran a soft smile, admittedly he was very attractive and he awkardly smiled back. The Hounds had turned a sacred place of worshipping Satan into something perversed.*

July 17, 2019 07:33 pm


Author was startled when he noticed General Razran and his personal troops had appeared on the scene.  It was a good move, and he was glad for the back up, he wished that he had powers to teleport around like that.  Author did have a similar power, he had worked for fourteen centuries to perfect his soul migration ability whereby he could inhabit various bodies throughout the cosmos while leaving his true essence in hell.

Kain and her entouraged moved swiftly in the direction of the demon's tower.  Author moved to General Razran hailed him respectfully and loudly announced that the prisoner was secure. Then he dropped his voice to a whisper and used the Enochian language, something known only to pre-flood demons.  "General I must you urge you in the strongest possible terms not to antagonize this prisoner. I know her from somewhere else and amongst her essentially limitless godlike powers, she has the ability to overwhelm minds, even the strongest minds with technology, bendng them to her will and merging their knowledge to hers.  Treat her with courtesy and we should have a powerful ally to destroy the rebellion."

Razran spat out fire, one of his less pleasant habits, and growled.  He began to speak in a forceful tone of voice, "That all depends..." but Author urged with a lowering gesture of his talons and Razran contined in a whisper, "that all depends on whether she sees things our way, if not we shall ... persuade her."  Authored swallowed hard, that meant bringing in the Inquisition and that would get the attention of Satan himself.  If things went badly, heads would roll... literally.

"General," the lesser demon pleaded, "I must caution..."  but Razran's hand went up in a stop gesture and he turned his head away, the conversation was over.

Author rejoined Kain, pleased to see that she was cooperating thus far, "So, here's a bit of trivia!  The wormhole you found is anchored here, but opens spontaneously on the other end in the cosmos.  On one of those occasions it opened in a sea and that's why there is liquid water this deep in hell not close to the Styx or Lethe rivers." He smiled trying to keep things pleasant and then asked, "So why do you have occasion to visit us in hell? are you alone?"

July 18, 2019 09:45 am


*My hounds in the cathedral during their set up stumbled upon a body of a fallen angel, he too was large. It took most of them to move his body and placed him stasis to preserve him for my use. I raised an eyebrow.*

I'm in Hell? Hmmm, well I was tinkering with a... spell... trying to improve it. I am pretty sure I'm alone. Didn't see anyone follow me.

*I didn't trust my interrogator but I thought it would be in my best interest to cooperate for now. I gave Razran an impish smile as he turned away. My hounds that were far away from where I was at worked tirelessly to make another portal device in the cathedral. Once it was done they decided to put the portal to use but it wasn't until they were interuppted by a few demons of the Inquisition. The demon roared at the intruders of the now desecrated house of worship, but his roar was cut off as one of my Sentinels sawed off the demon's head with its living barb wire. The drones feasted up on the new demonic corpse and resumed their plan with the portal device. The portal activated and transported the blackened cathedral out of Hell and into a remote place in Romania. The hounds then adjusted the portal to find me. I entered the tower and looked around at the hellish, jagged design.*

Love the decor. I might do this style in my living room and office. Perhaps even add a dungeon.

*I chuckled softly to myself.*

July 18, 2019 01:38 pm


"Lying *****," Razran muttered under his breath just a bit too loudly.

Author sighed. He had come to the same conclusion, that all three statements in answer to his questions were, at best, evasions of the truth. With all the imps and demons it was clear this was hell, plus, how could you not feel the heavy weight of oppression, evil and hopelessness of the place? The only reason to pretend not to know would be to disguise her motives for coming, at least, that was his conclusion.  The hesitation before 'a spell' also told Author that the true answer was anything but that. And finally, the indirect answer about associates told him that friends were coming or nearby, he knew about the hounds from his time on her ship.

"Love the decor. I might do this style in my living room and office. Perhaps even add a dungeon."

"I'm glad you like it," Author said as if genuinely pleased that she liked his taste. "You must have a tour! The dungeon is on the second floor. I keep a dozen female souls to torment in there from three different sentient species, plus anyone from the army who gets in trouble and then unexpected guests.  I know, I know the dungeon ought to be in the basement, but we're too close to the sea.  During storms it floods so much that it would erode the foundation to have a room there. The third floor is my quarters, library and lookout station.  I'll treat you to a brandy if you have time.  The top floor is just a turret open to the sky with crenallations. You must have seen it as we came in, the whole thing looks like a giant rook in chess.  Do you play?" He started up the stairs with Kain behind.

"I tire of your blithering," Razran said as he was completely out of patience. "Prisoner," he said in a stern voice, "You have trespassed. The punishment for that is severe. However, you come at an opportune time and we might choose to overlook that if you will help us with the small matter of a few heretics.  This would be provided, of course, that you believe as we do that Satan is master of Hell and that his claim to the cosmos as co-creator is valid.  Ultimately, heaven belongs to him, as the unholy Scriptures tell us.  Do you confess this faith and hope?"

The space in the stairwell was quite tight.  Author swore and moved a few steps up and opened the door to the dungeon.  Imps and warrior demons were on all sides of Kain  except in the direct line of sight of General Razran.  They all waited for an answer.  Author was glad none of his own imps were nearby as he had come to like them and he didn't think any of the soldiers would survive if this came to violence.

July 18, 2019 05:54 pm


* I smiled softly listening to the sentinel.*

I do enjoy playing.

*I hear Razran rudely interrupt my thought but I laughed. At first it sounded little bells filled with mirth, but then turned sinister. I grinned.*

Heretic.... was a title I proudly wore when I was human and to this day I still wear it! I was a heretic of God. A Heretic of Baphomet.... A heretic....

*I noticed I was surrounded but grinned. Alas, the power of the Outer Gods were more ancient and more powerful than anything conjured by any Abrahamic religion. I held my hands at should length and chaos from Shub-Niggurath's womb flowed forth like water creating a mist with unpredictable properties that was blowing my would-be assailants away. I laughed.*

It's been fun but I don't tolerate rudeness for long.

*The chaos now ensued I flew off out of the tower. One of the demons whimpered in defeat.*

Oh no.... No wonder mortals have called her The Devil.

*During my flight I saw the great river of blood, Phlegethon and figured why not take a sample. I swooped down, pulled out a enchanted bottle, and filled it up. I was trying to figure out to get out until my hounds locked on my location and transported me out. I then found myself in the blackened cathedral and happy hounds greeted me with head rubs and licking.*

*I chuckled.*

I'm so happy to see y'all. Today is just crazy but I brought home a souvenir.

*I held the bottle up the light, the blood held within still boiled. I exited the cathedral and scanned my surrounding.*

Where are we by the way?

*One of the hounds lead me to the portal device and it just said Romania. I sighed.*

Well, better than were I was.

*I remembered Razran's words.*

I have a lot of work to....

*Another hound pointed at a chamber, I went over to investigate and smiled.*

Oh, you guys shouldn't have...

*I looked at the body of a fallen angel and boy did I have plans for him.*

July 18, 2019 06:58 pm


When he saw the strange mist, Author slipped in the dungeon and slammed the door shut.  He paid no attention to the frantic pounding of the terrified soldiers.  "This is all your fault!" he shouted at one of his prisoners randomly.  She shrunk back and wailed an apology as he strode forward to beat her. Dealing with Razran had left the demon with pent up frustrations.  He hoped Kain had killed him, but he was not so lucky. 

"Come out coward!" the general demanded after the battle from the staircase.

Author tugged on the door but it had locked behind him.  "The door... my lord... she must have bewitched it!  A thousand pardons."

Indeed the door was sturdy, strong enough to keep demons in and thus also demons out.  Razran soon gave up and took what was left of his troops and departed. He would soon learn of the disappearance of the Cathedral, but that was none of Author's concern.

"You smiled when I accused her!" he shouted at another of the damned souls in his keep.  "You must have been in on it." He selected an implement and gave her his attention. He had no compunction about his behavior, after all they had all done many, many wicked things in life for which they must pay.

After some hours his own imps brought the keys and unlocked the door.

July 18, 2019 07:32 pm


*An idea popped into my head and I looked at my hounds.*

Hunt down a strigoi for me, darlings. I have a plan.

*They all bolted off into the shadows to hunt down any strigoi they could find. Meanwhile I transported some of my supplies from my ship needed for a ritual. 3 human hearts, a pure silver blade,  a medium sized cauldron, and a ladle. I began to boil the hearts in the cauldron and had allowed them to simmer. Hours have passes until my hounds caught a female strigoi; she struggled against their grip and tried to bite them. She looked very much like Nosferatu as she stared at me and screeched something in Romanian.*

Place her on the altar and hold her down.

*The hounds did as they commanded and my sacrifice was pinned down. I pulled the silver blade and eviscerated her. Her digestive system and blood vessel were fused as I collected her stomach. Upon placing the stomach in the cauldron it bubble like crazy spilling the liquid out. I then pulled out the bottle of Phlegethon's boiling blood and added a drop of it into the cauldron. A pillar of black smoke shot out and I combined the contents of the cauldron with necromantic energy until the smoke was gone and all that was left was a dark liquid bearing a crimson glow. I used the ladle to pour the liquid into a bowl and i went over to the angel's body. I took a deep breath.*

Alright... let's see what happens.

*I open the little chamber containing the body and I carefully poured the liquid into his mouth. The angel's body convulsed violently before going still. I murmured.

 You are reborn. And I shall call you... Raziel. I brought you back to redeem yourself - or if you prefer, avenge yourself. Become my Soul Reaver, my angel of death...

*The angel's eyes fluttered before they opened revealing glowing yellowish green eyes.*

July 18, 2019 08:15 pm


Razran paced up and down the rectangular hole where once had stood a cathedral.  He could find no clues, but he was not stupid.  "That ***** did it. She's the only new thing in this patch of Hell.  He summoned the Inquisitors; he summoned the scryers.  He summoned everyone nearby to come and tell him and the Inquistors what they had seen or heard.  The inquisitors extracted every drop of information.

1)  There was a demon named maleboge missing, he was fond of visiting the cathedral.

2) there had been a mysterious hunt recently.  It was dogs led by some master who was unseen or perhaps invisible. Their journey had ended at the cathedral.

3) by their pawprints, it was clear the dogs were not of hellish origin, probably somewhere in the cosmos, but they seemed to be all alike.

4) the scryers determined that the cathedral and maleboge were no longer in Hell.

5) the wormhole or some other gate had been present here with the other side probably in the cosmos.  This was the last fact determined by the investigation on the scene.


Razran was furious of course.  Kain had told him, and he did not doubt it, that she was a heretic of God, which was good and a heretic of baphomet which was puzzling as it was not the usual thing to mention next.  She did not mention Satan at all. His next move was not clear, he did not want to remain on the defensive, he decided Author might have more answers since he knew Kain.  He also sent Inquisitors to the great libraries to determine if Kain was otherwise known.

July 19, 2019 07:54 am


*Raziel slowly got up on his feet, the feathers of his wings were molting revealing wings of a bat ; mottled and leathery. His hair went from black to snow white and his skin became paler. He was as tall as Razran. He leans against the wall for support, his voice almost melodic and sinister.*

What happened...? W-where am I?

*I took a deep breath.*

You're in a cathedral. And I brought you back to life.

*He looked down at me in shock and confusion.*

What? I am one of the undead?

* I nodded and he fell to his knees, but I sighed.*

What is the last thing you remembered?

*Raziel shudders and sighs.*

I... I remember getting into a fight with one of Hell's Generals. We were raiding a town... I did as ordered but I spared the children.... they didn't serve death....

(Flashback): Raziel is raiding a town with his demons along with Razran. There is nothing but bloodshed, as they slaughtered people. Raziel breaks into a cottage to find 2 dead humans; a man and a woman.  He hears the cries of a newborn, he goes to investigate, there a infant in a crib. Raziel gently picks her with his large hand as he looks at the newborn there is a sickening feeling within that this is all wrong. Even as a fallen angel there was a bit of good within Raziel. He coos at the infant but his voice is filled with sorrow.*

Oh, little one. I'll get you out of here

* As Raziel tried to leave the slaughter Razran spots Raziel and confronts him.*

Leaving so soon?

*Raziel answers in a curtly manner.*

I am done here.

*Razran snarls.*

You are done when I say you're done!

*The newborn cries and Razran sees her.*

What you plan on doing with that?

*Raziel growls.*

I will not slaughter the children! They don't serve to die!!!

*Razran sneers and grabs Raziel's hand causing him to crush the infant. Her cries stopped abruptly, while Raziel's once red eyes flashed in rage. Razran leaves him; the fallen angel doesn't look at the infant already knowing she's gone as his hand is now covered in her blood, but his heart breaks as he hears the cries of children being killed. Later that day Raziel makes an attempt to defeat Razran but utterly fails as his broken body was abandoned in the cathedral.*

(Flashback ends)

*Raziel grimaced.*

I tried to fight Razran but he was too strong.... I want to avenge the children and myself...

*I nodded.*

And you will but first there's something you should know... Raziel...

July 19, 2019 02:46 pm



"You are accused of cowardice in battle, how do you plead."  Surrounded by 12 other inquisitors (making a total of 13), the head inquisitors voice boomed in the great hall.  Author knew this was a very dangerous situation, but he refused to be intimidated.  He looked over at General Razran in the witness box, his face beet red and hard as a stone.

Waiting a few moments, the lesser demon steadied himself and then put a pile of folders on the table and motioned for the baliff.  "Innocent of that charge. This is not a case of cowardice, but of common sense.  Had I been able to convey to the general the seriousness of this threat he would have done otherwise.  As it was I was ineffective at communication due to time constraints, there is no other crime.  I have prepared a full report and dossier on Kain", he motioned to the folders, "one for each of you.  The threat is serious and now is a time to act to defend our interests, not point fingers of blame." 

The demonic council took great interest in the files and began perusing them immediately.  In it was an account of Author's previous encounter with Kain  and every word and action that had taken place between Kain, Author and Razran in the recent encounter.  He waited for them to read through it.  For several minutes there was no sound except the turning of pages and the scratching of quills as they made notes.

"As you can see, we are dealing with a goddess, basically limitless power, access to limitless knowledge, and the ability to bend the wills of anyone to hers, something even Satan and The Enemy (he meant God) do not choose to do.  There are foibles.  She does not always access her limitless knowledge, so she might be deceived for a time.  Her body does not appear to be indestructible.  Her status is relatively recent, it appears that she has somehow connected to the primal chaos, that existed even before Satan and the Enemy and creation were made manifest. But the chaos has no real purpose and Kain can therefore be deflected or discouraged if the price of her latest whim goes to high.  She is very likely insane. All of this must be considered in order to defeat her."

There was more shuffling of papers and scratching of quills.  The head inquisitor spoke once more, "General Razran do you wish to make a statement."

The general had become engrossed in the analysis of this entitiy.  His pride would not allow him to admit that Author had been right, but he saw also the pointlessness of punishing an able commander with personal experience of this enemy.  He made a wiping gesture with his hand.  The judges submitted their votes and the head Inquisitor had Author stand before he spoke.  "By your own admission you did not make a complete accounting to the General, but this is not cowardice, only a mistake.  You are found innocent."

The general came over to him as the judges filed out.  "You will take me to this planet and we will see about this mind bending technology, perhaps it can be defeated or exploited."

"We must take sufficient preparation," the lesser demon cautioned.  They put their heads together and schemed.

July 19, 2019 03:36 pm


*I smiled.*

Not only are you infused with my necromanctic energy and but the boiling blood from Phlegethon also flows within you.

*The angel's eyes went wide and I continued.*

And I can teach how to harness it's power should you have it. And be being made something from the primal chaos, you too have a bit of my essence. I'll teach you how to bend chaos to your will.

*He interrupts.*

Forgive me but I will need a weapon?

*I chuckled.*

Why, when you can manifest it with just a thought.

*Raziel was puzzled for a brief moment until he conjured a sword of alien design, he tilts his head in curiosity.*

Interesting. I... am looking forward to else I can do.

*He notices his wings new appearance and tried to find a mirror. He stares his reflection in a puddle and he almost seems in awe.*

Hmph, I could get used to this.

*Meahwhile in Hell a gigantic centaur-like monster slinks off into his cave away from prying eye, out of his fleshy pouch he pulls out an carved stone idol. It bears the image of Kain in mid-flight during her escape. It was when he saw her he became enthralled. To the centaur she was alien yet beautiful as he gently went over the design with his talons. He murmurs softly.*

What are you? Who are you who has beseiged my mind?

*A snake demon slithers from the shadows.*

Commiting heresssy, brother?

*The snake kisses softly he tries to examine the idol.*

It's sssseems that ssshe causssed quite a bit of trouble, Neiro.

*Neiro smiles softly.*

Yes, indeed, Avorok.

*The snake shakes his head.*

Better hope they don't catch you..

July 19, 2019 04:06 pm
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