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Chaos Series: The Blashemous Inquisition


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*If you had to guess that Ulysith still kept  a piece of his demonoid mind was a miracle you would correct. Alas, holy thoughts and good intentions haunt his mind until the general could shed back from his new form. The feathers on his wings were already starting to fall off.*

*In my ship I get a notification about the area where the cathedral was at. I haven't forgotten about that area knowing full that Hell may use to get to and from. I left behind a camera to patrol that area. It was masked by chaotic energy and I saw 4 figures. Another strigoi, 2 humans, and a15 foot tall angelic being.  I listened in on the conversation and felt their energy 3 out of the 4 were demonic uncluding the angelic being and one was a damned soul. I laughed to myself at the angelic being feeling like that was my doing. One of the demons beheld a familiar energy like the sentinel I first met.*

Why does he seem so familiar? I can't place it on the tip of my tongue.

*I walked over to the prison section of my ship and ordered a reptilian being to come out. The creature was half-snail, half-reptile and I made a theory that one of them may recognized it. My bait was already infected by my nanites as I transported it near their location. raziel was out of his domain and he was looking over at my prisoners then he sees the screen. He growls.*

I recognize them all.... except... wait is that... Ulysith??

*Raziel looks closer at the screen His eyes widen and he howls with laughter.*

It is him! Hahahahaha! Dumah, Rahab you need to see this!!

*Raziel's cries garnered their attention. Dumah, grumbles.*

What, what is it?

*Raziel points at the screen.*

Look at Ulysith!

*Rahab's jaw drops Dumah starts snickering trying not to laugh. Rahab hisses.*

What have you done...?

*I giggled.*

I didn't do this directly........ might've been that cathedral I oh so graciously returned.

*Rahab chuckles but I mused.*

I take none of y'all like him.

*Raziel shakes his head still smiling.*

No, none of us. Always thought he was better than us and would a point of it.

*I nodded.*

I see. Also I see all y'all have amassed worshippers. Good job.

*Rahab grinned.*

Yessss, I have been enjoying their offeringsss.

*Dumah bowed.*

I've been enjoying this as well. Now I must return, there's a beheading awaiting for me. I don't want to miss it.

*I let them all go while Raziel stayed. He purrs.*

I noticed you had prisoners, those humans and the strigoi you gave me, did they come from here?

*I shook my head.*

No, I caught fresh ones for ya. Besides most of those prisoners are my lab rats, but if there's a prisoner that strikes your fancy come talk to and I'll see if I'm using them or not.

*He looks down at me.*

Fair enough. Mind if I watch this as well? I have nothing going on.

*I smiled softly.*

Of course.

*A large chair for Raziel rolls up for him to sit down. I smiled to myself as I had obtained loyal allies.*

July 23, 2019 05:31 pm


The three pressed on all day and most of the night: the demon that looked like an angel, the demon with no body and the newly formed strigoi.  There search was quite fruitless as they tramped through rain and stickers and mud.  They blundered right past the strange creature Kain had sent. The lizard snail enjoyed the mud too much and was resting sunk down in it.  Ulysith glanced at it but, being unaware of what was normal on earth he did not investigate or bring it to anyone's attention.

"I'm thirsty!" Daphne whined.  It was the third time she'd said it.  She had tried catching animals to feed her newfound bloodthirst, but she was not skilled and they had all eluded her.  

"I swear that by all that is unholy, I will wear you out."  Author was not affected by the cold, the wet, the thirst, or the thorns but he was frustrated by their failure to find anything to the breaking point. "Do I have to take a mortal form just to thrash you down to the ground so I can get an ounce of respect and some peace and quiet?!"

She shook visibly and fell to her knees in fear and weakness.

Ulysith spoke up, "My feet hurt."

Author could not believe it.  He changed his telepathic link to him, "Aren't you the general of a demonic legion? some of the most ferocious wild beasts in the multiverse, before whom none can stand?  My feet hurt??  All hell depends on our success; listen to yourself its beyond pathetic."

Ulysith showed one of his feet.  It looked like raw bloody hamburger.  "This is a new human foot with no callus, it can't carry my body through this terrain. I'm losing my mind, I am horribly cursed by this hore of a goddess..."

"Shut up!" Author screamed into his mind, "She's probably listening."   There was a small hill nearby.  "Alright, make camp there.  I'll hypnotize an animal and you snatch it.  Daphne may need to feed each night, I can't remember how strigoi function, but clearly she's not going to be able to go on either without food and rest."  They executed this simple plan and Daphne sank her fangs gratefully into the animal.  Afterwards she lay down alongside Ulysith to sleep, it was the predawn.  Author, having no need for this, floated up and looked around trying to find his bearings and get a hopeful direction, but the fog was too thick.  When he came back, Ulysith had wrapped his wings around Daphne for warmth and they slept exhausted.  This made Author insanely jealous, though he had never had any feelings for Daphne before, she was just an object.  Now he fantasized about beating her with a stick until she collapsed and then raping her bent over the dismembered corpse of Ulysith.  The mission was off to a less than auspicious start.

July 24, 2019 06:56 am


*I was giggling my a$$ off and Raziel was chuckling at the display. I mused.*

I didn't think they would have this much of a hard time. At least for y'all you're training yourselves and getting used to yer new forms.

*I smiled as I controlled the lizard snail and carefully followed the sentinel, Ulysith was already molting his feathers and his talon were returning. Perhaps the effect of the cathedral was temporary on stronger demons but I didn't care for it. It made him angry that was all I sought. My bait slinked behind the sentinel wondering if he'll remember the creature. And if my theory proves right then the sentinel was someone I once knew. Raziel raised an eyebrow.*

Why are you using that particular creature?

*I sighed.*

Something tells me that the sentinel there was most likely someone I knew but from another world. A planet called Niberu....

*That reminded me, I needed to terraform Niberu after the slaughter that took place. Turn it into something new...something much more hostile.*

July 24, 2019 01:32 pm


The day grew hot, the fog burned off and Author left the two sleeping and rose into the air in his soul form getting above the tree canopy for a good look around.  It was a fairly good size forest and quite dense.  There was a town, he estimated at least five miles.  If they needed supplies or food, that was the way to go.  There was also a road, which help them travel more quickly, it wasn't too far away.  And there was a spot in a remote part of the forest where there was a rectangular clearing with downed trees.  It looked like the sort of place the Cathedral might have sat while it was transformed, or during its transport back to hell.  It was a promising location and he thought perhaps he would just go over and check it out, although it would take him a long time in his current form.  It would be best if he went back to tell those lumps where he was going. 

When he came back down he say the fight start.  The snizard had come into the camp, not looking for violence, just being curious and odd, like most things Kain did.  But Daphne was thirsty and had insisted that Ulysith attack it so she could drink.  He had gone in and bloodied the thing.  Then she had tried to rush in and scoop up some blood and had managed to get herself bitten by the deceptively fast head.  After that the tall demon had just kept outflanking it, because the rear part was a slow moving snail.  He delivered vicious single kicks and punches as he moved in and out, but the creature was far from dead.  It had managed to give him a scratch on the leg with a claw.

It seemed like an eternity drifting down, but Author was finally close enough to establish a link with the general.  "Just stop. Idiot."  Ulysith did back off and the snizzard did not give chase but just sat there looking at everyone with its big eyes.

He went over to Daphne, who had licked the stolen blood off her hands and was now sucking the blood as it poured out her arm.  "Your idea to attack Kain's creature?"

"Yes, master.  I thought I would be stronger as undead."

"You need human blood and experience to be a killer.  For now you're pretty much useless."

She hung her head and began to apologize.

"Stretch out your arm," he commanded.  She did it, knowing that he intended to punish her.  But he didn't, he examined the wound.  "Its deep, but your body will heal quickly, but stop sucking it, you're preventing it from clotting.  We have no cloth for bandages, tree moss is next best."

"Yes master."

"Go get some and square yourself away!" He smacked her rump and got her going.

Ulysith now confronted him. "How dare you speak to me this way!"

Author trained in his telepathy on the huge demon and replied in vicious mocking tone, "How dare you speak to me this way?"  Ulysith's mouth dropped open, Author continued on the offensive.  "Idiot!  Simpering fool!  Your mind is broken by this curse.  The only reason I keep you around is because your size and strength might come in handy.  So far you are nothing but dead weight."  Author's essence buzzed right in his face which caused the large demon to move backwards to get space. "Your only chance to survive is to do everything I say without question. If you recover your mind and a shred of dignity, I'll give you respect."

Ulysith looked towards the girl to see if she had witnessed that dressing down.

"One more thing," Author's telepathic buzz exploded again in his mind, "She is mine.  Whether I want her or not, she is mine.  Don't touch her again or I'll kill you."

Ulysith's mouth moved but he said nothing.  He noticed he was rather too close to the snizzard so he moved away.  Author now approached it.  He hovered close by gaining its attention.  He sent telepathic pictures to it one after the other.  He got recognition with Kain and the spaceship, but nothing about the Cathedral.  He waited to see if the creature would send pictures back.  Had Kain sent the creature with a message? or just as another in a series of annoyances?

July 24, 2019 09:36 pm


*The snizard returned the sentinel an image of him in purple ninja clothing. The voice rasped.* different form...same.. aura...

*It weakly turned its wounded body to look towards Author. While I watched the scenario I smirked. Raziel looked at me.*

What are planning?

*I grinned.*

I'm gonna be just a little generous.

*I had grabbed a vial of human blood and placed a note that said.*

"A strigoi's cardiac system is fused with their digestive system. Unlike other vampires the strigoi have a proboscis to suck blood. Remember that."

*I had also grabbed a black robe for the strigoi and had transported the vial and robe to Author. with another note.*

"I'll be generous....for now. This game has just gotten interesting. Come alone to a nearby cemetery."

*I had transported myself in the cemetery and waited.*

July 24, 2019 10:45 pm


Kain had figured out who Author was.  Author thought that if he didn't make a big deal out of it, she would probably be amused by his ability to fool her for a little while.

Author explained what Kain had said through the snizzard to Daphne.  She was afraid to go so close to the beast, but Author threatened her and she forced herself.  It had no hostile intent, just as Author had thought. She looked fantastic in the robe, it was somehow perfectly tailored to her.  When she drank the blood, color came into her face and she looked well instead of sickly.  Author was getting sentimental and wanted to hug her.  Instead he just said, "You are brave, and I know you're smart, though you don't always show it.  Put fear behind you, it does not become the strigoi."

He gathered Ulysith and her together and instructed them both.  "I am summoned to a parlay with Kain now, the beast was not lunch, but her ambassador.  I saw the cemetery where we meet from the air, its several miles west south west.  I will go alone, but meet me there later.  When the sun begins to set walk towards it, that will be west.  Every hundred paces, take fifteen steps to your left, that will be south, then resume going towards the sun.  You're both too stupid to actually do that, so when you get lost, assuming you didn't go the wrong way entirely, you'll hit the road.  Follow the road towards the town and find the cemetary road that goes east, its white stones and mud. Move at the pace of the slowest person and don't exhaust yourselves, its possible there's a fight when you get there."

The two seemed to understand what he was saying so he continued, "I may not be there when you get there.  Kain is completely unpredictable.  She might turn me into a god, or a beetle, or take me to her spaceship, or return me to hell.  Anything is possible, particularly things that are impossible.  So if you don't find me, here's the plan.  Daphne use the cemetary as your lair until the moon is in the same phase it is now, if you don't see me again by then, you are free.  Ulysith, if I am not there, come back into the forest and continue to recover your true form.  When you have done that, you will have no problem finding the portal again and returning to hell.  If it seems too long, and I'm back in hell, we'll summon you with a spell.  Do you think you morons can handle that?"

Both of them nodded and then looked at each other.  They had formed a bond and this angered Author, but he had to let go.  He started drifting in soul form towards the rendezvous point to meet Kain.  When he got close, he took the form that Kain knew him in, a balding middle aged man in a purple ninja suit.  He opened the creaky iron cemetary gate and walked down the path.

July 25, 2019 07:55 am


*I called out to Author while I was leaning against a mausoleum.*

Took ya long enough to get here. I'll admit I didn't recognize ya at first, it was like I swore knew ya but couldn't remember where. Personally, didn't know you were a resident of Hell kinda of a shocker. Oh and your giant friend's new form from what I gathered is temporary, he'll just shed that form. And your strigoi pet the cemetery usually get's its share of trespassers so she's not gonna go hungry anytime soon.  

*I briefly turn my back to Author.*

A mausoleum has more uses than just housing bodies. It could be made into a secret base with crypts and catacombs plus it's an excellent conduit for necromancy. Did you know that?

July 25, 2019 08:57 am


"... Did you know that?"

"It all makes sense.  I hope Daphne figures it out.  I wish her well, she's just inexperienced. As for Ulysith, I've known him a long time and he needed to learn humility, though he is certainly a capable general.  The same for Razran as far as I'm concerned.  As for the Inquisitors going mad or preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, well, sometimes life is ironic. If they are restored, they'll have centuries of work to do to reach that kind of position again, and perhaps they'll do it differently."

He picked up a stone from the top of a tombstone and tossed it at the wrought iron fence; it pinged off as he hit his mark.  It was about four in the afternoon, the others would not even have begun their trek yet.   

"So what now?" he didn't look her in the eye, he just sort of gazed where his stone had fell. "Have you accomplished what you set out to do?  Am I to bring some sort of message about your intentions?"

He did not go further, but left his speech airy and informal; he opened his body language as much as possible.

July 25, 2019 11:34 am


*I responded in a cool manner.*

I'll make you a deal. Get the Inquisition off my back and I won't make things difficult down below. I'll even take back the Cathedral. Niberu could use it after I'm done terraforming it. Remeber me entering Hell was unintentional. If you must know I was working on a portal in my ship to bring me to whatever world or dimension I wished to go. Raziel, Avorok who is now Rahab, and Neiro is now Dumah. They're staying with me, I kinda bonded with them.

*I look at Author.*

This is the best deal I can give you. I would like to remain on friendly terms with ya but if anyone from the Inquisition or of the generals come for me then I will claim them. Can you agree to this?

*I remained optimistic and hoped for the best.*

July 25, 2019 12:34 pm


Author was surprised that Kain's initial appearance was a complete accident.  He shouldn't have been. He took only a moment to recover from that shock. When she mentioned the three staying with her, the demon nodded.  In fact any of them would probably be executed if they went back to Hell.  He thought about the proposal, and how he could get it through the leadership, which tended to be unreasonable at times.


"The Inquisition, and the army for the most part, is concerned with the orthodoxy of Hell.  If you remove the Cathedral and cease to make things difficult down below, then I'm sure they'll soon find some other crisis to wave their arms about.  I'll make sure they're clear that we've reached an accord and that any hostility from our side would be beyond foolish.  I can't imagine anyone trying to chase you, but I'll personally help you destroy anyone who does, not that you would need my assistance. There is one thing that I won't hide from you though, the Inquisition will want to pretend this is a victory, even though everything they did played right into your hand.  Hell is full of simpletons who want to hear about glory and victory and the leadership tends to feed that because its the easy path.  I'll tell you what I will do, and that's slip a joke into their celebrations so it won't annoy you as much if you happen to hear about it.  And look, if you want to be worshipped any other place, then the official policy of Hell would be to encourage it.  I can't imagine why you'd want to be though, doesn't that mean constant whining and requests that you fix everything?"

July 25, 2019 03:15 pm


* I waved a hand.*

Let them have their victory. I already have been savoring mine. And I'm certain that a few demons including the one that turned into an angel will want revenge against me.

*I chuckled, the ship transported the cathedral out of Hell.*

Hopefully Hell remembers that I am reborn out of the primal chaos of an Outer God. Which unfortunately for them is incomprehensible to the point they would be driven insane and something far more ancient and powerful.  Once Niberu is terraformed I'll let ya visit it.

*I sighed.*

To be honest I didn't think I, myself would be worshipped. I never considered myself as a goddess.

July 25, 2019 05:00 pm


"Ulysith will be along in a few hours if you want to deal with him directly, but I'm pretty sure he wants no part of a real fight with you. If he wants to talk about how he'll get you one day, that's fine.  I'll be sure to mislead him sufficiently that he could never find you.  I'm pretty sure Daphne would like to thank you for the robe, it really completes her look.  It must be magical, with how well it fits and enhances her."  He smiled when he thought of her but then his brow furrowed again as he thought about outer gods.

 "Hell whispers about the primal chaos, but that's pretty much it.  Chaos existed before the worlds, heaven and hell were formed out of it, that's all we know.  None of us is that old. And you are certainly right about you driving us insane.  Most citizens of Hell have been lied to and accepted those lies to the point that their whole world would break apart if something completely alien confronted them.  I myself feel my tenuous grip on sanity slipping away every time we interact, Kain; that's a fact."  Author smiled and shook his head.

"And as for Niberu, I keep a body there and a home.  I'll be visiting from time to time.  You know the place, its right below where we first met in a nice cave.  Now are you going to transport me back to hell? or do I have to hoof it back to the wormhole?"  

July 25, 2019 08:06 pm


Well if that's the case, I'll need to transport your body so I don't end up destroying it.

*My ship creates a one-way wormhole to Hell for Author.*

Unfortunately, for Ulysith I won't be around as I have more pressing matters. Perhaps I could drag you into them. I can take to the world of Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Witcher, or even Marvel. Or whichever strikes your fancy. We should get together more often.

*The snizard slinks back to me.*

Who knows what trouble we can cause.
July 25, 2019 09:17 pm
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